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How Employee Advocacy is Imperative for your Content Marketing Strategy?
Employee Advocacy
  • Content marketing is a new cost-effective way of marketing your brand. It is all about creating content that promotes your brand well and prompts people to do more business with you. Theoretically, this has been proven as the best marketing strategy in the world of social media. But practically, content marketing is a tough job to do. While a polished content can improve the credibility of the firm, how do you ensure it reaches the intended number of audience, is the question?

    Making the Most of your Content is Quite Challenging

    It isn’t just one single factor that works towards making your brand’s content visible online. Challenging as it can be to get the content spread; it can be done if you fully utilize the SEO function available.  

    • Maximize the use of keywords
    • Make an eye-catching heading
    • Fill it with necessary information
    • Optimize the media of your choice with appropriate titles, alt tags, and keywords.

    The restrictions imposed on online marketing are actually a greater challenge to your content marketing plans. Even if you plan to spread your word using email marketing, wherein you send out emails to the mail addresses available to you, the spam option and Google’s own restrictions about spamming can harm your strategy.  There are laws and build lines restricting the number of emails you can thus send. Thus it will be the end of the plan if your sole source of marketing is email.  

    PPC ads and content syndication are some other ways to ensure that your content reaches a wider audience. It can help boost your brand to great audience platforms but the costs of maintaining such platform visibilities can be a problem to firms that lack the kind of funding.  

    Most firms, thus turn to content marketing since it considered the most cost-effective way to advertise the firm. If it has to be funded from your pockets, it doesn’t make sense to invest in content marketing, especially since you can put the money into more effective marketing strategies.

    An employee advocacy program, where the employees use their social media connections and accessibilities to promote the content of the firm, can be the easiest way for you to push the audience limits.

    How is Employee Advocacy Program beneficial?

    Plan the employee advocacy program from the first step to make it more effective. When your friend recommends or refers to a good brand to you, you easily rely upon and trust his suggestion. The same happens when your employees recommend your business and thus promotes it by word-of-mouth. This active participation can improve employee’s morale since now they will feel involved and appreciated. This will benefit the growth rates of your firm since the employees will perform better. The program is also as cost friendly as it can get.

    How to Start a Successful Employee Advocacy Program

    • A solid plan is what will make an employee advocacy program successful.
    • You need the whole workforce, right from the top levels, to understand the plans well.
    • Thoroughly train the employees on how and when to share the content so that it best promotes your company.
    • Give them all a common platform to work with and coordinate on.
    • It is important that you analyze the steps taken regularly and improvise where it seems necessary.
    • Also, keep in mind to offer some extra benefits, such as best employee awards or as such to those who perform well. This will keep them motivated to do better. Gifts cards, lunch coupons to restaurants etc will be the best way to keep them happy.

    The program is the easiest way for any business to reach more people without spending a lot on it. So, it implementing it will greatly do wonders for your business.