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20 Best Features and Functionality of a Quality Patient Loyalty Program for Healthcare
patient loyalty program
    Loyalty Program is basically a marketing strategy that rewards and incentivizes purchasing behavior, thus increasing the customer’s willingness to stay loyal to the brand. It has always been an effective tool to generate leads, build brand awareness, retain customers, and maximize revenue.

    Companies of all size are utilizing loyalty programs more often in recent times. Apart from the common business verticals that are using Loyalty programs, it’s also booming in the Healthcare sector. Now a day, healthcare organizations are implementing Patient Loyalty Program in the business ecosystem on priority.

    Many of you are well aware of the effectiveness of a successful loyalty software. But, understanding the features and functionality of a great Healthcare Loyalty Software will help you to gauge the solution in a much better way. A turnkey Loyalty Program provides your patients with a membership offer, discount on bills, exciting perks, and thereby increase retention for your practice.

    Here, we present the top 20 aspects of a Patient Loyalty Software for Healthcare Services.

    • Capture Leads: The system should have the functionality to capture leads that are coming from various sources. It can be fed into the system online or manually. The lead database will actually help you to find out the demographics and lead-source, based on which you can define strategies for your target audience.
    • Single Sign-On:  The software application must enable full integration with your existing website for a seamless experience for all patient loyalty program users. The process would decrease the complexity of using the solution. It will be easy to operate and function.
    • Mobile App:  Majority of the consumers use their mobile now a day. It has become a most convenient tool to access various Apps. A dedicated, white-labeled mobile app for your patients will connect with your brand all the time.  It will also provide important updates and offers in real time. Push Notification is another aspect that sends targeted offers directly to your patient’s mobile devices.

    nextbee mobile app

    • 360 Degree Engagement:  Engage your patients at every touch points. Do not miss out any opportunity of rewarding your patients. For multiple actions and to increase engagement, include Referrals, Feedback, Testimonials and even reviews on site such as Real Self, Real Patient and many more.
    • Scalable Solution: The patient loyalty software must be scalable to a great extent. If any healthcare unit wants to implement additional features and functionality, they can do so. The solution should also need to be flexible when it comes to integrate with other solutions like eCommerce, POS, ERPs and CRM systems, etc.
    • Admin Panel:  The loyalty program must come with an Admin Panel which will ensure that you have complete control over your loyalty campaign to create ad-hoc rules, define targeted user segments and monitor performance for every aspect of your Healthcare Loyalty Software. Admin Panel helps you to monitor, optimize, and operate the program as per your plan. Since you have all the controls, you can do every operational activity on your own.  
    • Customizable Rewards:  The more you will personalize the rewards, the more it will be appreciated by the clients. The rewards and incentive must vary from person to person based on their demographics. Offer something to them which attracts their attention and they feel glad about it – it could be coupons, gift cards, and free health checkups, to get them engaged with your loyalty program. Also, give bonuses for patients to get suggested treatments or procedures done during certain time periods. Personalize activities and incentives to users based on segmentation tied to profile attributes, engagement level, earned incentives, and much more. An integrated coupon system is always good to customize your rewards and offerings.

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    • Creativity and Innovations: Patient Loyalty will substantially grow once the program has innovative stuffs. It has been found that customers are loyal to brands that present them with new experiences, latest products or services. Create special experiences for your patient loyalty program members, such as latest trends in treatments; use latest technology, VIP membership for returning customers, etc.
    • Gamification: Include various aspects of a game in the system and make your Loyalty program exciting. It will grow the customer interest and motivate them to participate with game elements like tiers, badges, and perks, levels, etc. With gamification, you can add a sense of friendly competition to boost participation.
    • Advanced Promotional Engine:  An inbuilt promotional engine and marketing tool will boost your loyalty program. It enhances engagement and repeat-purchase rate with targeted promotional campaigns. Provide special reward offers and bonus points for customers to drive results such as boosting advocacy among your frequent purchaser group. With a proper marketing plan for your healthcare service, you can achieve great heights in profit maximization.
    • Integrated Social Action: Social Media could be a super-effective tool to promote or market Patient Loyalty. Thus, incorporating social media functionality and integrating the features of it, into the Patient loyalty program is a must these days. With the social actions, you can easily reward customers for connecting their social profiles to the loyalty account. Reward them for sharing and referring friends via social media networks. Including social networks to the loyalty program that allow you to yield loyalty reporting and helps strengthen engagement across various social channels.

    social media integration

    • Reporting and Analytics:  Gain in-depth insights into your loyalty program, better understand how your customers are engaging and learn what calls to action and incentives your customers respond to with comprehensive reporting and analytics. It is a must-have feature for a quality Loyalty reward solution.  With this, you get the advantage of big data analytics to model your program based on user segments and optimization KPIs to get the best returns from your program.


    • Employee access control: Healthcare staffs or employees of your medical services should have access to the loyalty program. It will enable them to work on it and also help the patients to get enrolled. Furthermore, they can actually operate the solution and make it more engaging. Your real-time reporting feature helps you to gauge employee performance. This is a great way to identify employees who are processing the most transactions.
    • Online enrollment:  With online enrollment features, it will be easy for your customers to sign up for your patient loyalty program online via their computer, tablet, or smartphone. You will get more traffic to your website. Customers can check their balance directly on your website or through the loyalty App.
    • Member Tiers:  Patient Loyalty program help in segmenting the patients based on their loyalty towards a particular brand. Once you segment the patients, set tiered rewards for them. Categorize and segregate your loyal customer, based on given parameters. These tiers allow your customers to automatically earn something extra once they qualify to certain levels. Give them a goal to achieve and keep your loyalty program interesting.
    • Robust and Customizable Solution: The patient loyalty software must be robust in its features and functionality. With a 100% customizable solution, the businesses can include various elements of it pertaining to their requirements. Thus, the solution will be absolutely aligned with the business goals. You may not need all the aspects of a loyalty reward solution. But a solution that is most suited for your organization performs the best in reaching your goals.

    NextBee‘s Patient Loyalty Software possesses top-notch functionality. The software is embedded with all the necessary elements of a loyalty program. Moreover, there is a provision to incorporate many other aspects as per the business requirements. Apart from the conventional features, let’s figure out what else NextBee is providing in the Healthcare Loyalty Program.




    • Program Dashboard and Analytics : The program dashboard offers a 360-degree view of all the important activities in a nutshell. The solution projects smart data analysis that is custom tailored to each segment of users. The reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor and optimize the program always give an edge over other available solutions in the market.
    • Integration with other Software: If you have any existing software in place, NextBee’s Loyalty solution can be integrated with any of those. Seamless integration with your business processes is possible with the plug and play modules. The solution can be integrated with your data systems as well. Configure these integration tasks and have a robust workflow in the business ecosystem.
    • API Gateway: With the open APIs, you can embed NextBee’s solution in your web portals or mobile app. It further integrates with your back-end systems. APIs give you ultimate control over exactly which modules of the solution you want to adopt and custom build your solution.
    • Template Engine:  NextBee provides various template for quick and easy control of the program. It comes with a unique user interface and user experience. It is an interaction model that spontaneously connects with the users. Each of these custom branded interfaces for the programs is based on code templates.

    Keeping the businesses’ needs in mind, NextBee has developed a methodology that aims to improve loyalty programs. The application of this methodology is to ensure that every participant is approached in a way that drives increased conversion of referrals and leads. Known as the PACE Methodology, it covers the following aspects:

    Personal – Building personal relationships through active collaboration for increased positivity in responses.
    Adaptive – Adaptive to the needs and expectations of individual customers and target groups.
    Controlled – Strategy and design that incorporates analyzed data to promote effective response.
    Exciting – Ensuring that the customers find your program interesting and exciting, so as to reduce monotony and improve response.