4 Significant Improvements Gamification Can Do To The Logistics And Supply Chain Department
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  • Gamification is all the rage right now, and all businesses, whether big or small, are trying to gamify their processes to achieve strategic goals for the organization.

    So, what is gamification? If you are new to the subject, then here is a quick recap.

    It is implementing gamification into existing business processes. The whole objective is to integrate gaming mechanics to work to motivate both employees and target audiences.

    The reason for gamification

    While making things interesting is one of the prominent reasons behind gamifying anything, this concept can also be applied to several processes. Some common causes to gamify include:

    • Improve productivity at work
    • Gain more exposure for a project
    • Increase team’s commitment towards company goals
    What are the critical components of a gamification tool?

    Each one of us has played a game or two in our lives. Now imagine something similar for your business. Here are the critical components of a gamification tool:

    • Leaderboards
    • Performance Measurement
    • Performance Levels
    • Unlocking Achievements (Offers and Freebies)
    • Reward Points
    • Badges
    • Leveling Up

    What’s interesting about these features? They apply to any business, even logistics and supply chain management.

    Our whole life is dependent on a fully operational supply chain. Yet, gamification in logistics and supply chain management has been on a relatively slow burner.

    Delivering the right products within a stipulated time might not sound exciting but can be a point of difference between your business and the competitors.

    Isn’t it exciting to see how your package is progressing towards delivery on Amazon? Every bit of information you get makes you more excited about the order and makes you check the app several times a day.

    Improving Logistics and Supply Chain Departments with Gamification

    As the world moves further into the era of smartphones, it is time for supply chains to adopt the concept of gamification into all of its branches, like distribution and warehousing.

    In the following lines, we will look at how this sector can be improved using gamification. Let’s begin:

    1. Motivate Your Staff:

    The world of logistics is pretty organized and leverages several automation techniques. But still, a great deal of work needs to be done manually.

    Inventory management, collections, and order management are a few activities that still need to be automated. So, the employees can get annoyed about the work’s monotonous nature, which can lead to poor performance.

    Gamification can make these tasks a tad more exciting and keep the staff motivated by telling them about the amount of work they completed successfully.

    1. Organize Supply Chains:

    Different people in the supply chain are often unorganized, and a business can suffer much for their lack of cooperation.

    By gamifying your orders and supplies on a common platform, there is no more room for doubts. Both suppliers and buyers will know exactly what they have in their inventory and how many product they need to have at their disposal.

    This automation encourages self-organization and collaboration. It provides added transparency, reduces panic purchasing, and optimizes the entire process to yield a positive ROI.

    1. Training the Staff:

    Training programs with features similar to a videogame are a great way to onboard employees and train existing ones. These can be extremely effective for teams working in customer service departments.

    Logistical training programs where staff can learn about packaging processes in a virtual environment are steps in the right direction.

    As the concept of virtual training catches up, many companies are likely to adopt it for training purposes and help employees gear up for handling customers effectively with gamification.

    1. Expand Your Loyalty Programs:

    There is no denying that repeat customers bring more business to the organization. Marketers are always searching for loyalty programs that can engage more customers and keep them coming back for more.

    You can now gather customer information, understand their preferences, and easily send them recommendations using a gamification tool.

    NextBee’s loyalty program solution is a prime example of a tool that engages and helps convert customers into brand advocates.

    If you can have employees’ achievements when they sell a specific product, you can have a similar customer model. You can roll out badges, new offers, discounts, freebies, and more whenever they make a certain number of purchases from the brand.

    Technology Makes Things Better

    No matter your reason behind gamifying your logistics and supply chain business, always remember that customer satisfaction is the centerpiece of your success.

    Logistics drives deliveries, but businesses flourish with loyal customers. And how do you make sure that customers keep coming back for more? With excellent customer service.

    As long as your employees are motivated, they will keep performing to deliver high-quality results while staying committed to the company’s values and objectives.

     Going Above and Beyond With NextBee

    Use NextBee’s engagement solutions to streamline your business objectives and kill two birds with one stone. You can easily keep your employees engaged and focus on customer service by scale up your loyalty programs in a seamless manner.

    Everyone likes to play and have a little fun. Use this as an opportunity to build competitive advantages. Stimulate innovation and solve your customers’ problems and help your company ascend to the next level.

    For more information about how you can use NextBee’s engagement platform to integrate with your existing technology stack, get in touch with us today.

    Our experts will guide you through the entire process of setting up your engaging loyalty programs step-by-step. Drop-in your details for a free consultation today.

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