6 Referral Program Ideas that Get Your Customers to Brag About You
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    Referral marketing is considered to be one of the most influential tools that any business has in its armory to acquire new customers whilst making sure that the existing customers remain engaged. A referral program not only depicts new possible customers for your business, but the word of mouth factor greatly spurs more strokes than publicity or other marketing tactics.

    Incorporating a referral program is not that difficult. What all is required is that you tell your customers or clients to tell about your business to others. Certainly, you need to be a bit focused and for ready to put in great efforts.

    To attain commendable results, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when focusing on referral marketing:

    1. Make Referral Making Simple & Easy to Go

    If your customers find your referral process long, it’s true that is not at all going to do it. Make the process simple and easy for people. There are brands that have a “referral hub” where they give customers the right to log in and gain access to all the tools required to make referrals and keep a check on their actions and proceedings. Thus, it is better to make your referral process a matter of lesser clicks.

    1. Make it Beneficial for both the Parties

    Though there are people who are always ready to share their preferred products and brands, there are some who look for something while referring to people. So, ensure that your referral marketing program has something to offer to both the parties – the one making the referral and the other one who receives it.

    1. Offer Significant Rewards

    Identify your audience and find out the motivating factors for them. These two things are significant for any referral program. Bear in mind that no two persons might like the same reward. You will find some people who look for discounts while there are some who are after cash or some VIP treatment. Introduce different reward options to create a more evocative program.

    1. Clearly Ask for Referrals

    The referral marketing programs that straightforwardly ask for a referral are the successful ones. There are various websites that have clear referral option, like “Refer a friend & get $30” or something on these lines. So, it must be clear.

    1. Bring Gamification to Your Referral Program

    Gamification is a great way to put up engagement, whether it’s through an app or a referral program. So, you can make use of your referral program software to create dashboards, progress stats and points-based programs that make your referral process a game and keeps people engaged.

    1. Aim for the ‘Happy Moments’

    Talking to your happy customers about their experience with your brand is the appropriate time to request for a referral. Asking them for referrals when you find that your customers have positive feelings about your product or service.

    So, you are recommended to filter and fine-tune your referral program as you go, and find out what works and what doesn’t. You will gain benefits and acquire new customers through referrals.



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