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  • Tricks to Boost Patient Loyalty with a successful Healthcare Program
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    A recent survey showed a patient loyalty crisis in the United States. This study discovered that the most important drivers of patient loyalty were insurance acceptance, previous experiences with the system, the type of the facility, and the competency of the staff. Amidst this tough situation, it’s important to beef up patient care to increase the loyalty and satisfaction for the patients. Let’s discuss how to Boost Patient Loyalty with a successful Healthcare Program.


    1. Try to know the factors that are driving or obstructing patient loyalty within your organization.

    There are several ways to understand what factors are playing a crucial role in determining patient loyalty. Firstly, be in touch with your patients and gauge what they say about your brand. Patient might have a certain grievance on your service. On the other hand, they might be happy with your effort of treating them. Whatever be it, it will help you to understand what your customers are thinking about your brand. Ask patients about the quality of treatment they receive, insurance coverage and other factors that may be hampering or accelerating patient loyalty.


    1. Build up a vision for patient service within your organization

    In the light of what you gain from the surveys and meetings, invest time to develop a vision for the perfect patient experience inside your organization. Ensure that all stakeholders, managers, and frontline staffs know these objectives so that they can progress in the right direction. This will guarantee that patients have the most ideal experience each time they get through the treatment process. Plan it properly and execute to win patient loyalty.


    1. Make the process of availing treatments easy and convenient.

    One of the main barriers to a quality healthcare service is the complexity and inconvenience. While patients try to call your organization and cannot get the answers they need; or when they ask for a solution to problems, or they spend long time in the waiting room before an appointment, they’re more likely to switch to another organization. Discrepancy or lack of clarity on billing procedures can also affect patient loyalty. Streamline all processes for patients so that their experiences are easy and convenient.


    1. Maintain proper coordination among doctors, nurse, and hospital staffs

    Patients will probably be faithful to healthcare organizations when they have good experiences with the medicinal service suppliers. A systematic coordinating among different doctors, nurses or frontline staffs is also a key factor that determines a smooth process of operation. Make sure your doctors and other staffs have clear methodology for collaboration when it comes to treatments of each patient. Hold each doctor, nurse, manager, administrator and other member accountable for his or her interactions with patients. If you come to know that any employee is mishandling the patient care which is creating a negative effect on patient loyalty, raise the issue and solve it immediately.


    Patient Loyalty is earned through persistent performance and ongoing satisfaction rendered to them. It does not happen automatically and it cannot be taken lightly. You must remain on your toes to boost each and every factor that can increase patient loyalty.

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