4 Useful Strategies to Activate Inactive Leads
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  • Brands have over 60% chance to sell the product to already established customers that the newly acquired ones.

    Existing customers tend to spend around 30% more than the new ones.

    However, when existing customers stop purchasing the products and responding to marketing ventures, many businesses fall out of pace.

    It’s infuriating when your marketing efforts to retain customers are falling apart. And several companies feel that the inactive users have left them forever, and this is where they abandon them.

    But, why to abandon when you can shuffle new strategies to bring them around. Spending a few dollars more to reactivate the old leads is still the best bid than spending thousands to acquire a new one.

    In fact, acquiring new customers is 10x more expensive than reactivating the resurrected ones.

    Why Onboarding Inactive Leads is Helpful?

    The existing customers are well-equipped with your brand and the products you offer. And, with their purchase history, you can see how beneficial they have been to your business.

    Thus, taking efforts to reactivate them will only help your business to gain profit. Moreover, with their follow-ups, you can also improve your products and marketing efforts, which will directly help in retaining more customers in the future.

    4 Useful Strategies to Onboard Inactive Leads

    Now that we have understood why onboarding inactive customers are beneficial, let’s go through the strategies that will help in reactivating the unresponsive leads:

    Send Triggering Emails

    Communication is the finest route for customer engagement, and this goes without saying.

    But, this doesn’t mean you should start sending users with updated products and spam their emails. These emails should be directed to the users who are stuck using the application or are unable to take necessary steps for account creation. You need to serve as a service desk for your customers.

    When users are unable to understand the application, the chances of them leaving are much higher.

    You might have had users who left your company for the complications with the products or services. So, how to bring them back?

    Use real-time emails with video links that help them to understand how a specific program works and what actions they should take to proceed further. It will help them to use the application, and if they are fascinated with the service, they will rejoin.

    Offer Discounts

    The best way to attract inactive customers back is by offering them discounts on the most purchased products.

    But, you have to be vigilant here. Firstly, you need to track the potential customers that you are certain will come back to buy the product. Any doubts about the discount process will only be a deadly experience for the revenue cycle of your business. With discount coupons, you surely get high CTR, but the main goal here is to net profit.

    Discounts are surely the fast way to attract customers, but they only provide you with short-term results.

    To onboard your former buyers, you can offer a discount to them for the services they have shown bankable interest.

    Thus, to invoke the discount process, you need to go through your purchase insights and look for the customers who have shown tangible results. This is because they already have an intent to collaborate with you, so here your discount step will be worth it.

    Add Value through Content

    Several brands take ‘we miss you’ messages to another level – that only sounds desperate to the users.

    Therefore, you need to go beyond then typing “we miss you” and splashing the offers to the customers. Create content that attracts customers to buy your products. Add personalized texts by offering them discounts on the services.

    When you are planning to message your inactive customers, through emails or push notifications, you need to show them that they are valuable, like “It’s been a while since we have seen you. We know you have been missing us like we are missing you, so mosey in to check out our new offers and get a 20% discount on the purchase.”

    It helps in making them feel that they are still valuable customers to you. Thus, using re-engagement emails that add personal value will help them to visit you back again.

    Ensure to check for the services your customers have already taken, so based on them, you can create a much-effective personalized message to reactivate them.

    Gather Feedback

    Discounts, personalized emails, or new offers are good steps to tell your customers that you are still in the business.

    But, if you are unable to understand the reason why customers left you in the first place, then every step mentioned will go in vain. Ask your customers why they are leaving through emails. With their valuable feedback, you can improve your services, helping you acquire and retain customers in the future.

    Sometimes, the customers leave because the service you are providing them lacks some features. So, if you are able to address the reason, you can add certain functionalities and prepare for a new product launch.

    Mailchimp takes the feedback process to another level. When the user plans to delete the account, Mailchimp asks customers to select the reason behind leaving. Several other applications have taken this step into consideration and have used it in the same way.

    How can NextBee Help to Onboard Inactive Leads?

    NextBee‘s onboarding program helps you integrate onboarding techniques that will instate training, gather customer feedback, configure discount offers, and engage with customers.

    If you want to reactivate your inactive clients, it is important to take the right step at the right time. People receive hundreds of messages and push notifications in a day, and the number only gets on increasing.

    Make your notification relevant so that users will view it. Also, ensure to avoid sending profuse emails as it will only be addressed as spam.

    Brining your inactive users back as the buying customers, you need to go through your connecting strategy. It should be about the quality of the message sent, not the number of messages.

    Remember to incorporate the marketing efforts to the customers that have shown the bankable results; otherwise, everything will just go in wane.

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