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  • 5 Ways to Establish Connection with the Patients
  • Establish Connection with the Patients


    It’s the little things that count!

    To establish a good patient relationship requires a consistent investment of time and attention throughout the process of care. It is quite evident to say that a stronger relationship leads to patient satisfaction and better patient experience.  And thereby it improves patient loyalty and retention. Once you could build a trust in the mind of your patients, they keep coming back again and again.

    Make sure you are reaching out to them on regular basis. Apart from reminding them about their appointments, try to engage your patients throughout the year. This will make them feel important and they will appreciate your effort.


    Here are a few ways to let your patients know that you remember them:


    1. Newsletter – Send a monthly or quarterly newsletter to keep your patients updated regarding industry news, about your practice, latest trends in technologies, new treatments procedures, case studies, and many more. It shows that you are concerned about their well being and good health.


    2. Surveys – Automated patient surveys can be used to find out the patients’ level of satisfaction and experience.  Consider their feedback seriously and act on it. If you get a good feedback, then thank your patients. If the feedbacks are negative, certainly offer them some discounts, gift coupons, and urge them to avail your service and give you the opportunity to improve.


    3. Notification – Send appointment reminders to your patients via email, phone, or text, in order to make sure they don’t forget or show up late to their appointments in the healthcare unit. By sending appointment reminders improves patient experience and they will certainly appreciate this.


    4. Follow Up – Do not miss out any opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to your patients who visit your practice for treatments. Follow up with a text message to say, “Thank you for visiting. Willing to serve you soon again”.  Apart from this, you can also follow up with your patients to check out how they are doing, whether they are facing any health issue, do they have any query and many more. All these acts as a sign of showing care towards your patients.


    5. Wishing – You may also reach out to your patients on various occasions like birthday, anniversary, and for special events. Birthday messaging is a simple way to show your patients that your organization remembered them.


    To conclude, these are some of the ways to improve loyalty and increase retention. Apart from these, you can also include many other proactive and consistent approaches to effectively build patient loyalty and improve your patient retention.

    Formulate a proper strategy and train your staffs to execute these plans. Educate your employees on how to perform the activities and ensure a positive patient experience.  For a complete revamp of your Patient Retention and Loyalty Program, feel free to contact NextBee.


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