How Top Brands Hire for Key Positions to Ensure Better Performance
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  • As the old saying goes, never put all your eggs in one basket. The modern-day equivalent is, never bet all your chips on a single horse when recruiting talent.

    “Hire the right candidates”, or “recruit the best talent” are the most heard statements within organizations. Today, it has become extremely challenging to hire for key positions within an organization.

    In fact, if you want to source talent, you need to have a well-planned process to reach out to the right individuals.

    Talented performers know their worth and do not opt-in for a job quickly. They look at every aspect of an organization and scour the internet to find out more about the company culture, practices, and compensation.

    Here are a Few Tips to Hire for Key Positions:

    So, today, we will take a look at some recruitment tips that you can follow to get the best talent on board.

    Ditch the Old Adverts:

    Modern-day hiring adverts have to move out of the past. Pay a lot of attention to the message you are putting out through your advert.

    Create the advert content carefully and make sure it catches the attention of the desired candidate. Also, disclose all the necessary information and communicate to the potential recruit why this job is an excellent opportunity.

    Build Up a Talent Pool:

    Not every organization pays attention to building a talent pool, which is quite shocking considering how it can add tremendous value to your recruitment efforts.

    A talent pool helps you store the profiles of prospective candidates who could become a part of your organization at some point in time.

    It helps you because it can be the first place you can look at when planning to hire talent. Moreover, it allows the talent to stay connected with your company passively and helps the HR teams create long-term recruitment plans.

    Work on Employee Referral Programs:

    Employee referrals are the best way to source talent and hire for key positions. Why? Because these people are already a part of your organization and will suggest people who will easily adapt to your work culture.

    On the other hand, it keeps your employees well engaged, and the incentives motivate them to refer to the right talent. Plus, their referrals are likely to stay and improve the organization’s performance in different aspects.

    Cater to Millennials:

    Often labeled as challenging to work with, millennials are surprise packages that can transform an organization’s performance if motivated.

    They are no longer the entry-level fodder but are always hungry to rise through the ranks. For every ying, there is a yang, and for every criticism, there is a positive point for generation Z.

    They are aware of their weaknesses and are prepared to work on them. Also, they are tech-savvy and work well with technology. They value growth and opportunities over money, and monotony and organizations can use that kind of motivation to boost your company’s work culture. So, when looking to hire for key positions in your company, ensure you’re targeting all groups of people and catering to their expectations.

    Don’t Leave Passive Candidates Behind:

    Passive candidates might seem like they are not interested, but they might be waiting for the right offer and playing hard to get. Truth be told, they know their talent’s worth and might not sell their services cheaply.

    So, keep in touch and if their profile meets your requirements perfectly, then take a shot and make them an offer.

    You can also up the communication through your talent pool and keep engaging with them through relevant content to change their minds.

    Work on a Social Media Recruitment Plan:

    Nothing is complete without social media these days, not even hiring. How does that help? Social media is the perfect place to share information about new job openings.

    Over 70% of job seekers look for opportunities on their mobile phones. Also, you can involve your employees to share the word about the current openings in your organization.

    Stay active on LinkedIn and join groups where both recruiters and candidates interact daily. Sharing is caring, and more post shares mean more post visibility and higher engagement.

    Don’t Avoid Remote Working:

    Sometimes, you will have a perfect candidate in your sight, but you won’t be able to make an offer because they stay in a different country.

    With the internet and several cloud platforms, you can easily hire the best talent available from any part of the world as freelancers and independent contractors.

    Not only is it flexible but also cost-effective. Working with someone who is perfect at their job and can work remotely is far better than hiring someone who can be physically present in the office but doesn’t have the required skills.

    Have a Diverse Workforce:

    Diversity is always better for business. A diverse team has the luxury of looking at a problem from several perspectives instead of just one. As a result, they develop better products and marketing programs.

    This leads to higher performance, greater productivity, and a positive brand image in the concerned industry.

    Leverage Every Ounce of Data Available:

    Data makes everything more transparent. Without data, you might call the efforts spraying and praying for the best without clear indicators.

    Different recruitment metrics indicate where the candidates are coming from and if you are hiring the right talent for your company.

    How are the Big Brands Running Their Recruitment Campaigns?

    Before we find out how you can use the tips mentioned above to your advantage and bring all your efforts full circle with a robust employee engagement solution, let us take a look at how some of the leading names are running their recruitment campaigns.

    Hackathons for Talent Development:

    ADTRAN regularly organizes Hackathon events for a variety of reasons. It happens thrice a year, and the organization allows its employees to participate in internal hackathons to get some time away from their routine.

    Reason? It is a fun and innovative way of finding out which talent has the best skills in the organization.

    Those attending it for the first time receive a workshop with a themed topic. Simultaneously, it is a good revision for existing staff, these internal hackathons service as a competitive and innovative way to pique engineers’ interest in different programming languages.

    As a result, they have a more knowledgeable and motivated team to scale up their knowledge, which ultimately adds to their efficiency.

    Infographic for Recruitment:

    In 2016, IBM Digital Recruitment Team opted for Visme to revamp their job postings. Instead of lengthy and uninspiring landing pages or ad copies, they incorporated all the information in a single infographic.

    This helped them showcase every bit of information that the candidates needed in a single graphic. Benefit? Instead of spending eight to ten hours on landing pages, the team spent half an hour on an infographic embedded in an email and shared with potential candidates or directly on social media platforms.

    Wrapping Up

    Streamline your recruitment strategy and take a step further with effective employee engagement within your organization.

    Shine a Spotlight on your team with NextBee’s innovative engagement solution. It seamlessly integrates with existing software in your technology stack and delivers the following benefits:

    • Customized program for every employee
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    • 25% more referral activity within the organization

    Get access to the most trusted solution that helps businesses scale up to the next level. With over 10 million active users and 22 integrated AI modules, NextBee can help you manage all your recruitment and engagement programs easily.

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