Significance of Presale Notification and Early Access to Valued Customers for Sales Promotion
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  • Marketing leaders have been pondering the concept of customer happiness for a long time; still, there is no steadfast rule that can ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction.

    To keep your customers satisfied, you can’t just rely solely on the quality of products or services.

    If your customers are unhappy, they won’t only stop purchasing from you and start buying from your competitors but will also spread negative word-of-mouth – which can be disastrous for your business.

    A true marketer’s role involves attracting new buyers and delighting the existing customers by providing a privileged buying experience.

    Intrinsically, it’s your loyal customers that are responsible for the majority of your sales and profitability.

    What differentiates your valued customers from the rest of your clientele is their long term association with your brand. It is in this group you must focus all your marketing efforts and resources.

    As per a Bain & Company report, a 5% increase in customer retention leads to a rise in company profits by 25 to 95 percent.

    Presale notifications and early access

    For retail e-commerce companies and stores, the best way to build a strong relationship with your valued customers is to make them feel appreciated and exclusive.

    One of the best ways to do so is to use a VIP membership program, under which you can use tools like presale notifications and early access to exclusive sales and discounts.

    What is a presale notification?

    A presale notification is a reminder for an upcoming sale or discount day. On this day, the customers can purchase their favorite products at reduced prices.p

    Before exploring the concept and importance of presale notifications, we must do a background check on why e-commerce companies follow this approach.

    Chronicles of the discount day sales

    For e-commerce companies, discount days and exclusive sales are an attractive way of driving high sales volume.

    Such companies usually target dates before the start of a holiday season to grab the attention of a maximum number of customers.

    E-commerce stores provide lucrative price cuts on items and exclusive offers during the discount days. It results in people making a high volume of purchases – creating a shopping hysteria.

    For instance, Walmart offers Black Friday sales every year where electronics, fashion, and lifestyle products are available to the customers at discounted prices.

    Such offers prompt individuals to make purchases outside of their requirements, including items that they don’t necessarily need, contributing to a high sales volume.

    Discount day sales often result in product stocks lasting only for a few hours or even minutes. It can put your VIP members at a disadvantage as they have to compete with non-VIP customers to purchase before the stocks last.

    To help your valued customers make the most out of a discount day, e-commerce companies use presale notifications through email, SMS, and smartphone alerts.

    A presale notification is usually sent a week before the actual sale day to create interest in the customer’s mind. Many companies also provide an early preview of items so that customers can see which products will be available during the sale.

    What is the early access?

    Like presale notifications, early access helps your valued customers get maximum benefits from a discount day sale.

    It involves allowing your VIP customers to access the benefits of a sale, some hours earlier than the rest of the users.

    E-commerce giant Amazon allows its Prime subscribers to access the deals and discounts of an annual sale day some hours earlier than the Non-Prime members.

    In the same way, if you have announced a discount day on the 18th of a month, your exclusive customers can avail of the benefits on the 17th only with early access.

    It will allow your esteemed VIP consumers to make purchases without worrying about the limited stock and competition from the non-VIP members.

    How presale notification and early access can benefit your business?

    Both the approaches collectively help your VIP customers get maximum advantage from a discount day sale. Here are some of their key benefits:

    Customer delight

    Both presale notifications and early access are a form of sales promotion. It shows your customers that you care for their preferences and convenience, providing a sense of exclusiveness.

    It delights them and strengthens the connection they have with your brand.

    High profitability with high sales

    When your loyal customers receive special treatment, they go on to make a high number of purchases.

    With every increase in the number of sales, you achieve higher profit margins.

    Brand advocacy resulting in new customers

    Your loyal customers can return the favor with positive word-of-mouth for your brand. Remember that 64% of the marketing experts believe that word of mouth is the most potent type of sales promotion; it results in brand awareness and a higher number of direct sales.

    Push other customers to join the membership

    Presale notifications and early access put your VIP customers at an advantage. It prompts other non-VIP customers to subscribe as well.

    As most VIP programs require paid subscriptions – high enrollment in your paid VIP program means you will generate a large amount of revenue and profit.

    Important considerations

    Before you plan to implement presale notification and early access strategy, make sure you follow these considerations:

    Limit the maximum amount of products per individual: Every customer is essential; make sure you limit the maximum number of products per individual so that every customer gets a chance to avail of the benefits of your discount day sale.

    Don’t allow early access more than 24 hours before the actual sale: Your VIP customers deserve special treatment; however, granting them access to the exclusive discounts days before the actual sale will kill the curiosity.  And they may not show the same level of enthusiasm as well.

    Allow preview to check which products will go on sale: This applies to all of your customers. Give your buyers the chance to see which products will be available in the sale and at what prices.

    Don’t send too many presale notifications: Presale notifications have the sole aim of alerting your valued customers about an upcoming discount day sale. It should only be a subtle reminder, not an annoying advertisement.

    How NextBee helps you plan presale notifications and early access to valued customers?

    NextBee is an industry leader in customer engagement and loyalty program solutions. We help you select the most innovative approaches to strengthen your connections with your valued customers.

    We provide comprehensive coverage of planning a presale notification and early access strategy. You can implement it in real-time into your loyalty program – ensuring an intrinsic, savvy, and result-oriented resolution.


    Presale notification and early access are a smart way of sales promotion among your valued customers. It imparts exclusiveness and appreciation for your brand in your target audience’s minds. And also, it drives them to become your brand ambassadors.

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