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  • Over one-fourth of the population uses adblock on their desktop and mobiles. So, ad marketing ventures sometimes puts you at a huge loss. This makes it extremely challenging for marketers to keep their customers engaged throughout. However, the implementation of notification engine has led to a new change in marketing efforts.

    Though users might have mixed reactions to push notifications, where some might find they are useful, several people are still irritated with notification pop-ups.

    Whatever the case be – notification serves as a useful tool in a product marketing strategy.

    Customer push notification solution helps users stay informed about app updates, resource utilization, data crashes, and messages or emails from peers. For businesses, push notifications help them to reconnect with inactive users.

    Your first step is to let people open the application, and this can be done through actionable metrics. Follow through your user base and check for changed customer behavior – based on that, craft a persuasive and effective notification through NextBee’s customer push notification solution and brand promotion management platform.

    Using the customer push notification solution in your brand marketing strategies will help you with:

    • Increased product familiarity
    • Enhanced consumer engagement
    • More active users
    • Enriched user experience

    However, the real challenge is to write effective push notifications. You have to be creative enough to attract your customers to click the “go to” button. An influential CTA will make all your efforts in using the customer push notification solution worthwhile.

    You need to first track the user insights before launching your notification copy. Remember to track, test, and optimize it through NextBee’s push notification module before launching.

    Why use customer push notification solution for your business module?

    Push notifications are the best way to make sure that you are provided with all the latest information about new features and updates. When businesses implement a notification engine to their business model, it becomes easy for them to stay engaged with their customers.

    • Application and software updates
    • Message and mail alerts
    • Frequent reminders
    • Latest product or service updates
    • Introduction to new technology
    • Multiple device proliferation
    • Increases conversion rates
    • Improves customer engagement
    • Target the right prospects and demographics
    • Track actionable KPIs
    • Enhances product uniformity
    • Smoothens customer journey

    Different Types of Push Notifications

    For any robust business module, you tend to juggle multiple marketing strategies at one time. It makes brand promotion a bit of a hassle. However, if you think wisely, you have the best platform to run down your products and promote them among your clients.

    Customers are always enticed by new and innovative products. So, configuring the customer push notification solution can help in smooth promotional strategies. Different types of push notification that can be used as a marketing strategy are:

    Email Notifications

    Combining your email marketing efforts with email notifications can help you generate maximum revenue in less time. Using transactional emails can generate revenue more than six times. Moreover, automated emails are opened by over 70% of people, giving you a high click-through rate. With more population checking their emails increase the chances of better conversion rates as well.

    Push Notifications

    Users can see the push notification anytime they login to their device. It serves as a direct target marketing. With customer insights, you can see which customers are more bankable, so you can easily introduce your products to them by using the metrics. Over 50% of people enable push notifications to get extra click-through rates from the push notifications.

    SMS Notification

    SMS is one of your mobile phones’ primary features and is one of the smartest ways to engage with your customers. With their information at your fingertips, a customer push notification solution can easily send your top customers personalized text advertisements.

    In-App Messages

    The best form to interact with your customers while they are browsing through your app. Through in-app messages, you are provided with a real-time marketing environment. So, creating personalized messages will let you engage and retain your customers.


    How do Push Notifications help your brand stay updated?

    Push notifications can augment considerable customer engagement if used right. However, if you misuse it, just like spam mails, you can gain a negative result.

    NextBee understands the fear of driving the users, so the program is custom-designed to enroll the customer push notification solution based on the company’s requirements.

    Our robust customer push notification solution drives a huge impact on marketing strategies, aiding to improve customer retention.

    Customers are provided with regular push notifications for product updates, rewards, loyalty points, and referrals. It helps in delivering the information in a fast way, which lets your target customers reach easily to the defined product, leading to increased CTR and conversion rates.

    With NextBee’s scalable and flexible customer push notification solution, real-time updates and news are provided to the end user in the form of actionable notifications.

    Taking Prompt Action Based On Latest Updates

    When relevant information is shown to the customers, the chances of them sticking with you increase. So, when you design push notifications, try to sustain relevance.

    Depending on your application, you can use any type of push notification. However, the main goal is to create an actionable notification for your customers.

    For instance, when you launch a new product, you would want your customers to try it. So, by using clear and innovative content, you can notify your top customers about your newly launched products.

    Most companies design push notifications in a way that attracts customers. You can also add a visual indicator to your application that suggests the audience for new messages or offers.

    Email, push, SMS, and In-app notifications are your best bet to reach customers easily. Whenever there is a new product launch or you want to send loyalty offers, these push notifications can work like a charm to intensify your marketing efforts.

    Nextbee – Customer Engagement Platform

    NextBee’s customer engagement platform drives businesses and customers to connect with one another effortlessly. Building strong relations with customers is the only way to grow as a successful business, so implementing NextBee’s customer engagement software for configuring loyalty rewards and referrals will develop trust, leading to increased sales and more loyal customers.



    Push notification acts as a straight and shortest path of direct communication with the end-users. So, use this as a privilege. Use customer analytics and metrics to create a timely push notification.

    As a marketer, you are at an advantage to send your customers the right media. Use it wisely and ensure high click-through rates by using personalized messages.

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