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  • There is a thin line between a things-to-do list and a set of things that should be ignored in marketing. However, you are always at an advantage point with a partner who can help you make those decisions correctly.

    NextBee’s expertise and industry experience in Business-to-Business (B2B) referral marketing give your business that unique advantage for the pooling customer base. 

    Our B2B referral program makes your marketing project as simple as you can get it. With our technical expertise aiding your B2B customer referral program, results are within touching distance.

    According to various marketing researches, it’s easy to realize that you need to connect with your target audience to bring your brand or product’s awareness among them. 

    Referral marketing solution provides that extra mileage to your campaigns, thus help you in maintaining strong brand affinity. NextBee’s experience in B2B referral programs armors your marketing efforts with industry-leading tools and techniques.

    NextBee’s B2B Referral Program Highlights 

    NextBee takes a keen interest in contemplating unique, customized, and in-depth tracking modus operandi for monitoring customer engagement patterns. 

    Our dynamic tracking process helps you track the B2B referral program’s output in an understandable format. With our platform, profits, ROI, and other essential sales data of your marketing campaigns are available to you at a glance.

    Essential highlights of the NextBee customer referral program are:

    • Generating high-quality and targeted leads.
    • Fast and easy to set up with turnkey tools.
    • Easily customizable in a cost-effective way for your business needs.
    • User-friendly interface with less IT support for optimal customer engagement.

    Besides, our set of tools helps you nourish your brand. Tools such as:

    • Intuitive email-a-friend and social sharing widgets for unrestricted sharing.
    • User rewards are tied to actual results to motivate customer engagement.
    • Support for overlays, emails, and microsites.
    • Dedicated round the clock support from account managers.

    NextBee’s Support Process for B2B Referral Program 

    In addition to exquisite technology, our team sincerely believes in customer service. Our experts take every opportunity to assist you in developing a B2B customer referral program for achieving your brand’s marketing objectives. NextBee’s highly esteemed, satisfied client base is a testament to our expertise and experience in offering extensive support to referral marketing campaigns.

    NextBee’s Ethos for B2B Customer Referral Marketing

    In B2B marketing, as we believe, three primary tools ensure your success, irrespective of the competition, and changing market scenario.

    Retention: Marketing research has made it clear that attracting new customers cost much more than retaining your existing ones. Besides, old customers are more likely to purchase your products and engage in your brand’s word-of-mouth sharing activities.

    Repurchase: Keep your ROI recession-free with a tactical tool like repurchase. The best way that triggers repurchase is to provide a positive customer experience. Rolling out exclusive promotional products help you to prompt desired activities from customers and influence their purchasing habits.

    Referral: Competitive market demands proactive participation of your customers in referral sharing activities. Word-of-mouth referral is a proven system of creating strong brand affinity in your targeted market. However, it lacks some intent only if you develop negative preachers of your brand in word-of-mouth marketing.

    NextBee’s Development Approach on B2B Referral Program

    In this stimulating discussion of B2B referral program tactics, here are few ideologies that NextBee adopts to address various B2B marketing issues of clients. We do firmly believe in our three-pronged approach to lay down the basis of any campaign.

    • Conduct one-on-one meetings with clients to discover their business needs and program objectives.
    • Include thoughtful gestures into all client-oriented activities through face-to-face interaction.
    • Dedicated account managers for 24/7 support on the technical and conceptual allocation of project specs.

    At NextBee, we have groomed an environment to have maximum say on their campaigns – nonetheless, ably suggested and supported by us on the technology front. 

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