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Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Business ethics are changing with the progressive terms of modern business dealings and associations. To walk step-by-step with the progressing technological advancements taking place these days, the customer expectations are also increasing.

    Whenever you introduce a new program for your customer, its effectiveness would not get revealed until it’s been implemented keeping in mind customer’s preferences. Hence, organizations usually introduce programs for customer acquisition and retention. However, when it comes to acquisition, nothing seems more relevant than referral programs.

    Over time, the mechanics of referral marketing works when you completely focus on delivering quality to your existing loyal customers. And, your loyal customers will stop being effective if they do not get good returns. However, intending to reach out to as many new buyers looks tough initially. But with the help of a well-planned referral program, you can turn your existing customers into brand advocates.

    Once you are able to satisfy your esteemed loyal customers with special rewards and offers for bringing referrals for you, then certainly you can expect them to stay loyal with you forever. The referral program is only workable when customers are happily referring your brand to others and bringing referrals (new customers) to your brand.

    To make your customer’s experience fully engaged, NextBee’s Customer Referral Software certainly has impressive features that can help brands to create dynamic rewards for the brand advocates cum existing loyal customers. With all the unique features and functionality of NextBee’s solution, it makes;

    – NextBee Referral Solution a better alternative to Extole
    – NextBee Referral Solution a better alternative to GetAmbassador
    – NextBee Referral Solution a better alternative to Amplifinity
    – NextBee Referral Solution a better alternative to ReferralRock
    – NextBee Referral Solution a better alternative to SaaSquatch
    – NextBee Referral Solution a better alternative to ReferralCandy


    NextBee has a best-in-class referral solution that can be tailored according to the brand’s specialized business requirements. With NextBee’s referral program software, you can turn your loyal customers into advocates who can bring relevant leads (referrals) to the company once they are assured with rewards and recognition. Let us make you count some of the benefits to incorporate NextBee’s referral software.

    Completely Customizable Solution – Incorporating NextBee’s exclusive referral program solution is one of the best things experienced by most of the small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Due to its customizable nature, brands can opt for features they want and eliminate the features that they do not require.

    Segmented Incentives, Bonuses, and Coupons – In general, every customer expects good returns for all the effort they put in to bring referrals for the brand. So, recognition is a good thing to offer to customers but that’s not enough. With NextBee’s solution, you can offer rewards, bonuses for each referral as a token of loyalty, occasion-based redeemable coupons, et cetera. Drive personalized incentives for them to grow and transform your company values with NextBee’s Customer Referral Solution.

    Special Rewarding System – NextBee is committed to establishing an unforgettable emotional connection of existing loyal buyers with your brand. The rewarding system makes the referral program more successful and leaves a positive impression in the customer’s mind. Apart from it, what makes NextBee different from others is our non-commissionable claim on the referrals (new customers) you get through the referral system.

    Robust Features and Scalable Platform – The platform has very unique and impressive features that can help you allure your customers as well as helping to automate the platform completely. It also helps to streamline the required business process because companies can get the solution integrated with an inhouse or 3rd party software, email platforms, and other social channels. Should you wish to Integrate NextBee’s Referral Solution with your inhouse software application, you can certainly opt that and go for custom-made settings.

    Wrap Up

    With a gamut of experienced professionals and a technologically advanced approach used by NextBee, it makes us the best alternative opposing to other referral solutions such as Extole, GetAmbassador, Amplifinity, ReferralRock, SaaSquatch, ReferralCandy, et cetera.

    Giving devoted buyers a bunch of rewards, occasional deals, personalized offers, recognition in the brand’s history of loyal customers, makes it quite feasible to let the business flow goes smoothly. On top of it, with all these rewarding schemes, NextBee’s business-centric referral solution creates a clear objective for you as a brand and for your customers as well.

    Choosing NextBee Customer Referral Solution over other traditional solutions is ideal because this referral software allows brands to engage their customers, By engaging them in several activities on the platform, it keeps them motivated to bring referrals all the time. With all the trendiest approaches, you can design desirable incentives and rewards anytime.

    To know more about the software, integration process, and business-related queries, reach out to our marketing specialists. Feel free to reach out to us.