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  • 7 Exclusive Ideas for your next Corporate Alumni Event
  • corporate alumni event


    It is the Corporate Alumni Events that certainly keep your alumni associated with their former organization as well as with each other. Along with it, an Alumni Engagement Program further boosts the association with former employees. Here we will talk about some exclusive alumni event ideas:


    • Golf Tournament

    Golf is a wonderful way for the executives to make contacts with their clients. It does wonder in bringing your alumni collectively in support of your organization. Charity golf tournaments are known for great reasons. These tournaments are exciting; these are played in the open, and make communicating and networking easy to do. You can get in touch with the sponsors who might be interested in sponsoring your tournament. Sponsorships further can be a rewarding way of extra funds.


    • Alumni Night Out

    Plan in a way that your Alumni Relations and Annual Giving teams come together to arrange a night that turns out to be a memorable one for your alumni. You can charge the visitors a small fee and also make the event attendees familiar with the fact that you are open for additional donations all through the night. The idea will not only make the team members mingle and network but it makes the staffed information booths work as well.


    • Gala with a Silent Auction

    If your prospects are stylish and classy, you can think about hosting a fundraising gala together with a silent auction. Your guests would pay to be a part of the dinner, and this will make them hang out with other kind alumni along with supporting the organization. Silent auctions mainly thrive with more affluent groups of alumni. Try to bring them exclusive auction items and you will see them coming forward to buy things.


    • Music Concerts and Festivals

    Live music turns out to be a great way to help the alumni recall their time they had working with your organization. Hosting outdoor music festivals work only during the summers but if you have admittance to a grand indoor venue, you can host these kinds of events all the year round to bring your alumni together and have a good time.


    • Cruise

    A boat cruise turns out to be a wonderful choice for the development teams to pull it off. You will have your alumni with you on a boat for the cruise duration. Make it entertaining, enjoying, get them delicious food, an open bar, and you will soon notice that your alumni get connected.


    • Host a Speaking Event around Successful Alumni

    Hosting a speaking event makes your alumni more excited. You can arrange an event just about a motivational speaker, a successful businessman, writer, author, famous sports person or athlete, or any other famous alumnus and sell tickets to hold up your fundraising goals. One of the greatest benefits the organizations get is the word of mouth marketing.


    So, try out on these event ideas for your next Alumni Event and see how engaging it turns out to be.



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