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  • The Untapped Power of Employee Advocacy on Social Platform
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    Though there are some companies who have restricted the right to use to the social media platforms for their workforce, there are other companies who are making every possible effort to encourage their employees to stay dynamic on social media. There are numerous reasons that point to this shifting trend and the most important out of these is Employee Advocacy that has emerged out to be a game-changer for several companies.


    Social media is never about brands and technology. It rather is about the populace and honest relationships. However, there are many companies that fail to understand that sales draw a parallel relationship with the people who promote your brand.


    It has been revealed that nearly 60% of the people rely on the information that comes from a regular employee. This percentage even exceeds than that of the information that comes from any company’s CEO. So, it becomes essential to understand how does a brand build up and foster dependable relationships?


    Things have changed and the people no longer depend upon the CEOs as they used to previously. Now, it is the employees who have become a dependable source of information now and the companies are well aware of this fact.


    Employees certainly can be a brand’s greatest ambassadors, in spite of being an intact region. Employee Advocacy greatly facilitates the companies to build their brand by authorizing them to chip in exploring, and sharing the content on social media with their networks. Employees have a great network of followers, friends, and connections which can be reached and driven with a click. This Employee Advocacy helps in deeper, basic relationships between the company and the customer. Employee advocacy is widely known as the next social media mega development and companies are aggressively searching for a solution to help them deal with this.


    Generally, the employees have more social media associations as compared to the brand’s accounts. Take into account the number of connections that each of your brand accounts has. Now consider the number of associates your employees have on social media. The combination of the two can work wonders as far as your brand’s reach is concerned.  


    Benefits that Employee Advocacy fetches you:

    • When you consider your employees as the advocates, make them realize that you value them and encourage them to act as agents your business’ behalf. Authorize them to share the required information with their networks.
    • Encourage them to become the thought leaders. This will make them advocate your business on social platforms.
    • Encourage real-time conversations of your customers with your company. Push your employees to answer their queries and any doubts. This will make the employees feel valued.
    • Give your employees the freedom to post on social media and this will get you a greater reach for your brand.

    From this, you might have realized the importance of Employee Advocacy for any company. Give the power to your employees and see the difference it brings to your brand reputation.

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