Boost Conversion Rate by 5x with Instant Win Contests and Sweepstakes
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  • Revenue is the prime goal of every business, and customers are the source of the revenue.

    Over 80% of companies today use contests to build brand awareness.

    Contests play an imperative role for product reach out to potential customers. So, when you plan on creating a contest, other than reach, your goal is to get maximum conversions. And this is how the success of a contest is measured.

    If you have ever targeted your audience for a contest, you have observed that not everyone has been optimum for it. The reality is that sometimes people will enter the competition, and sometimes they will drop off the radar.

    Moreover, you will also observe that sometimes your contests will show enough potential and sometimes just the opposite.

    A contest promotion management platform can help you gain maximum conversion with sweepstakes and instant win contests.

    How Sweepstakes and Contests increase customer participation?

    When consumers hear free stuff or easy wins, they are inclined to participate more. More the participants, the more is the product reach. As a result, aiding to impel business growth.

    • Contests build perseverance among consumers
    • Sweepstakes boosts customer engagement
    • Customers are enticed with instant wins
    • People participate more for free or discounted products and services
    Why Are Contests and Sweepstakes Effective?

    Sweepstakes and contests are a sound way to promote your brand. If we talk about the consumer-based market, then all they look for is additional benefits. By providing them with contests and sweepstakes, you can increase sales.

    Mobile contests five times increase customer participation. Five ways the contests can put a positive impact on your bottom line:

    1. Increase brand awareness
    2. Promote new products and services
    3. Attract more customers
    4. Convert visitors to buyers
    5. Thrive customer referrals
    How Instant Wins Contests and Sweepstakes can Boost Conversion Rate?

    Complications drive away from the traffic. So, the easier your contest is, the more participants you get. Consumers don’t want to jump through hoops to win a product or service.

    Promotion Mechanics

    You can use multi-entry customer promotional tiers, where the maximum number of people can participate and win. Moreover, it is a smart marketing strategy. In multi-entry, you have less frequency of unique visitors, the chances several people will participate more than twice.

    Promotional mechanics directly generate more output, resulting in more committed people visiting the website. However, in order to gain maximum conversions, you have to use a bonus entry program, so the customer and referral both can earn gifts and conversions.

    Increase Website Traffic

    By setting the right location and demographics for your online contest, you can see a massive run through the website traffic. By using referral marketing and social shares, your existing customers drive potential buyers to the contest.

    NextBee program lets you provide commission and rewards for new customer conversion through referrals or sharing the giveaways.

    Grow Your Email List

    Online contests and sweepstakes are the easiest way to grow your email list. NextBee sweepstake software helps build the instant win contest that requires sign up, asking for the email address for newsletters and other promotional products.

    In this way, customers get free wins, and you get their email addresses, which can be used for email marketing strategy. This instant win contest is a lucrative way to create an email list of potential clients.

    Boost Your Social Media Followers

    Social media marketing is one of the effective ways to attract new customers. Thus, running a contest over social media has far more chances to succeed than using it for email marketing.

    Target the potential buyers for free entries and bonuses in exchange for becoming the brand advocates of referring your product to their peers. Target social media influencers to receive better outcomes and increase conversion rates.

    Reward Diversification to Increase Conversions

    Offering rewards to your customers is one of the best ways to multiply the entries. But, you have to be extra cautious with this, as it might have adverse effects as well.

    You need to target those demographics that show committed results or have participated or purchased from your brand earlier. People you can trust need to be bankable candidates, otherwise, all your efforts will go in wane.

    Start Contests and Sweepstakes with NextBee

    The custom-made program module by NextBee helps in easily creating viral instant win contests and sweepstake marketing campaigns. The avant-garde features help you to:

    • Get additional participants through referrals
    • Configure the number of customer entries
    • Maintain the frequency of winners
    • Host the contests from your social media page
    • Appropriately set up and monitor the contest campaign


    Before you start your campaign, you need to have a specific goal. Beginning with a clear objective will help you establish a perfect strategy. So, before stepping to your goal, you need to be clear with:

    • How can you grow your subscribers’ list?
    • How can you increase followers and subscribers on social media?
    • What are various ways to generate sales through your incentives?
    • What is going to be your ideal contest strategy?

    Once you are clear with your goals, you can check for the NextBee’s dashboard’s insights and market the perfect performance strategy. Great prizes call for a plethora of participants. So, strategizing bonuses and rewards is the perfect route to successful contests and sweepstakes.

    A good price generation will help in boosting your conversion rates five times.

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