Implement a Winning Social Promotion Strategy for a New Product Launch
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  • The most hectic time in the run-up to a brand-new product launch is the one when you finalize which strategy to follow.

    The whole idea behind the event is simple, to create social promotions that can generate intrigue about the product based on its new features.

    And one of the most daunting tasks in this entire process is spreading the word across the target audience quickly and effectively.

    You will often find yourself butting heads in a corner to overcome this challenge. Understanding what the consumers expect from the product and offering something compelling during a social promotion to grab their attention is something you want.

    It is here that using social media for product launches comes into the picture.

    So, how does it work? You don’t have thousands of visitors on your website, but you can present your product to tens of thousands of members of your target audience even then.

    Is there any other medium that can offer such outstanding results? It isn’t very likely. Remember, nearly 3 billion people use social media platforms worldwide, and it is one of the most remarkable ways to maximize your product launch results.

    Despite being aware of social media’s power, many businesses tend to consider social media marketing as an afterthought. But if we are honest, then they are missing out on a potentially life-changing opportunity.

    Importance of Social Promotion

    Let us take a look at a few benefits that social promotions have to offer:

    1. Allows you to create hype about the product:

    We often work on teasers to generate hype about the product. There is no better way to build that hype from the ground up than social media platforms.

    It is fast, economical, and generates enough hype about your product before the launch. Moreover, you can use social channels to provide a glimpse of the product, spark curiosity, provide a few details, and create shareable content.

    1. Allows you to target a specific user base:

    Nothing can beat social media channels in terms of targeted marketing campaigns. This single feature makes these platforms a powerful asset for marketers.

    Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the two most enticing avenues where a brand can easily reach out to customers. The platforms themselves give you the ability to reach out to users based on demographics and segmentation.

    1. Enables you to engage and converse with your users:

    Social media has also come a long way in the past few years. From serving as a one-to-many mode of marketing to an altogether different world where brands can start conversations with their followers and engage them through various activities.

    And smart marketers leverage these platforms a level higher. They use them to build lasting relationships with their customers and use customer engagement to generate more user-generated content.

    Let’s See What the Experts are Doing
    Canva launched on iPhone:

    In 2016, Canva released a new version called Canva for iPhone. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on promotional campaigns, they announced on social media.

    Surprisingly, they received over 250 comments and thousands of likes on Facebook alone. And what did they do? Their team personally addressed all the questions, comments, complaints, feedback, and compliments in the comments section.

    As their product launch post gained more traction, new conversations started taking place on the post itself. It allowed them to engage with the most active users and, in the process, created a loyal fan base for their product.

    Care by CarMax:

    When CarMax launched two new stores in Massachusetts and Boston, they decided to do something unique for promotion.

    They used social media to see what issues locals were facing during the holiday season; tied up with a non-profit organization called ‘Cradles to Crayons’ to provide essentials to low-income group children in Massachusetts; also, set up a tree display to allow customer contributions. The customers used iPads to select a gift they wanted to give to a child during the upcoming winter seasons.

    Consequently, the users shared their donations across social media platforms, and the brand received around 8 million impressions, 683000+ video views, and approximately 425 engagements for their campaign.

    Bring it Full Circle with a Customer Engagement Platform

    So, the world is leveraging the power- of social media platforms. What’s keeping you from doing the same?

    Is it the amount of effort needed, or do you lack the technological tools to do so? No matter what the case, we have your back.

    You can use NextBee’s engagement software to streamline your social media engagement strategies in a few easy steps.

    Get the 360-degree approach to engagement in the form of a simple solution and integrate NextBee’s platform with different software in your technology stack.

    Create vibrant online communities to engage more users, retain old customers, onboard new ones, and increase their lifetime value with the brand, all using NextBee’s out-of-the-box, robust solution.


    If you are also in the middle of launching a new product, it is time to put social media platforms as the number one priority. Be creative and find ways to execute those innovative ideas in the realms of social promotions.

    Top it all off with an excellent engagement platform from NextBee that can help you develop new ideas to engage existing customers and grab new ones’ attention.

    Like NextBee’s engagement platform, focus on quality over quantity and consistently produce results with the help of accurate data.

    We wish you a successful product launch. To know more about how you can easily manage your social promotions, get in touch with our experts over a free consultation today.


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