Self Help Workshop And Training Program For Employees As A Token Of Appreciation
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  • Employees are the pillar of any organization. Thus, identifying employees’ contribution is paramount in the dynamic corporate workplace.

    It is highly beneficial for running a successful business. They play different roles to justify their duties adequately and stay ahead of the curve.

    However, companies find it hard to recruit a talented workforce. They look for viable ways to retain them.

    Various surveys portray how employees feel about working in one place, and the studies were too revealing. Around 66% of employees leave their job when they do not feel appreciated by their respective employers.

    Role of Employees in Business Transformation 

    Indeed, when employees in any organization feel less admired, their rhythm of working massively slow down. In such a scenario, most employers imagine the possibilities to recognize employees who play a vital role in shaping the core business values with their persistent efforts and determination.

    Praise, recognition, appreciation, and gratitude go a long way in boosting employee’s morale and productivity. These days, companies are adopting various recognition methods at workplaces to motivate the staffs.

    Out of umpteen appreciation methods, self-help workshops are one of them that helps employees to learn specific knowledge or enhance their skill set. Such training programs help to improve performance in current job roles and focusing on employee growth.

    How does it work?

    Professionals always seek opportunities where their contributions are appreciated. Thus, recognition drives productivity and gives employees a sense of internal satisfaction with the job.

    In a study by Timesjob, it was stated that 59% of the workforce receive non-appreciation for their work from their managers, and it makes them feel undervalued that leads to demoralization.

    Appreciation is a small act of graciousness that shows gratitude towards employees. To make them feel extremely valued, it is vital to endorse their potential and honor them from time to time.

    Let us figure out how various programs help them to grow professionally and personally.

    Benefits of Self-help Workshops and Training

    Showing employees by engaging them in self-help workshops could be slightly different from word-of-mouth appreciation but carry profound advantages. Few team members in every organization face specific work challenges in detailing assignments despite their outstanding performance. So, such workshops are a savior for such staff members in every way.

    Benefits of organizing pieces of training and self-help workshops for employees as a way of appreciation.

    • It offers employees to develop a self-designed process to increase the working ability within teams of different departments
    • Analyzing and reinforcing strengths, eliminating ineffective vague practices, and preparing robust plans to sustain in the competitive work environment
    • Employees can utilize their spare time into remodeling their existing skills for transforming into a better version
    • Train the workforce with useful programs goes a long way; it gives them enough space to rebuilding their traditional approaches
    • Have the flexibility to share ideas with peers and could come up with a more practical approach for detailing out tasks in real-time
    • Helping them to meet a long-term professional goal and a sheer act of being productive and creative at the same time

    Showing your team members that you care about them is extremely vital because if you fail to do as an employer, it will make them less valued and affect the brand’s overall productivity.

    Who is it useful for?

    The importance of workshops is not restricted to any one community of employees. However, it is immensely helpful for all executives, mid-level managers, and top-most senior managers.

    Participants can learn teamwork activities, assess their ability to outperform in doing critical-thinking while on the floor, and improve decision-making skills.


    Any business would not exist if its workforce is not dedicated to its job responsibilities, failing to meet deadlines, and hence it will negatively impact business success.

    Therefore, brands should not resist starting appreciating their hardworking fellow workers and initiating to organize training for employees’ to help develop cognitive thoughts.

    As mentioned above, the advantages of arranging self-help workshops and training programs are worthwhile for companies. To witness employees’ productivity and larger revenue margins, keep your workforce engaged to better their performances.

    To know more about implementing a robust employee recognition program, feel free to contact experts at NextBee today!

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