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  • 25 Things Beyond Getting Sales Customer Referrals Can Help Your Brand

    In many forums, there have been a lot of discussions about Referral Programs and how it can bring good results for any business. But, as you all know, businesses cannot run only by referrals. Many facets of marketing and promotional strategies are involved to generate sales and profitable returns. Now a day, businesses are doing every bit to draw the attention of the target-audience and trying to build a brand that has the potential to register in their mind for a long time.


    A short and simple explanation of Branding goes like this – “Your brand is how people perceive you wherever they interact with your business—both the impressions you can control and the ones you can’t.” When customers connect with a brand with emotions – because they share the similar values and beliefs of a brand – it leads to higher sales and better brand differentiation.


    Apart from implementing a referral program, many activities can be performed that will help the brand to grow. In fact, these are equally important alongside getting customer referrals. Following it from head to toe will certainly yield better results in establishing the brand and also increase the return on investment.


    25 Things Beyond Getting Sales Customer Referrals Can Help Your Brand


    Let’s find out 25 such ideas that will help your business


    1 – Product or Service : Brand is always a reflection of the quality of products/services. Should the quality of your product/services be supreme, you are bound to get good results in terms of sale and profit-maximization.  Review the product/service that your business offers, conduct a thorough research on the emotive and rational needs, and the concerns of your customers.


    2 – Aim for a strong relationship : Always aim to build a strong bonding and relation with your customers. Be sure in what you offer. Don’t adorn your offerings and raise virtual expectations that result in broken promises. Look forward to creating trust with honesty – be clear who your company is and be true to the values that drive it every day.


    3 – Online Presence : In today’s world no one can ignore the enormous power of Digital and Online Media.  People are more prone to the internet and online sources. Thus, it is essential to building an online presence where you can start with a business website and then you can move on to build a social networking presence in the form of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


    4 – Target Audience : For any marketing activity, reaching out to the target audience is paramount to success. Know your customers with clarity as much as possible. Try to understand their purchasing behavior, focus on the correct and feasible Demographics, and act according to it. This will help a great deal.


    5 – Loyalty Scheme – If you sell a high-volume item which has a low-value (drinks, candy packs), give customers a card that will be stamped with every purchase. A membership card is a token of acknowledgment. It is a kind of membership plan, with the help of which customers can enjoy certain privileges.Once they reach the target number, they will qualify for a free one. Many such loyalty schemes can be implemented.


    6 – Staying in touch : Always maintain steady and proper communication with the customers.  Engage with them as much as you can. A lot depends on calling customers, sending emails, informing, and asking them at a time when they are most likely to read your messages.  The best way to get your customers talking about you is to ask for feedback about their purchase experience and about the product.


    7 – Business Condition : In order to proceed steadily, your business needs to be in good shape. Only when you have checked and satisfied with the readiness of your business, you can focus on marketing, promotional strategies, and create a buzz about your brand.


    8 – Personalization : For the sake of discussion, let’s consider two scenarios – If someone calls you saying – Hey You! OR someone addresses you by your name – Hey Adam! It’s obvious that the latter carries much weight and emotion. Personalizing your approach and behavior matter a lot and thus you have to keep an eye regarding such activities.


    9 – Marketing Channels : You often market your product/service through various channels. Not necessarily every channel would work for your brand. You need to test each channel and conclude the right one which can yield maximum and profitable responses. Based on your findings, you will further optimize and concentrate on the marketing strategy specifically on those channels.


    10 – Promotion : Position yourself uniquely in front of your target demographic. Without a planned promotional strategy of your brand, it is difficult to reach out to the target audience. Make sure to advertise through various media and also have banners displayed prominently. You can also promote your brand at key touch points such as right after your customers have made a purchase, conducting a survey, etc.


    11 – Competitor Analysis : You will always have to be well aware of what your competitors are doing. Should you find any of their strategy which is generating good results, you can test something alike for your brand with a touch of uniqueness. Or else, you can always draw inspiration, and formulate a self-made marketing strategy.


    12 – Innovative and Unique : It is better to be innovative and unique at the time of promoting your brand. Try to come up with new ideas. Imitating your competitor would not suffice any purpose. Though, you can draw inspiration from the fellow players in the market. But a touch of uniqueness and creativity are always welcomed and helps the brands to stand out in the crowd.


    13 – Participate in Social Media : Social media is a perfect platform for promoting your brand. You can share articles, blog posts, and client-related achievements. Think about how you describe yourself and what you do. Think about your brand when you post. You should also follow people in your industry and jump into relevant conversations by using trending hashtags or those that are most popular in your industry.


    14 – Build Network : In order to build and share your brand, you need to build your professional network. Take advantage of the opportunities in your city and your industry to meet new people. This might help you to make new friends, meet new clients, and probably a great business opportunity.


    15 – Psychology : Understanding the psychology is one aspect that most of the brand misses out. To get into the core of it, you have to research on various touch-points. Selecting the color of the brand, the verbiage of communications that will be delivered through different channels, and understanding the buyer-persona are key elements which can create immense impact in the mind of your customers and target audience.


    16 – Key Qualities and Benefits : Always try to outline the key qualities & benefits your brand offers. There will always be brands with bigger budgets and more resources to dominate in their industry. You have to delve down to the core and figure out what you offer that no one else is offering.


    17 – Brand Identity : To improve each and every aspect of brand identity is the key to deploy an impression in the mind of the audience. It helps in recognizing and remembering the brand for a long time. Having a business name, logo, color theme, font style, tagline, slogan, etc are bits and pieces of a successful brand identity which help the brand to shine.


    18 – Digital Marketing : Digital Marketing is the key to helping your business grow. Building a website to uplift your online brand, promoting your product/services via online channels, and making your brand visible on online forums are powerful ways of digital marketing strategies. It can help you connect with new customers, generate leads and sell your products/services more efficiently.


    19 – Affiliate Marketing : There is immense scope in affiliate marketing which you can try. In affiliate marketing, the brand generally partners with such organizations who are interested to promote and sell your product/service. For affiliate marketers, the primary condition for promoting your brand is monetary-motivation which occurs at B2B level. In simple terms, Affiliate marketing is more of a partnership than a relationship.


    20 – Worthy Rewards and Incentives : `You must offer worthy rewards and incentives to your loyal customers. Always offer something which can be widely accepted by your customers. Reward size and type matter the most when you are thinking to offer something good to your customers. However, it is not always true that a bigger incentive would always drive more people to buy your product/service. Having a good quality product/service will lead to various achievements.


    21 – Review and Ratings : Especially in eCommerce business, reviews and ratings hold a great importance in the decision making process. The nature of the reviews holds trust and generates confidence in the mind of the buyers. Good reviews generally act as catalysts and confidence-builder, which instigate the people to go for a purchase.


    22 – Video Marketing : Video marketing can be used for everything from building customer rapport, to promoting your brand, services, and products. Business organizations make videos about products/services and share lots of information related to those. It can be a discussion of the features, user guide, benefits, etc. It certainly helps a brand in terms of sharing required information which your probable customers are looking for.


    23 – Website : In this world of internet, more and more consumers use the internet to search for the products/services they need. Your business will gain credibility by having a website. Without one, potential customers will go to your competitors that do have a website. A website enables your customers well informed about latest launches of product/services, announcements, events, etc. In fact, it also offers other benefits like – always accessible via the internet; helps in targeting a wider market and even reach out to the whole world; a valuable medium to showcase your work; and much more.


    24 – Inform and Educate : Sometimes a communication gap exists between the customers and the business. To bridge the gap it is important to inform and educate your customers regarding your product/service, announcements, and company news. In this endeavor, a trained and worthy workforce of your company plays an important role.


    25 – Offer timely Discounts : You will discover an increase in footfall in your store or increase in purchase while you are offering discounts. According to human psychology – they want more at fewer prices. Offering discounts and seasonal sales help a business to generate more business compared to normal times.


    Scope to explore new strategies to expand your business is huge. Marketing, advertising, branding, and promotional strategies are evolving every day. Every now and then businesses are coming up with new ideas which are making a great impact on the audiences. You will find innovation and creativity along with legacy and old school techniques. So, the options are galore. You just have to choose the right one for the betterment of your business.


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