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  • Potential employee retention can help companies to build a strong talent substructure. However, we witness that only a few companies acknowledge their employees. Incorporating employee recognition software in your engagement programs helps a lot.

    Over 52% of employees are looking for a job change because of low or no compensation packages, and 19% of them are for lack of recognition.

    This data might be startling because several organizations now use employee recognition platforms. So, how is the retention rate so less?

    The reason: Lack of “Acknowledgment”.

    What actions should companies take to encourage their employees instead of using the monotonous appraisal process?

    For every process to get completed, you need programs and tools, so why not use automated employee recognition systems to acknowledge your employees’ participation is to reward them for their contribution.

    Whether it is to sign up employment contracts or praise your employees with monetary or non-monetary appraisals, automated employee recognition software is your best bet.

    Therefore, integrating NextBee’s automated employee recognition systems with your software can help you to configure more personalized employee engagement programs.

    Large-scale organizations rely on employee recognition software. They help them to stay connected with their employees. This trend has made several employees content, but introducing automation with personalization will retain more employees.

    How using Automated Employee Recognition Software can Save Time

    Organizations that have been equipped with automation have seen a decrease in the extra time and effort it takes to engage employees and analyze data. Integrating an automated employee reward system can aid in eradicating repetitive tasks and sustain a high compliance level. Employee leaderboards are used to track team and individual performance, and based on that, they provide digital badges and stars, freeing up employers’ time to track each employee’s activity.


    Provide your Employee Kudos to Drive Enthusiasm

    Failure to be recognized for their efficiency and hard work significantly affects employees’ job performance.

    The question is – how to provide kudos to your employees that will make them feel motivated?

    This is not rocket science, but often companies fail to use their power correctly.

    The employees are your subordinates, and a token of appreciation will help them to work more efficiently. Let’s see how? 

    1. Power of Words

    Studies show that over 51% of employees are not satisfied with their acknowledgment after they complete a particular task. This average shows that employers fail to recognize employees and appreciate them for their efforts. So, when you praise your employees, remember:

    • The praise should be genuine.
    • Be specific on what efforts they are being appreciated.
    • Show them gratitude with powerful words.

    Any vagueness in your words will undermine your appreciation, so be thorough with your words.

    For instance, instead of just using words like “Nice job,” congratulate them for the higher sales level achieved by saying – “Amazing, you finished the task in a short interval of time. It was not only delivered before the deadline but was done perfectly.”

    Recognizing employees from hearts will help your employees to deliver spectacular performance. Now, is it that easy to track your employees’ progress? That’s where employee recognition software comes into play! A good employee recognition platform will enable you to set notifications whenever an employee reaches a milestone.

    3. Commendable Gestures

    Motivation drives employee performance levels. Thus, showing your employees that you value them for the efforts they put in the job will keep them motivated throughout the day. Add commendable gestures in the form of praise:

    • Find out their interests and surprise them with rewards based on them.
    • Empower them with more responsibilities, so they feel you have faith in them.
    • Provide them new opportunities and train them to learn so both of you can propel

    To sustain or increase effectiveness, praise them immediately after the job is finished. Providing kudos to your employees through rewards and words will encourage them to work in a much better way and will let them stay for a long time. Again, good employee recognition software will allow you to instantly send publicly-visible kudos for their accomplishments.

    As an employer, you can see whether your employee has the potential to achieve more, so train them by providing them with additional skills-based tasks. It will not only help your employee but will also result in the overall success of your organization.

    4. Drive Employee Engagement with Nomination and Recognition Badges

    Employee engagement can be achieved with employee recognition software. Provide your employees with nomination badges for goals accomplished. It’s really easy! With a powerful employee recognition software, you can create custom goals for individual employees and teams. 

    A binding contract with work bonds will never let them stay engaged. So, if you want your employees to stay connected, you need to empower them with badges and stars.

    Employees can be replaced. But potential stars are hard to retain. Several organizations believe that one of the difficult challenges for them is retaining talented employees.

    5. Creating Unique Recognition Badges

    Using reward nomination badges will help you to drive effectiveness among employees. With automation and gamification, nomination badges have taken a high stroke in popularity.

    • Helps to keep the mundane tasks interesting.
    • Lets employers track the performance of employees.
    • Significantly boosts employee engagement and performance.
    • Displays positive employee behavior.
    • Signifies the task milestone level achieved.
    6. Boosting Employee’s Morale

    When individuals are motivated, they tend to work ten times more. Thus, providing badges for each milestone achieved will keep them thrilled throughout while aiming to deliver better performance levels.

    • Can drive custom and digital engagement.
    • Acknowledges the specific tasks performed.
    • Increases the employee’s graph that lets employers’ talent and growth.
    • Recognizes work and appreciates employees in front of peers to drive more motivation.

    How can NextBee’s Technology help with the Automated Employee Recognition Software?

    NextBee’s automated employee recognition software drives employee engagement. With the AI-powered tool, you can considerably tap into the best commercial practices for your employees. It involves knowledge recognition, online training, task-based rewards, commission on milestones achieved, and badges for commendable performance.

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    By using an admin panel and smart dashboards, you can track how your employees are performing, and based on that; you can provide them with awards to keep them highly motivated.


    Employee kudos and nomination badges are the two most handy techniques an employee recognition software employs. 8 out of 10 employees feel that seeing their peers getting acknowledged makes them work even harder to reach that level.


    Points to Remember:

    • Be explicit and honest while praising your employees
    • Provide employees with opportunities to enhance their skills
    • Applause employees instantly for the successful completion of the task


    NextBee’s automated employee recognition software helps you to build effective and engaging rewards and badges for your employees. With a custom-made program, you can easily track and reward highly competent employees for their accomplishments.

    Build a robust bottom line while integrating NextBee’s automated employee recognition solution with your business culture.

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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