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  • 3 Factors that Improve Patient Loyalty
  • Factors that Improve Patient Loyalty


    The modus operandi of the healthcare business has changed in the last decade. Now, there is immense competition to maintain patient loyalty, and every single healthcare brand is trying to be on top. But the ones that win the race are those who value and take a proper measurement on certain factors that drive patient loyalty.

    To learn more on this topic, a survey has been conducted to know what exactly influences their choice of selecting a particular brand for their treatments and on how they value their treatment. The findings primarily suggest three main factors that drive patient loyalty.


    Let’s discuss those 3 Factors that improve patient loyalty in detail:


         1. Quality treatment and Service

    The quality of treating the patients is quintessential to establish a brand value and goodwill among the clients. When it is about health issues, patients want to be assured that the healthcare practice has the required expertise to provide them with better treatment.  The patients want to consult a physician who is an expert and can treat them successfully with better results.

    Now the question may arise on how patients evaluate expertise and quality treatment? Well, the answer lies in the result. The more you are capable of curing your patients’ issues, the more you will earn loyalty.


         2. Reputation and Goodwill

    Every year billions of dollars are spent on various marketing and advertisement efforts. But in the healthcare domain, power pact marketing is not the only driver of loyalty. Very less percentage of people suggests that advertisements have influenced them to choose a specific healthcare practice.

    So, you must be wondering how people select a healthcare brand for their health-related treatments. Here, Word of mouth is the key factor that influences patient decision to select a brand. Majority of the patients indicated that they selected a healthcare organization based on the information they receive from friends, family members, physicians and testimonials from other patients.

    Good reviews and rating also matter the most in today’s world. Based on these testimonials a huge section of potential patients choose a brand. Advertisement certainly has space but that is just to widespread a particular brand and to reach out to the people and letting them know about your practice.


        3. Time Measurement

    Time is a crucial factor for any patient. For example – patients consult a physician and take medication for solving the health issues. But he/she should be cured as early as possible depending on the nature of the health problem. If it takes a lot of time, then this may raise doubts in the mind of the patients regarding the expertise of the practice. Even something which is taking extra time without much of a valid reason can also raise concerns in the mind of the patients. Thus, the values of the treatment that patients receive depend much on the time spent with a physician.

    Also, how the concerned members of the healthcare team are communicating counts.  Patients do not mind waiting but they will certainly evaluate how the healthcare practice is utilizing the time. The way patients perceive your service may vary from time to time. It can also change depending on various situations. Thus, Healthcare organizations need to listen to the voice of their patients and act accordingly.


    The evolving nature of the healthcare industry might determine the top factors that can drive patient loyalty and increase retention. However, the underlying theme remains somewhat the same.

    Whether you are operating in the healthcare domain or any other service industry, you must have a deeper understanding of what gets people talking in a positive way. This will enable the great window of word of mouth marketing.

    Healthcare organizations need to understand the dynamic factors that drive patient Loyalty and retention. Feel free to contact NextBee for any assistance in terms of building a Patient Loyalty Program that drives high-quality referrals and boost patient retention.

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