NextBee’s Best Online Event Engagement Platform Boosts User Check-In
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  • Online event engagement platforms have been gaining importance recently. But why?

    In the business market, we all understand what is the value behind face-to-face interactions. But, with clients and associates being all over the world, the need to have online events as part of the event program has become necessary. With that comes a different type of problem- increasing user check-ins.

    So, how do you convert conferences, meetings, or new product launch sessions into virtual events?

    Once you have successfully managed to create an online event; how do you urge the visitors to gather and engage throughout the event?

    Online event hosting is the same as an on-site event, but with some additional challenges. The event coordinators need to host the event in the same way they plan on preparing for an in-person event. It requires some attention and the same goals.

    Over 93% of marketing planners are about to invest more of their time and effort into virtual events.

    The common thing that drives higher user check-in for both kind of events is the need to promote the brand, engaging the participants, and making the event remarkable for all.

    2020 has already brought so many changes in our lives. Where the year has significantly given rise and shown the value of having a virtual platform to introduce your brand is effective.

    Stats shows over 55% of marketers believe customer retention, relation, and education are the main elements of the virtual event.

    Online event promotion is evidently easy for well-established brands. Regardless of their mission behind the event, they do not have to put intense efforts to bring the customers. The real challenge here is – to make them stay engaged.

    Reasons behind Hosting Virtual Events
    • Cost-effective to produce
    • Can accommodate essential people without much hassle
    • Connect the world at a single platform
    • Constructing highly-focused and engaged conversation
    • Creation of massive data and insights for new marketing techniques
    • Capability to bring keynote speakers to channelize the brand
    • Consummate level of scalability and flexibility
    How Exclusive Offers and Points Boost User Check-In to Online Events?

    The crucial component of virtual events is user experience. Presenting your event story in an inspiring way will help gain a huge level of engagement. The event is all about making things easy for normal users. Thus, while briefing your attendees on the agenda behind the event, you need to make it innovative and user-friendly.

    However, the real dilemma here is how to gather people to attend the event. Well, it all works the same as in-person, but with a more critical approach. We have hashed some points that show how NextBee’s best online event engagement platform can make online event participation easy way for you.


    Product Awareness

    Vibrant and stimulating communication is the right path to building a steady phase of success. By using NextBee’s event marketing software, you can interact with potential attendees over different channels.

    Planning an event to encourage your audience to sneak peek into your product/service is a smart way. But, if your attendees aren’t fully aware of your event and what benefit they might have, you won’t be able to have successful event participation.

    Incentivize the attendees to participate and become brand advocates later. This small step will boost event check-ins and will certainly make the event a remarkable one for the brand.


    Theme–Based Event

    Creativity can help you to do more than just create and publicize an event. Creating a theme-based event can give your event a unique identity, which sparks communication and, at the same time, make them feel stimulated for joining the event. You can also add participation rewards to gather more people.

    Themes attract more people than a plain text draft. Thus, using NextBee’s user-interactive best online event engagement platform for dynamic and visual theme creation will help deliver the message right to the audience and attract them to check in for an online event.

    Moreover, using the best online event engagement platform is a sound way to create a theme-based online event. Craft a corporate plan in a way that interacts with all the essentials and incorporates the message behind marketing the online event.


    Robust Application

    An event marketing marketing software as a mobile application can help your users to participate easily. Moreover, if you add referral points, you can get more and more users to visit your event. When individuals are provided with a go-to platform to learn and earn, they refer.

    So, if you configure a referral program with the application, where customers for each referred visitor get the point, it will help the customers to refer more and more people, which will make your event a success.

    To have a remarkable event, you need to have a robust application, which will be easy for users to access. Moreover, it can also help you to gather all the customer data and insights.

    Gather Feedback

    By using polling, you can easily gather feedback from your attendees without causing much of a hassle for them to participate. Create polls based on the event or any particulars from the event you want insights from.

    The participants can vote based on their views, which will help you in understanding how well the event was. Moreover, you can also create a poll for event check-in. This will be much easier for the audience to participate in the show and gather insights.

    You can add badges based on the total number of polls answered. Dividing your polls into levels will make your participants intrigued to participate. You have several ways to gamify the polling techniques by using the NextBee module and attracting more participants.


    How Increased Traffic Helps In The Success Of The Online Event?

    Increased footfall can help you to gain the best of several opportunities. By displaying clear and smart product branding techniques, your participants can gather all the necessary services.

    Businesses have strongly pivoted to the virtual event momentum. It helps them to build more engagement through a reliable medium at comprehensive pricing. The top online event engagement platforms provide attendees with the necessary information and make sure to keep them engaged throughout.

    Increasing user check-in or bringing people to online events is a powerful way to thrive your brand. So, invest in the right assets and tap into endless possibilities of virtual events. To more about the best online event engagement platform, contact us now.

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