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  • If you think onboarding channel partners is an easy process, either you have mastered the right strategy or have no clue what you are doing.

    It is actually not an easy task. But, one truth that no one can deny is your success also lies in your partners’ success. So, having rapid and active onboarding of partners indicates that you are in for long-term success.

    Moreover, quick and successful onboarding means increased ROI, greater revenue, and higher retention. Thus, with NextBee’s engagement module’s help, you can aid in resourceful and faster channel partner onboarding.

    However, as a vendor, you cannot dole everything on your channel partners. You have to be present to ensure that every technical investment made is promising and worked up to its full potential.

    What is the importance of having a channel partner?

    Growth is a consistent phenomenon. For organizations, growth doesn’t only depend on the number of products produced. It concludes employee engagement, customer acquisition, customer retention, products manufactured, and value-added services provided.

    As the corporate sector has evolved in the past few years, several companies have made customer and employee engagement as their top priority. Where organizations have diverted their focus to making customers and employees happy, they have seen 80% growth in their business.

    However, in the midst of employees and customers, company owners forget to acknowledge their channel partners. As most of them have given extended benefits to shining ones, they sometimes take others for granted.

    It is important for organizations to understand that the channel partners are subjected to the same emotions as your employees and customers. Treating them equally and better will only help in generating more revenue. Keeping them low on the priority cannot be a winning strategy of any wise business.

    Organizations need to cultivate a culture of partner engagement as well. This will help to get emotionally engaged, leading them to take a dynamic interest in the business culture.

    A detached channel partner will hardly build any engagement around your company. Though they will meet the monthly “deadlines,” they will lack in delivering effective results. So, as an organization, your goal for the engagement should be the same as your customers and employees. And, NextBee’s smart engagement module can aid in assisting in the development of an engaged channel partner.

    Why does the onboarding channel partner program need to be your priority?

    To build the right channel partner program, you need to have the right channel partners. And the ideal way to get the right partner for your business is to first have a clear idea of the type of partner that will fit right with your company’s needs.

    However, there is no one ideal partner for the profile. To create the program, you need to gather all the necessary information from all the channel partners. NextBee provides you with Symbio – a customized engagement module that helps in faster partner onboarding, user-friendly, quick to use, and turn-key solutions.

    The engagement module helps you with the following:

    • Stating a value proposition
    • Building a customer-centric sales cycle
    • Targeting the competition
    • Defining the types of channel partners
    • Finding the inspiration tools and elements
    • Creating programmatic foundations

    A program not only helps you with partner engagement but also helps in having a partner communication strategy that source success. The Channel partners program provides partners with all the essential tools and resources which is required for brand marketing.

    What components should be in channel partner engagement?

    As you have decided to get through your sales by an intermediary source i.e., a channel partner, you need to understand your channel ecosystem. To accomplish high sales, you collaborate with agents, distributors, vendors, sellers, and even resellers – all of them constitute a mixed network environment. So, you need to see how all of them are allied and integrated.

    Whether your ecosystem is synchronized or clashes with one another, you know that all of them are an integral part of your company’s output. Thus, keeping them engaged and harmonized should be your priority. Disengagement among the partners grows the root from the seed you planted, so you are the only one to nurture them.

    Building Relationship

    Organizations work on both personal and professional relationships. Therefore, building relations is a strong bond with your channel partners will help you in a long way. When sturdy relations are created, everyone attains some level of gratification.

    But, the relationship shouldn’t be a one-way street. So, to help organizations to channel equal relations and engagement, NextBee has module aids in faster onboarding, providing the partner with commissions, and displaying you real-time insights.

    Structure Responsive Programs

    Go through the various challenges the partners face, based on that, create structured programs that address those challenges. This will help them to channel their needs, which, once resolved, will drive sales to the end customers, generating revenue.

    So, as an organization, you need to focus on providing the relevant materials and tracking the data insights. This will help the channel partners to stay engaged with one another, which will derive the relevant output.

    Consistent Interaction

    A relationship thrives with communication. Brands, in order to reach their desired sales level, need to listen and engage with the channel partners. As they are close to the market, customer, and on-field, exposed to the marketing challenges and competitions, they know what is best.

    Therefore, listening and understanding their thoughts behind the sales cycle can help to counter several challenges and problems. With the engagement modules, brands can ensure collaboration among the partners, which will help them to address and resolve the needed concerns.

    If you work smartly with NextBee‘s engagement module, you can resourcefully and quickly onboard the productive channel partners!

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