How Does Marketing Automation System Help in Efficient and Timely Promotion?
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  • Every marketer wishes to have a tool at their disposal to automate the every-day, repetitive tasks involved in the process of generating and nurturing sales leads. One way of doing so is by using a trustworthy marketing automation platform. It helps the marketers in multiple ways and helps them develop personalized messages, generate better content, and save a lot of time and effort, giving marketers more bandwidth to focus on their job’s strategic aspects.

    Marketing automation is also about empathizing with your target audience and communicating with them based on their brand journey. 

    On the plus side, the marketing automation system can also help you efficiently and timely promote your brand. 

    As marketers, you can scale your processes and campaigns to reach more users. 

    Since these platforms allow you to monitor every small interaction between the customer and the brand, you can efficiently develop targeted messaging. 

    How does it all work?

    Marketing automation platforms can be leveraged in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of them in the following lines:

    Criteria Specification:

    Marketers can use a marketing automation platform to specify criteria for the processes involved in their routine. The requirements are then interpreted by the platform when it scores the quality of leads and delivers the data to sales teams through a CRM tool.

    Leverage Cookies:

    Cookies installed on a visitor’s web browser when they visit a website can be used to track the visitor’s journey through different website pages to effectively score the prospect and get more data based on their actions on the website.

    Including Different Forms for Information:

    Building qualified leads for the sales team is the most crucial aspect of marketing automation. Without the right kinds of leads, it isn’t easy to nurture and score them effectively. 

    Using forms that collect user information can help you in finding more qualified leads quickly. The forms’ information allows you to segregate leads into different buckets created by analyzing the data collected.

    Inbound and Outbound:

    With a robust marketing automation platform, you can create a perfect blend of inbound and outbound marketing strategies. It allows the marketers to determine which leads are ready for sales and which require more work.

    Main Components of Marketing Automation

    Although the main objective of using a marketing automation platform is to find qualified leads for the sales tea, there are other components. Let’s take a look.

    • You can use it to create a central marketing database. Marketing data, customer interaction with the brand, and customer behaviors are collected, analyzed, and nurtured to enable marketers to create different segments and send targeted messages to other customers. 
    • Marketers can use it to execute marketing processes and initiate conversations on both online and offline channels to foster improved engagement.
    • Marketing automation platforms also function as analytics tools and help the marketers in optimizing marketing ROI through testing and measurement of the impact the marketing efforts have.
    • It also helps marketers in creating targeted content based on different user profiles.
    Major Benefits of Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation tools allow you to do a lot more with very little investment and have enabled brands of all sizes to have a fair shot at taking on the competition. Let’s take a look at some significant benefits they have to offer.

    Timely Execution:

    Do you know what saves a ton of time? Automating repetitive tasks. When these tasks are out of a marketer’s way, they can spend more on high-value tasks. This, in turn, helps you in executing your promotions promptly.

    Increased Reach:

    Apart from saving time, marketing automation tools also help in increasing your brand’s reach. Email marketing campaigns are a prime example of how automating this task expands the scope of these campaigns. 

    Once your CRM is integrated with your marketing automation platform, all you need to do is create a template and send the emails. 

    Improved Accuracy:

    To err is human, but machines don’t err. They are accurate and don’t make typos. Although experts claim that you eliminate errors when using a CRM or marketing automation tool, a few might exist, but that figure is too low. 

    You have to get things right once, and then the automation will do its part and run your campaign right, every time. 

    Better Customer Retention Solutions:

    Staying in touch with your customers is an essential part of the game. That is, automation tools are an asset for both marketing and salespeople.

    Marketing teams can yield results-oriented lead generation campaigns to acquire new customers by looking at various interactions at specific touchpoints. 

    Well-timed and well-crafted campaigns are an excellent way to engage customers and get their goodwill. Automation allows you to stay on top of everything and not miss any opportunity. 

    Analyze Results:

    Automation campaigns help you in reaching statistically accurate numbers related to them. This means that even if your marketers tell you a story, a clearer picture is always available thanks to data.

    Small activities like A/B testing for performance monitoring can be analyzed using an automation platform. In addition to analysis, marketers can eliminate guesswork and help them adjust their efforts from assumptions to data-oriented. 

    NextBee and Marketing Automation

    What’s even better than having an automation and CRM platform in your technology stack? A platform integrates all the tools and produces a detailed analytical report by combining data from the unique platform into a centralized one. 

    NextBee’s customer engagement platform delivers what they preach, and millions of happy users speak for the tools’ efficiency.

    Our AI-powered, robust solution helps you stay on top of all your campaigns. In addition to that, self-learning programming gives you suggestions to start different campaigns based on customers buying behaviors.

    You can create programs that help you send out targeted messages to your users. Better customer retention and reduced cost for each acquisition are the strengths of NextBee’s solutions.

    Use smart controls and drive detailed promotions using technology that can be adopted quickly and offer long-term engagement for your efforts. 

    Get Started Today

    To know more about how you can leverage NextBee’s all-around marketing and engagement solutions, get in touch with our team of experts today. 

    Boost customer lifetime value (CLV) dramatically and build relationships with your customers that last for an extended period. 

    Our team of experts is available to take your queries. Book a free consultation right away.


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