Accelerate Referral Programs Using Flexible Pay Services
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  • In this digital era of extreme competition, entrepreneurs and large corporations look for successful tactics to implement into their business zone. Although, many good marketing strategies are being largely practiced to see the customer response. 

    One such most recognized strategy is the referral program integration that is good to win the confidence of loyal existing shoppers and increasing recognition among new members. On top of it, when businesses implement referral programs with flexible pay services – it makes the brand receive worldwide recognition without a doubt. 

    Growing business revenue through customer referral programs is one of the superior marketing methods that companies not only appreciate due to its overwhelming response but also implement it almost in each of their flexible payment methods. As it is true, referrals do not demand hefty investments or large brand names to attract shoppers. 

    With the help of a customer referral platform alone, your new buyers might not shop as much as you would expect, but when you align your customer referral app with flexible paying options, you can certainly count on your loyal customers who would bring more referrals by spreading the word about your brand. So, giving them rewards and incentives also helps you with customer retention. 

    What is NextBee’s Integration Methodology? 

    NextBee‘s customer referral app uses a compatible integration methodology that is beneficial for brands to increase sales growth with different marketing approaches. 

    Brands can opt for the finest and fastest integration with NextBee’s customer referral platform to let their shoppers buy more due to its hassle-free registration process. 

    Integrating NextBee’s customer referral platform gives more power to not only brands but also increases customers’ loyalty to it. 

    Benefits to integrate NextBee’s Referral Program with Flexible After Pay Services

    Here is the list of advantages that businesses can benefit from by aligning NextBee’s customer referral platform.   

    Align payment flexibility with a referral rewards system

    Who doesn’t like flexible payment options! Certainly, every customer would love to enroll in the campaign which gives 100% flexibility to pay the amount. Even, any entrepreneur would love to be a part of the program where they have to pay in phases so as not to disturb other routine expenditures. 

    Such a customer referral marketing solution is all about offering good customer service to existing loyal buyers, good products/ services, and especially the flexibility to let them pay at their convenience. A treat of rewards, deals, offers, incentives, et cetera is purely an add-on. 

    To drive customer referrals efficiently, NextBee offers businesses a customizable AI-powered platform through which companies can launch exclusive offers for existing loyal customers

    Announce a new installment plan for every new referral

    Whenever a customer walks into the store to buy a product or shop online, the primary thing they want to look at is the payment option. Paying in installments is a relief for many shoppers out there who are not likely to spend the entire amount in one go.

    Nevertheless, when the brand merges customer referrals with easy and convenient installment plans, purchasers will have more trust in the brand. Keeping in mind to get rewards with a new referral, they will recommend more customers. 

    This way businesses can increase their brand awareness for a sustainable growth channel in the market through a customer referral app. 

    Minimal cost involvement

    Harnessing the power of a customer referral marketing platform is a subtle way to market your brand in the modest way possible. Marketing can take a lot of time, and it can quickly become pricey. But what makes customer referral marketing great is that it is cost-effective in nature and is powered by the trusted recommendations of peers. 

    They allow brands to add a high-performing, fully-managed customer acquisition channel with minimal effort and win more customers’ trust. 

    Role of NextBee in Helping Businesses to Implement Flexible Pay Services

    Do you know that one of the biggest challenges that any business faces is finding a perfect customer acquisition strategy and retention channel? As the years have gone by, experts/ marketers have come up with several notable techniques for customer acquisition and a referral program is one of them.

    An ideal way to build personalized promotional activities is to integrate NextBee’s AI-powered customer referral marketing solution. It helps to know your customers’ comprehensive behavioral preferences.  

    Artificial Intelligence analyzes your customers’ repeat visits, shopping characteristics, items they like to spend money on, their preferences, and more. Accordingly, brands can create special marketing techniques to engage customers and develop personalized promotional activities that truly matter to their loyal shoppers. 

    The integration of NextBee’s automated AI engine allows brands to create segment-wise segregation of customers and offer personalized rewards. 


    To accelerate your company sales, deploy NextBee’s customer referral program software that truly aims to offer value. The customer referral app solution has impressive features that boost customer repeat visits, participation, and positive word-of-mouth.

    To make your referral journey smoother with your loyal buyers, get the NextBee customer referral program software and offer your customers hassle-free payment methods. Get the advantage of integrating the solution with your brand’s already existing software with minimal technical glitches. 

    To know more in detail about the customer referral marketing software methodology, discuss your marketing plan with our marketing experts and learn to add both flexible payment features for your loyal buyers. 

    Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your business requirements.

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