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  • Rewards engage people to drive innovation, create change, and spur growth. Each business we work with is unique in its needs and strategies, and yours is no different. 

    We know and understand that that’s what makes it great, working with each client’s unique situation. Our core of passionate team members have a relentless focus on your program’s organic growth and to “Deliver Top Results for our Customers!” 

    Do you need help deciding on activities, rewards, points, and all the other variables? No problem. We can customize a solution to fit your goals and your members’ needs. 

    When it comes to engagement, you can have a near-limitless number of activities and rewards you want to use. But this also means you need a robust system to adapt and handle all the different scenarios. 

    The NextBee Admin and Points Rules Engine provide the most flexibility and options for nearly every business need when engaging different teams, rewarding for other activities, and varying how you can award bonus points. 

    While there are nearly an endless amount of configurations for rewarding points and setpoint values, here are some that are worth noting: 

    Let’s have a detailed overview of those points but specifically, one of the options that cause the most stress and confusion, setting up points, and assigning them values. 

    We have used that knowledge as our guiding light and built engagement platforms designed to succeed from the contract to launch. 

    Complete Management Control: Unlimited Admin Users & Limitation Controls 

    When it comes to points and rewards, you need to keep monitoring everything. You may want to limit expenses, so you need to set a max number of points per user or a max number of points per day or a max total points to accumulate, etc. 

    Additionally, you can set points to disperse after a specific time, i.e., after the refund period has passed for returns. Else, you want to have them expire if not used within a particular time frame, etc. 

    You can quickly do all that set up within our admin panel. You can combine or exclude any rules and conditions that you need to control the process. 

    Bonus Points: Create Engagement 

    The ability to offer ad-hoc and bonus points are built into the NextBee system, and much like the earlier sections have noted, it’s something you have complete control over for what triggers bonus points and who can give them out. 

    Some of the more common bonus point triggers include activities to accomplish at a particular time. For instance, the purchase of a specific product, activities completed by the sales team, line item totals, redeemable special offers, etc. 

    Bonus points, rewards, and ad-hoc points give a quick boost of excitement and encourage more program participation and brand loyalty

    Different Points for Different Activities: Point triggers can be highly customized 

    NextBee’s smart platform offers complete flexibility and control over the solution. It doesn’t end with setting reward to point values. You can continue to customize by selecting different point disbursement triggers for various activities. 

    Like, you can set X amount of points for Activity A and X points for Activity B. You can also adjust variables such as X points for completing Activity A at a particular time. Or else, X points to all the users who complete Activity A that are in one segment.

    But then give more points to all the members in a different segment or user type or referrer, account manager, etc. As you can see, the options are nearly limitless, but that’s not where the control ends either.

    Setting Point to Reward Values: 1 point does not have to equal $1 

    The points can vary in value depending upon what clients’ needs are and what their goals are. Brands can set points as a percentage of the numeric value of a product or service. 

    For example, have tiers in your program and let people put in some real effort to “level up”. Make it necessary for them to reach that level before they can redeem any reward. 

    For every dollar spent by a customer, you may want to reward them with a certain amount of points. And have the value of points go up the more they spend. 

    The Wrap Up

    Companies have unique needs to build from scratch until they launch the program. They need help picking rewards, assigning points values, creating activities that give good results, etc. 

    They need a company that helps close the loopholes between design, interaction, and results, giving them the ability to customize engagement strategies and optimize results. It can further generate more sales, stronger collaborations, better ROI, higher satisfaction rates, and more. 

    It is where NextBee excels to help brands to start the right program, organizes, develops, and implements a complete engagement strategy. 

    Contact us to get a free demo session today!

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