Reactivating Dormant Customers to Increase Sales
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  • Planning to increase sales by reactivating dormant customers? Here is how enterprise brands reach out.

    Customer retention is one of the best ways to increase sales over time and achieve new business success levels. Why? Because it is five times cheaper to retain existing customers as compared to acquiring new ones.

    But even when you go through all the trouble to acquire customers, some of them become dormant over time.

    So, who are dormant customers?

    When we refer to a customer as dormant, it means that they are not as interested in your brand as they once used to be. In fact, they are drifting away further as time passes by.

    But why do customers slip away when some of the best retention strategies are entirely fool-proof. This can be attributed to multiple reasons, but what’s important to understand is that you need to work proactively in order to win their trust and bring them back to your brand.

    How do you do that? You start small. Lay your plans on the table, create targeted marketing campaigns to activate your dormant customers once again, and reap the benefits in the near future.

    In the following lines, we will take a look at some of the most effective ways to activate your dormant customers and increase sales for your brand.

    Best Ways to Reactivate Your Dormant Customers

    Now, much like different marketing strategies, there are many reactivation strategies at your disposal. It all boils down to which one best fits your business and its customers.

    Here are a few ways that you must take advantage of if you want to activate your dormant customers successfully:

    Reactivating Dormant Customers Through Email:

    It is one of the most popular digital marketing platforms and gives a return of about $38 for every dollar spent.

    That is why it is a preferred tool for many to reactivate their dormant clients. By using a good customer engagement platform, you can quickly get a well-segmented email list based on your subscribers’ activity.

    With this well-defined list, you can set up targeted messaging for your email campaign and start sending them to the dormant customers.

    The idea behind it is to entice people to come back to your brand. Once you analyze which emails generate the best results, do not create new ones, and customize the best-performing ones before sending them to a new list.

    Email Reactivation Case Study

    One of the national retailers wanted to improve their engagement and activate dormant customers. They had a descriptive list of lapsed clients and decided to start working on it.

    Also, they bought the desired customer lifecycle marketing system and infrastructure in order to kickstart their email campaign and received the following results after executing their campaign.

    • They reactivated 3.5 million email addresses
    • Improved client engagement with the brand
    • Received an ROI of 7:1 (Conversions/purchases)
    • Got 61% clicks delivered
    • 36% of users clicked the links in the email
    Reactivating Dormant Customers Through Social Media:

    While email campaigns perform well, there is no guarantee that everyone will read the emails in their inbox. So why restrict yourself to just one strategy.

    Explore new customer lifecycle marketing best practices and target more dormant customers through social media platforms. But even this strategy comes with a challenge.

    What’s that? You don’t want your loyal customers to see these messages, and thus you need to find a way to hide them from the regular visitors.

    But there is a solution. For example, you can use the custom audiences feature on Facebook to target the right people from your Facebook Ads Manager.

    Reactivating Dormant Customers Through Customer Loyalty Programs

    Prevention is better than cure for sure, and it is best if you never let your customers go dormant. Well, loyalty programs can help you get over this hurdle in more than just a single way.

    Your customer loyalty programs and reactivation strategies can go hand in hand, and when executed effectively, you will be encouraging a lot more people to purchase from your brand.

    And once there are enough customer loyalty rewards, they might not become inactive after all if they stick around.

    Additionally, you can leverage your loyalty programs to generate additional leads and attract new customers.

    Customer Empowerment Case Study

    The coffee giant Starbucks has always been at the forefront of innovation with its marketing campaigns, and they did the same with their customer retention.

    One of the best moves they ever made in this direction was introducing the ‘Mobile Order and Pay’ feature in their app. This was an exciting initiative to empower the customers with convenience who could order their drinks beforehand and arrive at the shop to pick them up.

    Their customers loved this small addition as it saved them a lot of time and allowed them to beat the rush hours with convenience.

    All Starbucks did was make their product accessible in an effortless manner. They identified their customers’’ pain points and created the tool to empower them.

    Finding the Right Solution to Start a Reactivation Campaign to Increase Sales

    While it all looks convenient and easy on the surface, a lot of hard work goes into creating an effective customer reactivation campaign. In order to bring dormant customers back to increase sales, you need every edge possible.

    Start by streamlining your data using a reliable turnkey solution. NextBee’s robust customer engagement platform allows you to combine data from your CRM, POS, and Marketing Automation solution into a single dashboard.

    You can generate tailored reports based on the metrics you want and choose which method you initially want to go.

    Whether you choose email marketing, social media, a loyalty program, or a combination of multiple platforms, you will need software to organize it all.

    Over to You

    Now that you have a clear idea about getting started, you can implement the strategy that works best for you.

    Get in touch with NextBee’s expert team to get suggestions about ROI projections and how our platform can help you get 5X more referrals, increase conversions by 25%, and get a massive boost of 150% in your social engagement.

    To know more, book a free consultation today!

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