Create Exciting Contests And Sweepstakes To Boost User Participation
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  • After some time, using the same business strategies over and over again gets stagnant. Promotional contests and sweepstakes are the best ways to keep customers engaged.

    Of course, everyone loves to take part in the contests. It is why contests and sweepstakes have succeeded in the online world.

    This is an opportunity to grow brand affinity and even expand the awareness for your new product launch. With the help of contests and sweepstakes, brands can fetch buyers’ interest, allure them to shop from you and collect the data of your potential customers.

    Points to keep in mind to create exciting Contests and Sweepstakes to boost user participation:  

    Introduce quiz sections
    It is essential to create a quiz section as it gives the structure to the contest. They can be used to reach some of the significant marketing goals. These goals may include:

    • Enlarge organic reach
    • Build an email list
    • Brand awareness
    • Create leads

    Data collection
    It is always easier to start programs on an AI-powered platform so that you can get a vast number of participants in contests or sweepstakes. In no time, participants can fill in their name, email, and phone number, proving the most valuable information for the company.

    Some of the best practices in data collection through participation are:

    • A relevant prize
    • Include email option in entries
    • The reward scheme should go for a long enough
    • Use referrals
    • The sweepstake or contest should be mobile optimized
    • Allow people to enter several times.

    By these practices, a company can collect much data, which further benefits the company to enhance the email database. Moreover, generating revenue for the brand and increasing website traffic are also the best data collection results.

    Take the help of Gamification
    There is no use of a static media page of your respective brand. To drive value out of your brand, you need to interact regularly and connect with your buyers in specific ways, like introducing gamification, friendlier contests within departments, and sweepstakes.

    These activities will create hype among the participants by giving away rewards for participating in such engaging activities in their desired action, such as sharing posts, photos, and invites/referrals.

    Encourage participation through rewards
    Through rewards, companies can make participants more active. Brands can quickly increase user participation and engage the community of customers by offering incentives to the game/ activity winner.

    Promotion of Contests and Sweepstakes
    Promotion of your contests and sweepstakes is the most focused part of any organization so that you can grab a large number of participants. It can be done online as well as offline.

    Ways to promote your contests and sweepstakes are:

    • A promotional video on the company’s social media platforms
    • Personalized SMS to the employees
    • Promotion can be done on local events and communities.

    Social Influencers Engagement
    The social influencers these days play an essential role in promoting any brand. So engaging them for brand promotion and sweepstakes or other activities on their social page can increase the participation rate.

    To conclude,

    The reason for running a contest is threefold: to promote the brand, engaging the new as well as target audience, and to generate leads out of them to bring business.

    So, the best way to boost user participation is to start contests and sweepstakes. But, the ultimate goal of the business is to invoke customer engagement and to make them become a better version of themselves in their productivity, enhance their psychological skill set, and boost critical thinking.

    To know more about creating exciting Contests And Sweepstakes, feel free to contact NextBee today.


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