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  • 6 Tactics to Attract More Aesthetic Patients via Social Media Marketing
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    In today’s market, there is an immense amount of competition for Aesthetic Practices.

    Unfortunately, many aesthetic practices are still utilizing out-dated methods and channels for advertising and establishing their brands.  But, it’s proving to be a greater and greater uphill struggle as they continue to get poor results or ROI for their marketing efforts.


    If you’re like most Aesthetic Doctors or Office Managers, then you’re probably wondering if there are any tips and tricks for marketing that will yield a profitable outcome with minimum cost.

    Well, the answer is yes and most likely it’s Social Media.


    Attract more Aesthetic Patients through social media marketing


    To clarify, social media marketing isn’t just about building a Facebook and LinkedIn page or a Twitter profile. It’s about educating an audience, providing adequate information, putting up pictures and videos, answering their inquiries on aesthetics, and sharing exciting news about your practice.  All of this is done with the underlying agenda to intrigue and engage potential and current aesthetic patients.

    While there are billions of users on social media platforms you still have a great opportunity for promoting your aesthetic practice and healthcare brand. Used correctly, social media can prove to be that window through which you can elevate your brand and acquire numerous high converting leads. 


    Is Social Media Marketing simple? Well, Yes and No.

    To leverage positive outcomes from social media you need to prepare and follow a well-structured process and promote it in the social media networks. But preparation is the key to success part of which means proper planning and creativity both of which can bring awesome benefits.


    Key Tactics to Use Social Media Channels & Attract More Aesthetic Patients:


    1. Content Promotion

    Use blogs to tell stories to your audience about your service, new trends, latest treatments, and much more. Make the stories interesting enough to create an appeal among the viewers so they are attracted to your brand.

    It is important to blog more often since social media content benefits from planning and regular updating. Use forums like Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, News Portals, Twitter and other social sites to reach out to masses. Share the real experiences of your happy customers and how they have been treated. For even greater success, post reviews that you’ve received from them on these social media platforms.


    2. Patient Engagement

    Contests, surveys, promotions, Q&A, reviews, and giveaways are amazing ways of acquiring new patients through social media. Contests can produce terrific results in terms of engaging more patients.  Reward your target audience with interesting offerings so that it will create excitement and enthusiasm amongst them. Through this engagement, you can enjoy enormous traffic to your brand as people start visiting your webpage more and following your social media profiles all in an effort to gather information about you and your aesthetic practice.


    3. Online Networking

    As you may have guessed by now, Social Media is probably the best place to attract more patients. There’s no denying that it is an important network with your target audience. So, connect with them on social media. Post interesting messages about your practice. Invite them to seminars, webinars, and other events. Keep them updated with news and stories about your practice.

    You can also nurture your network of professionals by joining various groups about plastic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, cosmetic care, liposuction surgery, aesthetic treatments, etc. Post content in those groups so that members of the group enjoy reading those as well as links to your website and other web-pages. Posting updates to highlight the latest technologies in your aesthetic practice, or helping provide guidelines for patient care, and sharing other related information makes you a valued resource and expert in the field.


    4. Influencer Marketing

    Networking with Influencers is another important strategy that has proven to be beneficial for social media marketing. Influencers could be popular bloggers, domain experts, community influencers, or someone who has a great fan following in social media. Instead of promoting your product directly to the potential customers on social media, you can get the help of influencers who can promote your practice on your behalf. For that, you need to offer them certain perks, discounts, coupons, or incentives.

            How to pick an Influencer who perfectly fits with the industry:

    • Do some research to discover who might be a decent “fit” for your brand. It is important to find the right person for the right reason and to ensure they are targeting your demographic.
    • Targeting the Influencers who have a high number of followers is good. But you also need to consider other metrics like how much engagement (likes, shares, and comments) they receive for their efforts (i.e., how much influence do they really have?).


    5. Visual Appeal

    On Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, posting visually appealing graphics and images will go much farther than posting hyperlinks to your web publications. On Twitter, use meaningful hashtags to make it easier for patients and audiences to find your content. Each social media platform is different so it’s essential to study their features and leverage their particular functionality to reach a much broader audience.


    6. Attract Local Patients

    The primary goal of an Aesthetic Practice is to draw the attention of the local patients. Create or update your Facebook page, LinkedIn business page, Twitter profile, Pinterest and Google My Business accounts with your physical location and your contact information.

    When patients visit your organization, encourage them to “check-in” to your location using the Facebook location-tag feature. Checking-in on Facebook has the same effect as word-of-mouth marketing. When a Facebook user sees (on their Newsfeed) that his/her friend (the patient) has checked into your healthcare unit, they will be interested to know more about your practice and will probably visit your Facebook Page looking for more information.


    Bottom Line

    Along with various social media activities, it is necessary to implement a quality Patient Loyalty Program one which will act as a catalyst to perform these promotional activities. NextBee added an awesome tool to its arsenal that provides interesting data and analytics on impressions, footfalls, leads, and other crucial information which will help you to gauge your marketing effort’s performance.



    Social media can be an intense and productive advertising instrument to draw the attention of potential patients. But you have to follow a defined strategy that can yield the greatest results possible in terms of marketing your aesthetic business.

    Should you wish to accelerate your social media promotional activities, feel free to contact NextBee and implement a top-notch Patient Loyalty Program in your business ecosystem.



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