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  • Employee advocacy campaigns are one of the widely adopted strategies that help brands to regulate their budgets. But have you ever thought about what tactics could allow brands to run such campaigns single-handledly? 

    In this tech-savvy world, indeed, every company wants to pull the right talent into the system. Businesses look for a good workforce committed to delivering optimum results and show productivity that increases business profits. 

    Well, employee advocacy has been one of the most adopted marketing elements that reduce much of the company’s time, money, and energy. That is the biggest reason why most companies rely on advocacy campaigns to run within the organization

    Tapping into your employee’s territory is a game-changing decision for brands. Enrolling them into an employee advocacy program and before asking them to spread the good word, the company must set good benefits. 

    Employee advocacy is a marketing technique that consists of strategic and sustainable efforts by the brands. Eventually, it encourages the workforce to share brand values organically in their circle. 

    What role does an advocacy solution play?

    With the help of an advocacy platform, companies can design the most attractive programs for individual employees or teams who respond positively to run advocacy successfully. 

    Advocacy platforms allow organizations or enterprises to run a plethora of social media-based and internal campaigns to succeed in an employee advocacy program.   

    An ideal advocacy program should have more focus to make it: 

    • Strategic: Relevant goal implementation and close metrics check to evaluate the progression of the program
    • Durability: Measuring the most likely adaptation in the organizational system and accordingly keeping up the employee’s enthusiasm 
    • Organic: To run participation bias-free and where employees take participation without any forceful act
    Benefits of Employee Advocacy Campaigns

    An employee advocacy program has fair chances to succeed when the receiver is aware of its benefits. On the contrary, they do not expect any benefits at all because they feel optimistic and a level of satisfaction for working in that organization. 

    If such campaigns are backed with a proper strategy, it has the potential to turn your staff members into loyal advocates who can: 

    • Help to generate positive brand exposure
    • Raises awareness online or through offline channels
    • Recommends a company’s products or services to outsiders

    Needless to say that a company’s employees are its most valuable assets. When the workforce is happy, they certainly try to bring promising talent that leads to forming strong business culture. 

    But many organizations are not aware of the true potential of their employees. That is why an employee advocacy platform helps to create personalized strategies. 

    Advantages of Creating Employee Advocacy Programs With NextBee’s Automated Platform

    NextBee is a leading provider of Employee Engagement Software that is the first choice among companies dealing in different industries. It acts as an alternative to traditional employee success programs. 

    The platform has a proven record of being a successful platform that helps companies implement a well-structured and successful campaign. 

    The solution offers some of the below-mentioned key features: 

    • Uses 360-degree approach to discover data-led action plan 
    • Better engagement with rewarding schemes that lower onboarding and employee recruitment costs
    • Referral-based perks encourage employees to do word-of-mouth marketing
    • AI-programming structure predicts further actions 
    • Smart admin panel provides complete control over the campaigns 
    • Seamless integration with platforms like CRM, ERP, Salesforce, or Marketo, eCommerce, POS, et cetera
    • Targeted user segments to monitor individual employee contributions in the advocacy program

    An advocacy marketing software is a perfect way to win your organization’s potential employees’ trust. 

    With NextBee, organizations can add complete customization as per their business requirements. Whether they want to add to reduce features in the platform, everything can be done at their discretion. 

    Are you ready to kickstart your advocacy programs with NextBee’s intuitive AI-powered solution that offers complete personalization to identify your potential employee advocates?

    Get in touch with us to know more about our turnkey solution. 

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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