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  • How a Brand Advocacy Software makes Your Advocacy Program More Efficient
  • We now know well how a brand advocacy program can boost a brand’s sales figures and develop a positive brand image. There is nothing very complex about setting up a brand advocacy program. It’s simple but requires a lot of effort on the brands’ end.

    Automation is the Key

    Automation has now reduced the efforts brands need to put into the program. Identifying the right brand advocates for your brand, which would otherwise be tough, can be done effortlessly as brand advocacy software generates detailed reports on customer performances and activity. You merely need to analyze the ones who interact most with you on social media, share products with family and friends or purchase your products frequently. Since monitoring is easy, this isn’t much of a task.

    Your brand advocacy program’s success rests considerably on how well you are able to excite your customers. Offering rewards for performance is a good way of developing activity. More the reward choices, the better it gets. A smart brand advocacy software should let you credit rewards to your advocates’ account instantly. When your advocates receive rewards without delay, it generates excitement. It is a fact that rewarded behavior is reproduced frequently and willingly.

    Contests and sweepstakes break monotony. They satisfy the human need to compete with others and accomplish. Imagine having your brand advocates recommend and share in isolation. How long do you think they will sustain the activity? A software should be able to let you create a variety of contests and sweepstakes to spike up participation. Most good brand advocacy software also offer dynamic leaderboards and digital badges to develop friendly competition among advocates. You can level-up advocates instantly and assign digital social badges that reflect their achievements. Achievements excite people and they want to share it others. Thrilling the entire community of advocates becomes such an easy task.

    When it comes to brand advocacy software, hands down, it is an outright champion tool for brands. Thanks to the technology advancement, these software can track almost any and every customer activity – social shares, referrals made, links clicked, emails opened, rewards earned, purchases, and so on. That also means brands can reward referrers and keep an accurate track of advocate performance. The analytics are so powerful that they monitor even how your messages, rewards and contests perform. Using detailed engagement reports that can be requested at will, you can optimize your brand advocacy program and strive for better every time.

    The scene has changed for good. Running a marketing program has become a lot easier. However, did I miss out on something? Or do you hold a different opinion?

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