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  • 3 Powerful LinkedIn Tools that make your Employee Advocacy a Success
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    Employees are considered to be the dominant consolidators of brand content on the social platform. We understand well that the employee shares hold an enhanced reach. It has been found that the brand messages tend to get to 561% further when these are shared by the employees in contrast to the same messages when shared by the official brand on social media platforms. This is a clear indication that Employee Advocacy is something that needs to be incorporated into your organizational culture. Also, as one of the critical factors in social advocacy is your access to appropriate content, LinkedIn overweighs the other platforms when it is about linking the employees with the content.


    Here we will discuss the 3 best LinkedIn tools that can make your Employee Advocacy a success:


    LinkedIn Learning

    Generally, the most imperative component of employee advocacy is ignored. You can make use of any of the accessible tools available and create the greatest content to share but if you agree and put in your employees, you won’t ever be able to turn them your advocates.

    Employee Advocacy arises from mutual reverence, shared ethics and a sense of becoming an element of the bigger picture. This is the reason that Employee Advocacy is associated with staffing and retention rates. Cheerful and affianced employees certainly tend to refer to and advise their employer. So, referral recruitment is considered to be reasonable and faster for the businesses.

    One of the preferred ways to value the employees is by considering their personal development. LinkedIn Learning is one such platform that offers expert-led courses on innumerable topics and provides the prospect for a company to make use of constant learning through the LinkedIn platform.


    LinkedIn Company Page

    LinkedIn Company Pages are considered to be the most influential and at the same time render the companies with a brilliant supplementary method to get in the followers and monitor the brand mentions. Besides these, these company pages are quite helpful useful from an employee advocacy point of view. Using a LinkedIn Company Page, you can display your company completely, even if you are at the initiating phase of your advocacy journey and only cover a few brand champions.

    Since you need to fulfill certain requirements before you become eligible for a Company Page on LinkedIn, including an email address with a unique domain, these provide you with an instantaneous authority and ensure that your business does not get confused with any other amongst the people.

    By asking your staff to include your Company Page to their own profile, you can take their likes, shares, and comments and straight away spread out your reach and visibility on LinkedIn.


    LinkedIn Elevate

    Elevate is a LinkedIn interface that is completely employee-centered. It, therefore, is a paid advocacy stage that helps you curate content, fetches you the recommendations of pertinent and trending subjects, and metrics that assist you to keep an eye on their advocacy performance.

    Since the LinkedIn Elevate holds the power of the LinkedIn platform, organizations can do wonders with their advocacy program. Elevate brings you with a roll of the most social employees on LinkedIn so that you can include them and make them a part of your advocacy program. It subsequently moves to the other employees along with the feed updates and InMails to strike a chord and connect with them.

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