Offer Memorable Shopping Experience: Big Brands Edition
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  • Delivering an outstanding shopping experience is the key to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. Without happy customers, it is impossible to have brand advocates and have positive word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.

    Never underestimate the power that customers have. They can make or break a brand by sharing their experiences online.

    Apart from that, they have many options to choose from with enough content to educate themselves before making a purchase decision.

    So, in a nutshell, the benefits of delivering a remarkable shopping experience to customers are the best way to encourage customer engagement and improve consumer brand loyalty in the near future.

    Best Ways to Offer a Memorable Shopping Experience

    Are you wondering how you can stand this test of time and deliver outstanding customer experiences day-in and day-out? Then leave your worries aside and follow the points below.

    1. Work on Creating Wow Moments:

    Leaving your customers in awe by going above and beyond their expectations is never easy. However, if you can do that, then the long-benefits will be yours to reap.

    Go the extra mile to create some ‘wow’ moments for your customers and motivate them to ignore the competitors when purchasing your products.

    It can be as simple as delivering outstanding customer service after purchasing or sorting our customer concerns swiftly and with kindness. Deliver enough ‘wow’ moments, and the customers will stick around for sure.

    How THE PIG Made it Happen (Case Study)

    THE PIG, a kitchen garden hotel, wanted to improve the experience for its online customers. They analyzed their customers’’ journey through data and found out what path most of them followed before making a booking.

    This research was then utilized to improve the booking process and formulate a strategy that could improve the customer experience, both online and on-site.

    They created a customized booking system that successfully allowed them to manage five different locations easily.

    They also made sure that they sent the right messages to their customers at all times. As a result, they increased their business by 250% and generated a positive ROI of 319% through PPC and 965% ROI through organic search. And with regular engagement through email, they increased their ROI by 1,943%.

    1. Stimulate Positive Experiences with Customer Engagement:

    What is the brand association? It is an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. The more you keep things positive, the better relationship you will have with your customers.

    Your customers like it when you appreciate them and share regular updates about your brand’s offerings based on their interests.

    Keep working on maintaining that emotional connection and improve your bottom line drastically.

    Doing it the Thomas Cook Way (Case Study)

    When Thomas Cook wanted to create more lasting relationships with their target audience, they spent more time understanding buyer journeys and regularly engaging their customers.

    In order to do that, they launched a very well-targeted lead generation program. They conducted smart surveys to know their customers’’ buying intentions in the future.

    This insight into their plans helped them in delivering personalized messages to users based on their interests and plans. The messages redirected the customers to their booking page to make the booking.

    As a result of this smart campaign, they collected over 15,000 leads, increased engagement by 30% using email marketing, and achieved an outstanding ROI of 7.5:1 during a single quarter.

    1. Work Proactively on Identifying Customer Needs:

    When you use a robust customer engagement platform that pulls up all relevant customer information from different sources like CRM, POS, and more, into an optimized interface, it saves you the trouble of going through multiple data points.

    Improve your data game and understand your customers’ journey in a better manner. Not only does it help you in working proactively on delivering new deals to your customers, but it also helps you in identifying any potential issues so that you can stop them in their tracks.

    While you are at it, follow on customer feedback regularly to improve customer experience throughout their buying journey.

    1. Always Respond to Customers’ Messages and Feedback Personally:

    Yes, almost every company says, ‘Your feedback is important to us.’. But it would be best if you meant it and put the statement into action.

    Customers should not feel that their feedback fell on deaf ears. Respond to your customers’ comments as soon as possible and offer them solutions personally.

    Automated responses can be an excellent first point of contact, but beyond that, it is better to help a good team as work to take care of customer issues.

    You can also put a monitoring system in place to see what goes on during feedback interactions and consistently make efforts to improve the processes.

    Build a Vibrant Community of Users and Deliver Outstanding Experiences Every Day

    While it seems easier said than done, NextBee offers your team a chance to have the ultimate customer relationship management toolbox in their reach.

    You can leverage the platform’s 360-degree approach and robust analytics features to retain existing customers by delivering fantastic shopping experiences.

    Higher customer satisfaction levels would resonate with more positive word-of-mouth reviews and thus help you acquire new customers regularly.

    Additionally, your customers’ lifetime value with the brand, streamline onboarding & training activities and foster personalized communication with your clients easily.


    When you have a clear idea about different touchpoints in your buyers’ journey and listen to customer feedback regularly, you make immense progress in delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction regularly.

    As the customers develop a sentimental value for your brand, they keep endorsing it further to their friends and family.

    Get on the experience and engagement bandwagon today and help your business ascend to the next level.

    To know more about getting started, get in touch with our team of experts over a free consultation today.

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