How Manufacturing Companies Leverage Upon NextBee’s Gamification Module to Drive Better Employee Performance?
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  • The real challenge for the industry managers is to keep the staff continuously motivated. If failed, it can be drastic over the company’s performance and reputation, especially for start-ups.

    However, there are ways to turn things around.

    A competitive yet friendly work environment is quintessential for an organization to increase employee productivity. And one of the key aspects that make it possible is Gamification.

    Lately, the competition in the manufacturing industry has significantly increased. So, companies are using gamification to keep the workforce engaged and motivated.

    With gamification methodology, manufacturing companies have made significant improvements in employee performance. Techniques like rewards, leaderboards, awards, contests, and badges help boost employees’ morale. It drives them towards better performance and increases overall productivity.

    Let’s explore some essential elements driving better performance among employees using NextBee’s gamification module.

    What is Gamification?

    The gamification module strives for better performance and employee engagement. It turns a wearisome task into a competitive target-based venture by using gaming elements, letting employees compete to achieve their targets.

    Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry. So, gaming mechanics are used to empower the workforce for high-performance.

    For example, Ford Motor Company uses a gamification module for its learning ventures to drive innovations and productivity among the sales team. And, Siemens, a German multinational corporation, uses the Farmville game elements to juggle the workforce with multiple responsibilities.

    With extended features like customized leaderboards, interactive environment, behavior analytics, and knowledge sharing, the manufacturing industry can optimize, organize, and standardize everything in a productive manner.

    Benefits of Gamification for Manufacturing Company Employees

    The biggest asset of any game is immediate results. Organizations benefit from this element, where the workers get to access the real-time data. By driving a healthy sense of competition among the workers, gamification benefits in several ways:

    • Enhances production output
    • Streamline proper process
    • Improve performance metrics
    • Decrease error rates
    • Increase skills and performance
    • Reinforce on employees behavior
    • Increase awareness
    • Simplify working protocol
    The Correlation between Employee Performance/Productivity and Gamification in Manufacturing Units

    With the gamification module, manufacturing industries can accelerate and transform productivity and make it an exciting environment. The module promotes a better work environment, organized workspace, foster acknowledgement, and facilitate better performance.

    The industry leaders observed a commendable and productive change within their workforce that led employees to:

    • Motivate in the direction of achievement
    • Inspire to perform the right actions
    • Build employee engagement
    • Generate perseverance and competence

    5 ways Manufacturing Industries can Leverage from NextBee’s Gamification Module to Drive Efficiency Among Employees

    Enhanced Learning Space

    Learning and training are the most lucrative methods for industrial efficiency. Consecutively, for impelling industrial workspace, gamification incorporates effective learning methods. By using a distinctive approach, employees interact by procuring tangible responsibilities that lead to delivering competence.

    Gamification is a powerful tool when used correctly. It helps the staff to be well-equipped and prepared for day-to-day responsibilities. Comprehensive training gives employees a learning experience that lets employees address and resolves any glitches in real-time.

    Better Productivity

    Gaming mechanics use recognizing patterns that let the mind retain information. Thus, using gamification, employees become productive by preserving relevant data and techniques, tending to build strong professional relations.

    Engaging employees to work in an energetic and interesting environment thrives productivity. By applying gamification techniques, the workers can feel enthusiastic and are impelled to do more. Use the gamification module to design new strategies that work on different management aspects, boosting competence among the workforce.

    Employee Recognition

    Acknowledgment and appreciation is the best way to go forward. Thus, by customizing target-based rewards for your employees will make them feel motivated and amp up the organization’s overall performance.

    Rewards help the staff to stay more focused throughout the task. Configuring a point-based system through the gamification module encourages employees to meet goals commendably. Moreover, this sets a benchmark for others.

    Acquiring Talent and Skills

    Manufacturing has revolutionized the industrial market. With millions of skilled labor available, it has become difficult for employers to hire the right staff. Thus, using gamification as an outreach module can help in limiting the pressure of talent acquisition.

    Using gamification techniques, configure a program that meets your organization’s needs, and matches the industrial standards. It has led to filling the skills gap that several companies faced earlier, making companies conduct the right choice.

    Employee Engagement

    Audi broadcasted the virtual training program for its employees in 2018, where they set funny and interesting challenges for the reps to thrive. Gamification led to a sustainable and appealing program for employees leading them to accomplish more.

    Leading manufacturers observed gamification as one of the finest ways for employee engagement. The Gen Z values positive and challenging work culture, which can be easily achieved with gaming mechanics.

    How NextBee Helps With Gamification?

    Combining NextBee‘s gamification module with fully-integrated features and advanced technologies aid employees in working efficiently. NextBee’s gamification module uses behavioral elements, design techniques, and gaming mechanics.

    The gamify mechanics use a thorough approach to make mundane tasks entertaining and exciting challenges, resulting in perceptible benefits for the organization.

    On the Whole

    Gamification is not a tricky task, but it is crucial to be well-accumulated with your organization’s perspective. Using the gamification module correctly, you can make it a powerful tool to impel the training processes and increase productivity rates.

    By using game theory, you can enrich the industrial workplace in several ways. Besides, it helps the employees to work in a gratifying environment. Thus, it is recommended to use gamification – to lead and encourage the entire team with a healthy and friendly competition that can involve reward-based targets.

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