5 Key Methods to Keep Channel Partners Motivated with NextBee’s Reward Options
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  • For every organization, the channel partners serve as an integral entity, as on a daily basis, they represent your brand to the clients by presenting them with products.

    But do you make efforts to motivate them?

    In order to accelerate sales, you need channel partners at your end, as they will provide you with the prolific opportunity. Several companies have observed that only 20% of the channel partners are accelerating the sales.

    So, what does 80% do?

    They surely put in the efforts to amp up the sales, but their pitch rarely convinces the target audience. Most of the time, they are unable to activate their marketing strategy.

    What can be done to make the other 80% to amass sales?

    Incentivize them for their performance and sales accumulation.

    The task of converting the 80% of channel partners to an effective brand entity requires understanding their needs and requirements. The faster you are able to fathom their behavioral instincts, the faster you can motivate them to the right route for sales generation.

    Need to Motivate Channel Partners

    Industrial tycoons have experienced motivation that leads to better performance. When you acknowledge the efforts of your channel partners, they feel valued, resulting in increased productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction. You can do this by:

    • Building a strong relationship
    • Understanding their needs
    • Creating joint ventures
    • Implementing knowledge sharing
    • Incorporating channel partner training
    5 Key Methods to Keep Channel Partners Motivated with NextBee’s Varied Reward Options

    Metrics gain competition when used correctly. You need to create a sales target that will encourage your partners to pitch in their best efforts. By using leaderboards, you can see how they are performing.

    Competitive and interesting programs stimulate the energy for winning, which you can capitalize on by having increased sales, new customer acquisition, and customer retention.

    Leaderboards propel energy that keeps the partners engaged and motivated to work hard and meet their goals, and as a result, they get rewards for maximum sales achieved. This works better for both – the company and the partners.

    Incentive Program

    The work incentives drive productivity among your staff and customers. Why not configure the right incentive programs for your channel partners to keep them motivated.

    A well-executed incentive program can drive the channels to run efficiently. Moreover, it encourages the partners to perform vigorously and strengthen the channel network. The aim to reinvigorate the channel team is enough for creating incentives.

    Use NextBee’s incentive program by using gamification to set the sales target that will stimulate healthy competition among the partners and will help them to channel the sales.


    NextBee’s knowledge-sharing platform helps in strengthening communication among the channel partners. By using chat rooms or video conferencing, you can discuss your ventures that will help the partners to create effective strategies.

    The interaction will make you understand their needs, so based on that, you can easily conduct reward programs that will keep them highly motivated. It will entail in helping them out, driving motivation, and leading them to work more productively.

    Communication is one of the best sources to excel in the business network, as it drives awareness and keeps the users engaged. By using an online platform, you can reinforce discussions, which will help in tracking their performance.

    Reward Hard Work

    Your channel partner goes above and beyond to meet the sales, so it is important for you to reward their hard work. Recognition and rewards are the best way to show them their efforts are being acknowledged.

    Pitching programs to reward the distributors for completing sales targets; it will help them to stay encouraged in performing better and will let them move forward. You need to ensure that the reward programs should promote healthy competition.

    You can reward the top sales force for their efforts; this step will motivate other personnel to work more efficiently in order to achieve their target goals. It will not only help the distributors to become efficient but will also help your business to grow.


    If your partners aren’t familiar with the product, they won’t be able to sell it. Thus, it is important for you to educate them regarding the product, so they can easily convince the buyers.

    The essential thing is transparency. If you are transparent with the distributors, they will feel motivated. Moreover, channel training emphasizes a strong relationship between the organization and distributors.

    The training should entail the product specification, like how it works, what are the unique features, and how customers can benefit from it. These three things will help them to pitch an effective marketing strategy to motivate the target customers.

    How NextBee Helps With Partner Program?

    NextBee helps you to configure reward programs that will encourage your channel partners to work productively and drive competence. The partner program helps in driving:

    • Engagement among channel partners
    • Faster partner onboarding
    • Multi-tiered reward programs
    • Integrate third-party software
    • Performance tracking via leaderboard


    Your channel partners need continuous support while dealing with everyday activities. As they are not directly aligned with your company, so they are pretty much unaware of what is going on in terms of your marketing needs.

    It is essential for you to support them on the marketing materials, statistics of sales made, and samples of your products. The details will help them to create an effective pitch to the potential buyers.

    Therefore, the best support your partners can accumulate is your time and acknowledgment, which will help them to ensure that they are on the right path.

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