How NextBee’s Flexible Rule Configurator Engine Formulates Multi-Level Commission For Tiered Customers?
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  • Affiliate multi-level commission remains one of the most effective methods to increase the size of your business. It is cost-efficient, scalable, and a measurable way of ensuring long term results.

    A multi-level commission system allows you to drive new signups and sales by creating varied commission structures and automating payouts. 

    The tiered commission structure motivates customers with the help of predefined milestones and rewards. It drives them to reach higher tiers by completing their objectives.

    How multi-level commission for tiered customers work?

    NextBee helps you set up a multi-level commission system for your customers.

    For instance, every affiliated customer who refers to another will earn a commission when the new customer makes a purchase or a referral.

    The multi-level commission methodology ensures a quick way to expand your referral program. It allows your affiliates to recruit other affiliates and increase sales.

    The more sales the sub-affiliates generate, the more will they earn. Here are the three types of tiered commissions you can use:

    • A percentage from the commission a sub-affiliate creates: You can set a fixed share of 2nd tier commission along with a standard commission for every referral made.
    • A percentage from the original sale generated by a sub-affiliate: It is not relative to how much sub-affiliates earn; it can override the sub-affiliate commission.
    • A share from the net amount of the sale: It is the sale amount after subtracting the sub-affiliate commission.
    How NextBee’s rule configurator engine enhances multi-level commission for tiered customers?

    NextBee’s flexible rule configurator engine recognizes your engagement standards for your customer retention program.

    It tracks all of your engagement metrics and maps them to objective scores, helping you to create a specific customer retention program focussing on your particular needs.

    Here are the ways by it drives a multi-level commission for tiered customers:

    Rewarding persistent customers

    With the rule configurator, you can create a multi-level commission program that will provide ongoing commissions to your customers who referred your brand in their entire lifecycle.

    The higher the times they have referred your brand, the higher will be their rewards. 

    Initiate data-driven commission

    With NextBee’s flexible rule configurator, you can automate personalized rewards to your customers based on their performances using machine learning.

    The machine learning algorithm analyzes your customer data to generate insights. Using these insights, it creates a scoring model of the customers based on their purchase history, referrals made, and other factors.

    By using the created scoring model, you can give personalized incentives to your customers and increase loyalty towards your brand.

    Creating a rewards structure

    By creating a rewards structure, you can motivate your customers to purchase frequently and level up to unlock rewards of the next tier.

    The rule configurator engine also allows you to assign different points or rewards for activities such as referring, purchasing, and social sharing.

    Feature-rich platform

    With a 360-degree engagement platform to readily monitor customer activities, you can engage them with personalized notifications.

    With loyalty points and rewards for specific buying patterns and behaviors, you can accelerate your sales.

    The flexible rule configurator engine also allows the evaluation of activities that motivate your customers and help them achieve their targets.

    If you can create a segment of these factors, it can help you achieve accelerated goal completion.

    Robust tracking mechanism

    By utilizing a tracking system based on the AI-engine, we can automate referrals at every touchpoint. It also allows us to analyze user activities and offer tiered rewards to boost lead generation.

    Encouraging customer participation

    By boosting user participation by using a reward program can encourage your customers to make maximum purchases.

    By mixing personalization features with machine learning, you can accelerate the process and make higher revenue.

    Personalized incentives

    With a flexible rule configurator engine, you can offer personalized incentives while engaging every segment of your user base.

    You can also set scheduling of rules to deliver limited-time bonuses, provide bonus credits based on transaction attributes, and differentiate incentives tied to user segment.

    NextBee: A definite edge in referral marketing

    NextBee provides engagement and incentive programs with a unique persona, user-friendly interface, and an interaction model that forms a connection with the users.

    Coupled up with intelligent data analysis and tailor-made incentives, you can effectively target your customers.

    The flexibility in each of the custom branded interfaces provides these benefits:

    • Easy integration with shopping carts, CRM, and LMS
    • Multi-stage workflows with conditional logic
    • User segmentation and list building based on overall activity
    • Custom analytics based on program-specific KPIs
    • Differentiated incentives tied to user segment
    • Native support to mobile apps

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