Increase Off-Season Sales With Point-Rule Strategy Based On Time Of Purchase
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  • Increasing off-season sales is a dream for every business. No matter how well the annual quarter sales have been, somehow, every business suffers through slow sales at some point; especially during off-season. They introduce various sales and offers to bring in more customers, but they seldom work.

    The slow season can vary among industries – when less traffic is observed, leading to fewer sales. Being in the business, you are highly aware of the predicaments of the slow season. This is the reason you try to jam-pack your annual sales quarter beforehand.

    After a peak season, you are likely to be filled with the slow season. Of course, there is not much you can control during slow-season – a presumption that most marketers have.

    By being proactive with your marketing efforts, you can convince your loyal customers to stay put with the sales.

    But how can it be done?

    Firstly, there is no reason for you to sit hand-in-hand with previous quarter sales. Your current customers are your biggest capital. So, invest in them by offering smart incentives and rewards.

    Customers like to be pampered with eye-striking opportunities. Therefore, make discounts, sales, rewards, cashbacks, and contests with your marketing friend.

    Why is it Important to work on Off-Season Marketing Strategy?

    You might have had a huge profit in the peak season, but it doesn’t mean that you hand over your customers to your competition just because it is off-season.

    While you are enjoying the benefits from the previous season, your competition is making seasonal business strategies to acquire customers by offering them exclusive benefits.

    Thus, you need to think a step ahead to retain your customers. When customers are provided with elite deals, they’ll shop. Utilize your marketing efforts correctly and out-perform sales.

    Seasonal Marketing Tips to Increase Sales During The Off-Season

    If your business wants to earn profits in the off-season, then try these marketing techniques:

    • Offer off-season exclusives
    • Try upsell and cross-sell
    • Use early special promotions
    • Start contest and giveaways
    • Focus on customer referrals
    • Work on your social buzz
    • Target the demographics with special offers
    How can Point Rule Based on Time of Purchase Increase Sales During Off-Season?

    Companies need uniqueness to drive customer attention. And, NextBee has innovative ways to attract customers. NextBee’s point rule module and sale incentive program provides you with extended flexibility to mold the program according to your changing business needs. To boost sales in the off-season, you can use the point rule system and can:

    Add Reward Values

    Using reward programs like “buy beauty products worth 1000 and get a mascara worth 399 free” will really help to thrive in your sales. This will make your customers buy products that they weren’t even planning to buy earlier to grab the free product opportunity.

    Several businesses, be it retail, e-commerce, or hospitality, are using this strategy to attract the customers by giving them loyalty points for every product they purchase. The customer reward program will provide you with a high edge platform from your competition.

    NextBee’s reward module can configure a point-based program to add loyalty rewards for the purchase. Moreover, rewards are lucrative ways for brand marketing and new customer acquisition.

    Add Discount/Sales Offers

    Offering discounts or putting down sales for a certain amount of time will attract customers. Several restaurants have used this mechanism like “lunch discount offer – Buy a meal for two and get a kids meal with 30% off.” Sometimes, discount sales can rush to your business like you haven’t even seen in the peak season.

    Discount and sales are probably two things that attract every customer. In the off-season, these two words are your biggest partners to increase sales. However, it inherits complement management control.

    When we add points to the discounts and sales, you need to have full control. In order to gain maximum sales, you have to limit the expenses by setting maximum points to the per user for maximum sales purchased at a particular time duration.

    Add Seasonal Holiday Packages

    “This Halloween gets your kids dressed as a Marvel Hero” – is a simple tagline that can be used to sell the marvel hero outfits. You can offer bonus points to the customers for every purchase they make in the holiday season.

    With the NextBee bonus module, you have the complete credibility to configure the bonus point. To sell a specific product, use a seasonal marketing strategy to attract your customers to buy products and gain points.

    Using holiday seasons to up your game is the most lucrative marketing strategy. Several e-commerce stores have applied it and have gained more profit. Remind the customers what a holiday season is bringing.

    Add Personalized Offers

    “Thanks for being our valued customer for so long, we have exclusive discount offers for you.” This is just an example to show that you value your customers.

    Offering them with personalized gifts, giveaways, coupons, or discounts on a particular product purchase will make them hit the buy button in a jiffy. With NextBee, you can customize the reward points for the purchase to elevate the sales.

    Go through their purchase history to see what products they like the most. The best way to attract off-season customers is by adding products that perfectly complement the occasion. It puts a huge impact on customer behavior and increases your sales during the slow season.

    How NextBee’s helps to Analyze the Rules as well as Reward the Customers?

    With NextBee‘s AI-driven module, you can set the rules and policies for your loyalty reward campaigns to help the customers understand what they are participating in.

    Artificial Intelligence helps you to understand customer behavior. So, based on that, you can reinvent your products and marketing efforts. It will be easy for you to target customers’ right set based on the particular incentive program.


    When you begin to re-evaluate your marketing possibilities, you see you are in the river of opportunities. So, instead of sinking, try to swim your way through the corner.

    Brainstorm over the strategies mentioned above and see how you see a massive hit in the sales. Create an effective marketing plan before the off-season strikes and win your customers with alluring rewards and incentives.

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