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  • Referral Programs are gaining massive recognition in organizations of all sizes. To believe the fact, it is one of the ever-growing programs that pave the way between customers and companies.

    The huge popularity of AI-powered referral programs came into light because it helped companies to restructure their business potential, regain customer’s confidence, and generate ROI through customer building techniques.

    Let us look at the important points that are essential for s successful referral marketing.

    The functioning of Referral Rewards

    Just think of a situation where buyers want to use reward coupons but fail to do so. This will lead to the loss of a customer, their trust, confidence in the brand to which they are loyal. It will also make a negative impact on other’s perspectives for your referral program.

    Taking care of rewards data or referral details becomes a complex work to handle initially. However, with this AI-powered referral solution, brands can take the front seat to manage the smooth functioning to retain the customers.

    Send Referral codes to the Referee

    The integral part of any AI-powered referral solution is to integrate scripts for referral codes and links. It will enable the platform to send smart and safe referral codes to the person who has brought the new customer.

    This way, it builds a strong connection between the customer and a company. You can view user history about how many buyers came back with the help of this program.

    Enable Sharing via Social Platforms

    Who doesn’t know the power of social media! It is an incredible way to target new customers via existing buyers. Request them to share the latest offers related to the products or services on social platforms.

    This kind of social base gives a robust success to AI-Powered referral programs if they are in the spotlight and being used productively. The icons provided there can be used with ease and the shareable links can be posted on the timeline or walls quickly.

    Regular Newsletters

    In the referral program, each piece of information works differently and innovatively in every scenario. Brands can adopt an approach to include newsletters in the referral process. Through such medium, companies can send welcome e-mails to new buyers, can send off less promotional and more often informational e-mails to keep customers up-to-date.

    Push Notifications

    Should you use Push Notification wisely as part of a communication strategy with customers, it will yield wonderful results. It is a proven method to notify customers with the latest news/ updates related to referral bonuses or so. As all the incoming information or updates about the referral program has a direct flow, with the help of artificial intelligence, it makes the workload of the organization much easier and faster.


    By using a number of different approaches and the above-mentioned methods, it will be helpful in launching a smart referral program with engaging features and scaling ability.

    The solution helps brands to attain benefits in terms of – new visitors, retaining regular buyers, and impressing your loyal customers. Thus, it is definitely worth a glimpse to launch a smart referral program powered by Artificial Intelligence.

    For more information on the AI-driven referral software, contact our experts today!

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