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Top Ideas To Enhance Partner Engagement
  • Do you think you need to enhance Partner Engagement? Absolutely it’s important for you to grow. We need to create engagement that stands out and builds partner loyalty as well. As the premier engagement marketing company, we need our workforce to be actively involved and we also need to boost engagement. One of the recurring challenges for all of them that we discuss is partner engagement –in what way it is to be kept running well?. Because, if cultivated and engaged properly, partners can be a strong resource for indirect sales and referrals, and that is why many companies rely on these relationships. 

    It is certain, having a strong partner communication and engagement strategy, and a platform that supports is vital for ensuring the success of all parties. Another consideration is that partners and resellers have multiple suppliers which makes it even more important that the relationship stands out and establishes engagement and builds partner loyalty. 

    Creating true partner engagement means you create a thriving community of employees, partners, contractors, and alumni. All of whom have the trust and relationship to happily drive brand advocacy and engagement for the organization

    Let’s explore some of the best ideas to boost your partner’s engagement-


    Draft your partner community in the loop about events or other items such as product or service updates, job postings and news, this should be accomplished through multiple channels. Also one of the ways is having your engagement platform on a custom app where information is sent directly to their Apple & Android devices. This makes it super simple for your community can share content on all social media channels and even become brand ambassadors. 


    It is better to allow your partner community to easily share your news, events, videos, pictures or any content across all social channels that can yield massive results if you make it easy to do so. When you use branded, one-click messaging you can easily increase following across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! 


    Make it clear that no partner relationship is exactly like another. You need to segment and tailor different challenges based on each community user type. Planning customized activities for your employees, alumni, partners, and contractors makes them feel special and appreciated. 


    Reducing the time it takes between completing the engagement activities you’ve set up like triggers for purchase, generating a referral, sharing kudos, leaving a like or following on social media, etc and obtaining their reward will make partner engagement and activity soar. Utilizing automatic fulfillment is not only easier on your company but creates immediate positive reinforcement for your partners taking the time to interact with your company and boost continued engagement. 


    Creating early notice and access to upcoming events and gatherings where your community can be rewarded for live check-in at your events encourages attendance and unique interaction with your company that makes you stand out from the crowd. 


    Custom-designed contests and sweepstakes can be great for promoting new products/services, team-building, and overall engagement. Including items like dynamic leaderboards which showcase top users and features grand prizes or other interactive gamification components, like daily trivia, will not only supercharge engagement but get your community to know your company inside-and-out. 


    Make a note to frequently re-evaluate the program and see what activities and rewards are working best for your partner network. Moreover, ensure to periodically survey users to check if you are prepared to meet their upcoming wants and needs. Then combine those answers with the data from your system (reward program redemption rates, what activities are engaging them, when they are engaging, etc.) Once you have compiled everything you can tweak triggers and activities; and implement the user suggested rewards all of which build stronger engagement and partner loyalty. 


    Part of the fun can be incorporating user-generated videos, photo galleries, blog posts and other forms of content for your entire partner community to access anywhere they are. But, you can also use the same technology to create engaging training content related personalized for your different member segments. Popular training modules to build in include; compliance, work conduct, product training for partners and contractors, and many others.


    It should be convenient for partners to communicate with your company, leadership, and perhaps even each other. Part of maturing your program is creating ongoing interactions with your partners on a variety of channels, such as email, your website, and even social media. If your platform has been integrated with a mobile app or has had one created then make sure to send your employees in-app messages, nudges, and text messages outlining new activities, kudos, and rewards. 


    When partners are engaged and made to feel appreciated, it is a great way to drive long term loyal relationships and having a well-executed partner engagement program is vital whether you’re a small business or an enterprise-level company. Partner engagement is a proven strategy that works and will help your company grow. As mentioned above, happily engaged partners are much more likely to become your greatest ambassadors and stay with your company longer, which can be a huge ROI for a partner engagement program in and of itself. 

    NextBee creates full engagement programs that create loyalty, generate referrals and grow your brand’s ambassadors. Lets us connect today!