How NextBee’s Email and SMS Engine Help in Marketing Campaigns?
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  • Emails are tried-and-tested channels for companies to initiate solid communication through their marketing campaigns. Whether it is OTP, logins, promotions, offers, notifications, password reset, or updates, emails are the reliable methods that provide individuals with extensive global excess as compared to any other medium created. Several companies consider email as one of the most vigilant parts of their customer engagement process.

    When we talk about SMS Engine, we know how efficient and powerful an engagement tool it is. Companies using SMS as their marketing campaigns tend to drive ten times more engagement than other tools. This tool allows corporations to create and succinct messages to their customers.

    Combining email and SMS engines helps you to create an impeccable interaction experience, which increases customer engagement and retention perpetually.

    Email and SMS are reliable, accessible, and categorically powerful engines. So, regardless of your customer niche or time, or even place, you can enrich the commendable customer experience with the help of NextBee’s AI-powered robust email and SMS engine and create flawless marketing campaigns.

    The Need Behind using Email and SMS in Marketing Campaigns

    Based on the business niche and type of communication engines initiated, customers themselves have diverse preferences. Reasons why Email and SMS work amazingly well:

    • Fast and simple
    • Reliable and immediate
    • Brief Messages and informed emails
    • The response rate is high
    • No spam filters through SMS

    Studies have shown that several people worldwide prefer email and SMS as the medium to gain information for new products and updates. This is the reason these engines are a must for your marketing campaigns.

    Get Impeccable Experience with NextBee’s Email and SMS Engine to Create Effective Customer Engagement Marketing Campaigns

    Multiple channels deliver a seamless experience. When customers are provided with different mediums to select from, they feel empowered to choose the interactive medium to engage with your brand.

    Remember the power of the right time in the right place. Use the engines to deliver the right message to your customers at the right time to get more tractions. Benefits of including SMS and Email platforms in your marketing campaigns are:


    With a busy time schedule, customers need a constant reminder. So, for companies integrating reminders to confirm booking, appointment, trip, or confirm delivery is an efficient way to stay engaged. That’s why reminders are essential for marketing campaigns.

    Even if your customers have received the initial confirmation, sending them an email or message a day before will be great. It has been observed that several customers don’t show up without reminders, resulting in a loss in revenue. Sending a brief message or email for a follow-up is a prompt way.


    Growing security threats and application updates is the main reason behind alerts. SMS is a proficient way to alert people about necessary security-related actions. Moreover, SMS and email alerts help users to stay updated with relevant information.

    If any unknown entity tries to access your account, you will get an alert with unauthorized access. These alerts ensure the safety of customer’s data from any fraudulent activities.


    “Order confirmed” – a message that gives customers the utmost satisfaction. Getting a confirmation message for the products or service purchased is an effective way to gain loyal customers. This allows customers to know that they are dealing with an authentic organization.

    Sending email and SMS confirmation will enrich the producer-consumer experience, resulting in more business, increased sales, and higher revenue. With email and SMS, you can add an extra communication layer to let them stay connected with you.


    Notification is the perfect way to enhance your horizons with consumers and is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Sometimes, customers’ SMS folder is jam-packed, and emails directly go to spam. But, with push notification, customers get the latest updates right on their mobile screen without having them fill up their inbox.

    Moreover, notifications are an easy way to tell your customers about new offers, product launch, sales, and reward funnels. Email or an SMS notification is extremely valuable to barge in communication with customers.

    Email or SMS – The Major Dilemma

    SMS is a succinct way to deliver informed information sent through emails. SMS is used to enhance the email marketing platform, not replace it. Both SMS and Emails are used as a competent means of communication, which is why your customers need both.

    The best way to integrate email and SMS engine to your marketing campaign is, by determining that:

    First: How quickly should the end-use receive the message?

    Second: How effective and product-centric is the message?

    Third: How will customers benefit from the content of the message?

    Based on the answer, you will see which most effective strategy for your marketing campaign is. NextBee’s email and SMS engine works as a customer engagement platform and helps in product branding, informed imagery, and creative design of your messages. The engine helps you to map the process of your messages created and delivered hurriedly.

    The Don’t of Email and SMS Marketing

    Both are efficient and powerful tools, so when used incorrectly, your brand’s reputation, sales, and revenue can become destructive. Important things to avoid when you integrate email and SMS with your marketing campaigns:

    • Excessive messages and emails
    • Sending repetitive messages
    • Using the same content for email and SMS
    • Messages at the wrong time
    • Sending long SMS
    • Creating brand/product related content only

    Whether it is Airbnb, Uber, Yelp, Amazon, or any other company, SMS and email engines are their core marketing strategies. Your consumers are using several communication channels, and in order to stay connected with them, you will have to be concise and articulate.

    SMS and Emails are the best customer engagement strategies for communication and loyalty.

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