CX360 by NextBee to Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty with Personalized Offers
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  • Not every customer is the same. The sooner you realize this, the better you will be able to develop a customer loyalty strategy

    The secret sauce for reducing churn and increasing customer lifetime value is pretty simple: Flexibility and Personalization

    Personalization is an immensely powerful tool used by marketers to increase email open rates and boost sales. You may offer your customers a free movie ticket, but not every customer loves watches movies. You might offer your customers a free handbag with every purchase, but, then, not everybody would want a handbag. 

    Ecommerce giants, such as Amazon and Groupon, have been able to develop eCommerce loyalty solutions by understanding their customers’ needs and personalizing communication. 

    Your customers have different personalities and varied needs. As a marketer, you must be able to establish a personal connection with them. 

    You must know the two important “Ws” of customer loyalty: Who your customers are and What they want?

    So, what do you need to create memorable and personalized experiences that will increase repeat visits? 

    Quite simply, a powerful and effective customer loyalty solution that should be able to monitor all aspects of the program, offer rich data and allow you to establish multiple touchpoints. It should monitor customer activities, understand engagement patterns, and offer enough flexibility to personalize offers and communication. 

    CX360 by NextBee does that with minimal support from your IT team. It is a flexible customer loyalty program that can be easily customized to match your business needs. You get valuable customer data that reveals deep engagement patterns, allowing you to personalize your emails and tailor your offers for every customer. 

    Here’s how CX360 develops lasting loyalty and increases sales through personalized offer:

    – AI & ML Systems: Our AI and ML algorithms identify customer browsing and buying patterns and create a persona for you to understand them better. The platform recognizes valuable engagement patterns to segment customers based on multiple variables. This allows you to create personalized engagement. 

    – Social Data: NextBee’s robust customer loyalty tracking platform monitors social activity as well and tracks referrals made, invites sent, and even interactions. Using this information, you can predict the activities your customers will be interested in and you can, accordingly, create tasks for easy accomplishment.

    – Personalized Offers: When CX360 offers such valuable data, you will understand customer personas and know what interests your customers. Based on their preferences, you can easily create personalized offers and offer cashback, discount or coupons. Using this information, you can also reactivate dormant customers. Offer them points to return or a coupon code they can use to when they login to your eCommerce website. You can also offer gift cards to customers browsing your website for gifts.

    – Unlimited Reward Options: Using the rich data revealed by CX360, you can predict what type of reward might interest your customer. Our platform supports nearly unlimited reward options – cash, coupons, incentives, reward points, or physical gifts, so there is something for everyone. The best thing: we won’t charge commissions… EVER! Besides, you can always offer your customers the option to choose from a variety of rewards.

    – No-Stress Reward Fulfillment: Your customers demand immediate gratification for their contributions. With CX360, you do not have to worry about fulfillment efforts from your end. Our robust platform automates reward delivery so they stay loyal to your brand.

    Your objective should be to be able to adjust to your customers’ requirements and be rigid. Surprise them.

    Customers prefer purchasing from brands that are flexible and willing to offer options, be it in terms of offers, products, contests, or rewards. 

    When you increase customer satisfaction by reflecting you care about what they want, you boost customer loyalty

    Over the years, NextBee has worked with leading brands around the world to help them create hyper-personalized customer experiences that lead to engagement and an increase in sales. Schedule a demo now!

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