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  • In the B2B marketplace, most marketing techniques are prevalent ever since personalization becomes one of the vital aspects to allure customers.

    Most business owners find that a substantial portion of their business doesn’t come alone through promotional marketing. But, the secret to having loyal customers is personalization alongside promotional marketing activities.

    Yes, you read that right. Whatever you do becomes valuable and memorable if you have touched a sense of personalized promotion in that activity.

    Why is there a need to improve your personalized promotion?

    Brands can change their traditional way of interacting with buyers to transform business dynamics and witness the nature of personalization. It gives a sense of involvement and individualization to the customer.

    Personalization isn’t limited to addressing the customer with their first name. Whereas, it is a vital marketing method to attract the customer’s needs and offer them dynamic rewards.

    In various studies, it has been seen that by addressing customer’s names in the promotion, the response rate from a buyer increases up to 135%. And the more a brand offers them personalized rewards, special discounts, offers, etc., the response rates go even higher.

    Role of AI-powered software to build personalized promotional campaigns

    Have you ever thought about how to run personalized promotions with merely a marketing technique?
    Are such strategies effective alone without knowing why a customer will get attracted to your product/ service?
    Well, we have an answer for you.

    Brands can build promotional ideas with NextBee’s automated AI-driven solution that drives promotional marketing campaigns in a way that is easier, faster, customizable, personalized, and goal-oriented.

    Below are a few distinct ways to create personalized promotions with NextBee’s automated solution. 

    Perceive consumer’s online shopping behaviors

    An ideal way to build personalized promotional activities is to integrate NextBee’s AI-powered solution. It helps to know your customers’ comprehensive behavioral attitudes.

    Once you have complete knowledge of consumer’s online or offline behavior, organizations can shape rewarding techniques. And also, how and when to introduce offers and discounts for your potential consumer. Understanding consumer persona plays a pivotal role in improving business performance.

    It is no secret that personalization boosts customer engagement and improves the capability to reinforce business goals.

    Design personalized rewards for loyal buyers 

    Businesses who are offering rewards aligned with their marketing campaigns might fetch one-time involvement of the customer. What should they do to make the association ever-lasting?

    For instance, brands can connect with shoppers through individually targeted promotional techniques by looking upon their choices to buy products/ services. And, later on, companies can offer them rewards that are close to their preferences. If someone buys accessories every time they visit a store, then giving them a piece of a specific accessory as a reward is a great way to grab their attention.

    Accenture studied that around 44% of purchasers show dissatisfaction when brands neglect to convey customized shopping encounters.

    Influence your prime shoppers with pertinent effort to introduce personalized promotional rewards that could result from the buyer’s own choices. Personalized prizes can be offered to the customer based on their previous shopping preferences.

    ‘Welcome back’ messages

    Whenever the old customer comes back to you after a long time, let’s say after a month or two; send them a personalized welcome message by probing their shopping experience to note as feedback.

    If brands adopt this technique periodically at each stage of the customer journey by simply sending a “welcome back” message, taking their recent purchase feedback will ensure that the business will lead the company towards improvisation.

    On the contrary, businesses can also send customers messages and emails by notifying buyers to buy their favorite products/ services during any seasonal sale.

    A study from Researchscape International revealed that 300 marketers surveyed about the importance of personalization in the industry. Almost 74% of companies said that personalization has helped to advance their relationship with the customers.  


    Artificial Intelligence is critical to analyze customer’s repeat visits, shopping characteristics, items they like to spend money, etc. Accordingly, brands can create special marketing techniques to engage customers and develop personalized promotional activities that truly matter to them.

    However, the integration of NextBee’s automated AI engine solution allows brands to create segment-wise segregation of customers. And. also offer personalized rewards.

    It makes the process easier and valuable for businesses to target relevant customer markets with the accumulated data based on customer behavior algorithms and predictive analytics.

    To know more about NextBee’s AI-powered engagement solution, feel free to contact our industry experts.

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