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  • Recruitment is crucial for every organization. It involves the pressure to hire the right talent.

    Talent acquisition includes some significant steps from identifying and screening candidates, shortlisting, interviewing, selecting, hiring, and then onboarding them. The process sometimes makes the job hectic and challenging due to the lack of an existing workforce.

    When the existing onboarding process consumes extra time, many companies outsource their recruitment requirements. Some companies overly rely on advertisements, plus using social media channels to post about new positions.

    Employee Referrals & Onboarding

    Attracting top talent is quite an arduous task because hiring a person and fulfilling all onboarding related requirements would be a failure if the hired person couldn’t gel well with the teams.

    It is often seen that candidates leave the company if they are not happy working with their managers or other team members. Sometimes, they fail to acclimatize with the company culture and values.

    However, it is also widely seen that umpteen organizations nowadays fill open positions by deploying software platforms that make their recruitment process more efficient. But, none of those brands perhaps realized that their biggest asset is their existing employee network.

    The existing employees is one of the reliable resources that any company would ever have. By tapping onto employee networks, companies can leverage the benefit of hiring talents and onboard new talent.

    Organizations can quickly fill open positions with employee referrals and, in return, set attractive gifts, bonuses, or incentives by referring to talented candidates who fit best for the job.

    Benefits of tapping into employee network for referrals 

    There are various benefits of getting candidates through existing employees. It is one of the best ways that any organization can rely on. Asking for referrals from employees has several practical advantages, such as:

    • It decreases the dramatic hiring costs
    • Saves money and less time-consuming
    • Saving of expenditure involved in advertisements and other paid social channels
    • Qualified leads that fit into the company culture
    • Enhance trust and better retention rate
    • Better employee engagement opportunities

    How to fill open positions quickly within five days?

    Filling a vacant position is the critical and most crucial task in the recruitment process for HR managers. Indeed, every hiring manager wants to fill open positions as quickly as ever with the best talent. Organizations are likely to implement all those conventional recruiting methods that tend to get not old but out-of-date as well.

    As the ways to acquire new customers need a modernized approach, similarly developing the company’s best employees also needs an impeccable strategy.

    Let us read through what a new approach could help employers to fill new positions faster and swifter.

    Encourage employees with rewards 

    Employee referrals are the most powerful source of acquiring new candidates faster and quicker. Many companies look for viable ways to encourage their existing employees but fail to grab their attention.

    Amidst all such hustle, implementing rewards for bringing referrals is an encouraging way to entice employees’ interest. Rewards can attract employees, help close deals faster, and referrals tend to stick with the organization for a extended period.

    Announce cash incentives

    Who doesn’t like to receive incentives at the workplace? It makes people feel overwhelmed with the extra amount they perhaps get along with the remuneration for a particular month.

    Undoubtedly, cash incentives keep employees motivated and enthusiastic about bringing employee referrals. If you don’t have the budget for it; extra holidays in return for a successful referral or even a simple thank you could work too.

    Use the latest content marketing techniques

    Content is a powerful tool to attract people’s attention. A single sentence written with a strong viewpoint can engage employees perfectly.

    For instance, when recruiters detail the job responsibilities or KRA for any new position, it should go across employees with the most interesting captioning, such as how bringing referrals could benefit them.

    Employee referrals are easier to receive when staff members get thrilled with the lucrative benefits along with the job posting details.

    A single post for the requirement will not suffice and perhaps would not attract employees. Instead, add some useful pointers to influence them to get engaged in the employee referral process.

    Take help of social media channels

    Social media platforms are one of the most eminent channels to draw the user’s core attentiveness. Apart from using paid channels on LinkedIn or Facebook, recruitment managers can publish a simple post on the company’s social page.

    Further, they can ask all organization employees to share the same post on their walls or timeline. Once all employees start sharing the posts on their walls, it will become easier to find suitable candidates who can best fit into the job role.

    One study portrayed that in the last 5 years, social media use for recruitment purposes has grown by 54%. And 79% of job seekers look for jobs on social media platforms.

    This process will not only bring candidates but also helps to build brand identity across social accounts.

    Introduce recognition programs

    Recognition has the potential to make employees feel valued, appreciated, and a part of the organization. Indeed, every team member likes to receive a thank you for their intense efforts to justify their job role.

    Through a recognition program, companies can recognize employees’ core efforts and ultimately help the company hire a talented candidate from their pool of acquaintances or friend circles.

    Implement some incredible ways to provide employees the level of recognition that they deserve when they outperform in their field and successfully refer to the right candidate.

    Mentioning their name in the company-wide weekly newsletter or putting on social platforms are some of the best ideas ideal to consider.

    How to onboard new talents?

    Recruitment is a comprehensive process that has some key phrases. Nonetheless, it varies from brand to brand, depending on the core business requirements. Moreover, what sort of dealings it has such as organizational framework, company size, nature of operations in each vertical, recruitment workflow, and gradually the selection process.

    The process to onboard new talent gets more manageable with an employee onboarding platform, which improves overall engagement. Let us delve deeper into the facts that make onboarding new employees easier and convenient.

    Assign familiar mentors

    Assigning a mentor to the new employee who is already familiar with each other is extremely valuable. For example, those who have referred new employees can be indirectly asked to give them complete information about the company if they are not part of the same teams.

    One study revealed that new candidates trust existing employees three times more than the employer to get information about the company.

    Take the lead to cultivate values

    Company culture is an essential element to cultivate in a new employee who has just joined the company. Most employers feel skeptical about whether new candidates would grasp the company values and regulations that help run the business smoothly.

    However, with the seamless process to onboard new talents, they can take a quick look at how the process works in the organization.

    Set attainable goals

    Every company has some employee targets and set metrics to analyze their performance at least for the initial three months of their probation period.

    To make them stay for more extended periods, plus to evaluate their skills, managers need to set attainable goals that are flexible enough to accomplish.

    Onboard new talents within five days are easier with employee referrals. Keeping a close eye on their performance and making them feel a part of the team is equally important to reduce the churn rate.

    How NEXTBEE helps in employee referrals, employee engagement, and seamless onboarding?

    NextBee has one of the best employee engagement features. With it’s robust and customizable features, companies can create several employee referrals, recognition, or onboarding programs that allow managers to take a back seat and let all processes run smoothly.

    NextBee offers AI-driven features that give insights about the employee’s behavior, performance, and predict their future outcome if any. It helps streamline employees’ output with recognition programs, gamification programs, leaderboards, creating communities, et cetera.

    Organizations can seamlessly gamify and incentivize the workforce to engage them with ideas, activities, and robust features.

    To Conclude,

    Several companies dream of introducing go-to-market strategies in their way of business operations that could hire competent employees. To know more about this turn-key employee-oriented platform, contact NextBee‘s marketing specialists to book your free demo.

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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