5 Proven Strategies to Encourage And Motivate Your Product Development Team
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  • Did you know that nearly two hours of productivity are lost in the workplace every day?

    Product development teams tend to be affected by several factors and are often unable to reach their optimum potential.

    A work environment that fosters time management is capable of attaining optimum productivity. Now, the next question is, how do you do that?

    In this article, we will take a look at some proven strategies that can assist you in bringing the best out of your product development team.

    Top Strategies to Improve Productivity

    The key to attaining success in this regard is to bolster engagement at the workplace.

    Many industry leaders have developed the following strategies, and now, you can take advantage of them.

    1. Manage or Eliminate Distractions:

    The first step towards making a streamlined process is to have appropriate controls at the workplace.

    Distractions contribute significantly to reducing a team’s productivity and come in different forms.

    Excessive use of social media, multiple trips to the water cooler, smoke break banter, and texting all the time are some of the prominent culprits.

    You can overcome this hurdle by monitoring your product development team and systematically address their concerns.

    They might be distracted by someone who talks aloud or does not have a comfortable workstation. Ask the employees about their problems and brainstorm solutions to eliminate the distractions.

    Create strict rules against social media usage or limit the time they can spend on the platforms. You can also block access to social media websites to remove the problem altogether.

    But don’t go overboard and don’t antagonize teams that might already be working at optimal capacity.

    2. Encourage Robust Communication:

    Effective communication is the key to fostering productivity. Robust communication means that all members of your product development team are always on the same page.

    In addition to that, all of them should check-in regularly over a common platform to evaluate a project’s progress and be clear about their responsibilities.

    Streamline the entire working by creating to-do lists and make them visible to the whole group to let everyone know who is working on what part of the project.

    3. Use Employee Engagement Activities:

    Team members that trust each other work well together. Conduct employee engagement activities in the company and include both in-office and off-site excursions to help teams build rapport in a fun environment.

    Some excellent employee engagement ideas include organizing happy hours at work, where employees can get together and have some R&R.

    Organize sports-based activities to help the teams get on their tows and refresh their minds. Bundle them up with outdoor recreational activities, and you have the opportunity to increase intra-team communication.

    These small activities during working hours can often lead to problem-solving scenarios. In the case of virtual or remote teams, you can replicate the same over digital mediums.

    Creating a small annual budget for all these activities will contribute significantly to increasing productivity and thus add more value to your bottom line.

    4. Track Accountability:

    Once your teams have well-defined goals in front of them, they will work at an unmatched pace with improved efficiency.

    To make sure they are clear about their goals, you should regularly check in with your team, clarify any doubts that they may have, and update them on any changes in the plans or organizational priorities.

    In addition to that, give them constructive feedback and keep them in the loop about any process changes to bypass any productivity barriers and mitigate potential conflicts.

    5. Recognize Team Efforts:

    When you expect exemplary performance from your team members, be prepared to reward them as well. Embrace the practice of awarding the top performers in your work culture to keep the teammates motivated.

    Gamify the process and provide incentives for both individual and team achievements.

    A small incentive like giving them some time-off can be an excellent place to start.

    If your team achieves their targets in record time, you can reward their efforts by giving them a three-day weekend. It won’t cost you anything and win you the loyalty of your employees.

    Another idea to consider is the option to unlock social rewards after they achieve a specific milestone. Keep the information on a common platform for everyone to see and highlight the winners’ names to encourage others to follow suit.

    How to Organize All the Efforts Discussed Above?

    Yes, all the points we discussed might seem challenging to execute, but you can manage them easily using employee engagement software.

    You can always make your dream of having an optimally functioning team with a software that can manage their efforts on pre-defined metrics, enabling them to collaborate on projects and more, all from a single point of contact.

    Large-scale businesses already use such software, and many growing companies are now following in their footsteps to maximize team productivity.

    Follow the progress towards transparently achieving your goals and never keep any team members in the dark.

    To Wrap Up

    It is the little things that matter the most. Start with small initiatives and keep adding to them in a focused manner, and in time, you will see things taking a turn for the better for your product development team.

    Want to learn more about integrating your efforts through software? Let us help you. Contact us for a free consultation and allow our experts to walk you through the entire process seamlessly.

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