6 Ways to Minimize Attrition Rate of Call Center Employees
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  • When attrition rates increase, it is seen that organizations suffer hard on the wallet. Firstly, they need to hire and train new employees, which takes over half of their time and effort. Secondly, it hampers the reputation of an organization.

    The annual expenses of staff training puts all the efforts in veins, which is why companies look forward to employee retention.

    However, preserving quality customer service turns out to be extremely challenging for call centers today.

    With over 30% to 35% of employee attrition rate, the call centers are turning out to become a mess.

    Employees help you to climb the ladder of success. So, if your enterprise faces high attrition rates, you need to go through your protocols to see what the fallback is and how it can be resolved.

    How The Attrition Rate Hampers Company Growth?

    The direct and indirect impact of the attrition rate can hinder the organization’s bottom line and morale. Employees leaving the company is a loss to the business and the team. The workforce is the pillar of any institution, so their departure due to any reason can slow down the overall performance of the company.

    Employee retention is a tough business, and when there is an increase in turnover, it can easily jeopardize organizational ventures.

    Some of the listed disadvantages of increased attrition rate are:

    • Trouble in task management
    • Decreased overall performance
    • Hassle of employee training
    • Puts a negative impact
    • Obstructs with personnel development
    • Excessive workload on the present task force
    • Reduction in business revenue
    6 Ways to Minimize Attrition Rate of Call Center Employees

    Excessive churn rates have a drastic impact on business performance and credibility, and call centers are no different from that.

    It is virtually impossible to curtail the attrition rate, but there are some areas you need to focus on that can help in sticking the employees for a longer duration.

    Creating Productive Company Environment

    The company’s environment is the biggest reason for employees to stay or walk away. The company culture involves how employees communicate, the staff is being treated, rules within the organization, and their work-life balance.

    • Good employees also focus on the way they are being trained. If they think the company is offering them value, they tend to work there for a longer duration.
    • Build a workplace by promoting a productive work culture where candidates will love to work.
    • Look for career development and abject in transparent feedback to see what better can be done to build a constructive workplace.
    Improving Overall Skills

    The attrition rate puts the organization on a pedestal to understand what is going wrong. With increased employee turnover, companies project their ways to keep their employees thoroughly motivated, so they stick.

    If you believe that encouragement can help in success, then performance development is the key motivator.

    So, why not motivate the task force to improve skills? When employees see that they have new things to learn every day, they will want to work with you.

    Thus, you need to look for ways that can help in the development of the overall skills, which will help with the growth of your business and will aid in employee’s professional development. Using multi-tasking with the right development tools will lead them to the road of efficiency, enhancing their skills and motivating them to be better.

    Perpetuate Feedback System

    Though there are several issues circulating among call centers, one is the most common among every business niche – the desperation to be heard.

    Employees have trouble with the way companies work, all they want is to address the policies that are not working for them. But, several companies fail to acknowledge the personnel point of view. The same is happening with call center agents.

    For employee retention, it is important to listen to their objectives. Getting involved in cross-functional feedback will help them address their opinions, which will help them work more productively and help organizations contribute to a healthy work culture.

    Feedbacks allow in handling the ongoing challenges and understanding employee behavior.

    Invest in Right Tools

    When employees are provided with the right tools to work like the latest software, good team leaders, and effective processes, they feel motivated to work. One of the biggest reasons that lead employees to step out is outdated technologies and insignificant leaders.

    A smooth structure lets your workforce integrate productivity, leading them to perform competently well in their jobs. As a result, a better team and increased revenue.

    Factors like communication glitches and lack of coordination within the departments or management are the major barriers. This stresses out the staff by not letting them perform to the best of their abilities.

    As a result, several call center agents find it hard to work, leading them to stay severed or leave the organization.

    Acknowledging Performance with Rewards

    Constrictive appreciation encourages a positive workforce. When you appreciate the employees for their work, they tend to perform better. So, instead of just focusing on their bad outcomes, pay attention to the good results they are bringing to the table.

    Fostering a culture of positivity within the workforce will increase the bottom line, boosting the confidence of the entire task force.

    You can reward them for bringing good value within the organization, like by adding bonuses or coupons. You can also offer non-financial rewards like shorter work hours or day offs. Make sure whatever you provide them should help in increasing their performance.

    Engage with Employees

    Potential employees need smart leaders. So, if you have a talented workforce, you have to engage with them to make them learn more. The investment in the learning and training process will prove to be a huge capital for your business.

    • Give and ask for feedback regarding their performance.
    • Help them out when they fall short at a particular task.
    • Make them skill oriented to perform better.

    Engaging with your staff will keep them on their feet, as they will know that you are continuously monitoring them, which will make them work to the best of their capabilities.

    A great leader knows how to make the team accomplish even difficult tasks. Thus, hire a team leader that will motivate your staff to work better every day,

    How Nextbee Will Help In Reducing Employee Attrition Rate?

    With NextBee’s employee recognition software, you can minimize the attrition rate. The software provides you with performance insights, which will help you recognize their efforts, hence, rewarding them for better performance.

    And, for the agents falling behind, you can start with the training process, which will motivate them to work in a much better way.


    Call center agents are more than just answering phone calls. They are your one straight roadway to understand customer behavior. With their wealth of skills, expertise, and experience, you can take their help in creating unique marketing strategies.

    Empower yourself for bringing a better approach and ideas, which will help to improve employee retention.

    The above-mentioned ways can help in elevating the retention, but eradicating the turnover rate entirely is impossible. You can strategize the way you operate and deliver to your employees so they would want to stay longer in a constructive workplace to learn more.

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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