Marketing and Customer Engagement Program – Features and Abilities
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  • Customer engagement is one of the pivotal steps in engaging loyal buyers. The metrics-driven solution has full integration capabilities with any third-party solution to match the client’s needs. 

    NextBee has built our customer engagement solution as a cluster of programmable web services configured within a short interval to create unique and innovative programs for our clients’ brands.

    NextBee is the leading customer marketing solutions platform for businesses with a social-media-savvy audience, and an ever-growing core product development group drives the effort.

    Tailored Solutions for Multiple Industries-

    • Member Associations Health & Wellness Facilities
    • New & Traditional Media HR & Talent Development Teams
    • Corporate Alumni Relations B2B Solution Clients
    • Retail & eCommerce Stores
    • Schools & Universities Channel & Inbound Sales Teams
    Customer Acquisition Through Referrals Features & Abilities 

    SSO (Single Sign-On) Configuration eliminates the friction of having users create a new account by seamlessly blending your referral program with a user’s current customer account. 

    Telephone Sales Tracking through integration with all major CRM systems (Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.).

    Cross-Channel Entry Points brings your program to your customers to integrate current customer accounts, Facebook, order confirmation pages, microsites, and more.

    Responsive Design takes your program mobile through automatic configuration on every screen. 

    Email Invite Widgets featuring one-step contact import, making the process of sending referrals simple and easy.

    Social Share Dashboard allows you to quickly and easily see where your referral program users are spreading your message.

    Printable Referral Cards takes your referral program offline, making every activity trackable.

    Leaderboards provide light-hearted competition, bringing a sense of fun to the program and encouraging users to reach for more points continually.

    Vanity Referral Links offers personalization for your top users, or every user, making each message they send more meaningful.

    Personal Coupon Codes offers the ability to use program activity data to quickly create targeted incentives that encourage users to stay active and engaged.

    Integrated Security Protocols and proactive blocks of fraudulent behavior patterns ensures the full integrity of your referral program.

    Easy Gamification allows you to quickly and easily set-up and runs sweepstakes, contests, and other promotions.

    User Segments for targeted promotions – build opt-in wish lists, reminder lists, and more based on demographic profiles and activity history. 

    Advanced Tracking of every single step of nearly any multi-step sales process, meme image tracking, webhooks, and other options allows you to watch as your program goes viral.

    Internationalized Support baked-in and ready-to-go for when your referral program expands your business beyond its borders.

    Data Analysis and Identification allows you to identify and recruit social influencers proactively.

    Customer Acquisition Via Channel Partners Features & Abilities 

    360 Degree Engagement Trackingfrom social posts and follower activity to sales, leads, comments, banner impressions, referral traffic, and more. 

    Pre-Register Users and welcome them to the program with ready-to-use introductory points.

    Personalized Dashboard Interface developed to display special offers and incentives based on segmented lists of influencers.

    Link Specific Advocates with a franchise or inside sales professional to build and maintain a strong relationship with top influencers.

    Encourage Preferred Customer Behavior, such as auto-triggered points for following best practices in product usage or sharing a video of the product in action.

    Create Weekly Challenge Emails with one-click activity participation.

    Quickly & Easily Gamify by creating daily sweepstakes to maintain enthusiasm and activity.

    Grow Your Influencers into a community by providing bonus points for completing group challenges.

    Social Connect Plugins allow users to share quickly and easily for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networks that are regularly added.

    Custom Designed & Branded Mobile App specifically deployed for your referral program.

    Automated Email Alerts for critical events and milestones in the program. For instance, birthdays and the anniversary of a customer’s very first purchase. 

    Analyze Advocate Activity based on segment, demographics, and acquisition channel.

    Limitless Rewards can include various items, including personalized profile badges, social recognition, service credits, e-Gift cards, a selection from a gift catalog, and even cash payouts through secure ACH transfers processed by NextBee.

    Customer Engagement and Feedback: Features & Abilities 

    Complete Program Control allows you to view your user’s activity at a granular level and offer incentives for each step as they move through the sales process.

    You can also analyze the quality of new leads and current customers with the customer engagement program.

    Import Existing Partner Data into the system for easy transitions between programs.

    Advanced Tracking and processing of recurring and residual commission from every sale of recruited customers. 

    Robust Performance Analytics from the perspective of your creative assets and messages to optimize your program’s outreach. 

    Automatic Multi-Channel Capabilities can provide a secondary commission based on channel sales agents’ performance or other relevant variables. 

    Easily Deploy Collateral such as rich media banners, email newsletters, and social sharing tools.

    Advanced Technology includes cookie-free server-based tracking of customer engagement activities.

    Automated Cash Back ability for shoppers directly on your site, no matter its set-up.

    Control Protocols include the ability to keep credits pending for payment verification.

    IP Blocking & Hashed Data ensures your site, program, and data’s security and integrity will not be compromised.

    Double Redundancy Tracking ensures no data is inadvertently duplicated.

    Transaction-Based Customer Rewards: Features & Abilities 

    Flexible Reward Rule Configuration provides the ability to give specific bonus points depending on the brand, category, purchase time, and most any other variable. 

    Seamlessly Integrate directly into your shopping cart to offer incentives at critical moments in the sales process.

    Easily Segment & Analyze patterns of repeat buying behaviors and new sales.

    Re-Activate Customers through notable promotional credits

    Create New Revenue Streams by offering a loyalty club at a premium. Increased Control with a monthly points credit statement, so you know every aspect of your growing program. 

    Personalized Dashboard tracks both broader program activities and specific promotions. 

    Automated Tracking of returns, chargebacks, and installment payment plans.

    Secure APIs to pull/push order data and redeemable points.

    Create Custom Access to special VIP member-only offers as a reward for increased activity.

    Automate Activities such as an every day special bonus points offer.

    Increase Buy-In & Engagement to allow your users to choose their preferred reward and collectively vote on new rewards. And a program rewards structure translates an increased spend into higher rewards per dollar spent. 

    Ability to Segment denotes to users that are based on purchase amount and frequency.


    We have discussed in brief the majority of features that NextBee offers to its customer advocacy marketing solutions and end-to-end customer engagement platform. We strive to work with the best practices that help brands drive greater engagement and garner more substantial ROI.

    To know more about the solution, contact our marketing experts today.

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