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5 Ways Healthcare Companies Can Improve Patient Satisfaction and Experience

  Patient loyalty also termed as Healthcare Loyalty Program, is an important factor that drives the success of healthcare organization or ambulatory services. But, maintaining high levels of patient loyalty in today’s world is not so easy. There could be lots of reasons attached to it. Because of the increasing treatment costs, quality of care […]

Oct 15, 2018

Effective Reward Options for Employee Reward Programs

  Every employee deserves to be recognized by his or her employer. It is rightly said that “it’s the thought that counts”, and not to mention that this statement holds the truth. Simple, considerate gestures are a great way to put across your gratitude. This makes the employees feel appreciated and they tend to work […]

Oct 12, 2018

How to Avoid Pitfalls with an Employee Reward Programs

  Let’s face it, there can be quite an investment of effort (and possibly time and money) put into setting up employee reward programs and nobody wants to go through all of the processes just to have it fail. Unfortunately, because they’re not planned correctly from the ground up, there are quite a few failing employee reward programs.  […]

Oct 12, 2018

What’s the Value of Corporate Alumni?

  Having an Alumni program that’s been put into practice might be one of the greatest ways to strengthen your recruiting and talent brand and to get more customer referrals for your company. You can see it with companies like Yelp, Tesla, and YouTube all of who were founded by alumni of PayPal. Understanding results like […]

Oct 10, 2018

Turn Employee Alumni Into Engaged Brand Ambassadors

  So, you are thinking about ways to engage former employees. You want to tap into them and build an employee alumni program. It’s a great idea and one that, if done correctly, can be a very successful way to grow your business. But, before you start building any kind of employee alumni program you need to ask […]

Oct 10, 2018

What are the benefits of tapping into Alumni Talent?

  In the battle for quality talent, there is a danger of settling into the status quo of ho-hum maintenance and recruitment, both of which can be time-consuming and costly. The way to combat this is to become more inventive and engaging with the workforce around you. Not doing so almost guarantees losing valuable employees and then […]

Oct 10, 2018

Alumni Engagement: Corporate Alumni vs. University Alumni

  Whether from a university or a workplace, alumni are capable of becoming vital brand ambassadors. An outstanding university graduate who makes it to a solid, successful and reputable job is viewed as a reflection of their school. Whereas the highly skilled engineer who creates a billion-dollar app makes his employer shine and builds value […]

Oct 10, 2018

Benefits of Engaging with Former Employees

  There are few companies who try to engage effectively with their alumni even after they leave. But nowadays, things are changing especially in the organizations that have a strong corporate culture. Amazon, Credit Suisse is the companies that have well-established alumni networks and are completely open to rehiring Boomerang employees.   According to a […]

Oct 10, 2018

How to Showcase Your Organizational Culture on Social Platforms

  The most capable and preferred employees have considerable options to choose from. Whilst these are the people who wish to work with the companies that put forward competitive pay and remunerations, career-oriented people also take into account the organizational culture when making a decision to advance their careers. So, it becomes essential for the […]

Oct 10, 2018

List of Factors that Drive Patient Loyalty for Healthcare Industry

  The patient retention is considered to be a challenge for the healthcare providers. However, the bigger challenge lies in transforming your patients into a loyal customer. The key objectives are to make them return to your brand for consecutive and additional treatments. A survey held in the USA gives a great insight about patient […]

Oct 1, 2018