Make Your Clients Stick To Your Brand With VIP Membership Cards
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  • Customers don’t just want another cool product or service, they want to have an experience worth sharing” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

    Providing your customers with a VIP membership card is a direct gateway to improving sales. Using the VIP membership services customers can get direct access to special services and events.

    A VIP card translates to special treatment and relationship building in the long run.

    If your VIP program entails a tier-method of reward, where customers have to purchase a certain number of goods to avail of a benefit, it will encourage the buyers to shop more.

    Bond research suggests that more than 70% of customers will talk to their friends about your brand if you have a good loyalty program, such as a highly rewarding VIP membership program.

    VIP Membership

    With a constant presence in their wallets, these loyalty cards will remind customers about your services. So the next time they are looking for a lounge, or a cafe, they know your VIP card will enable them to get more discounts.

    Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, VIP membership cards make your customers feel happy, exclusive, and special. The more exclusive the card, the more special the client feels. Seeing the wonderful benefits and perks the card offers, other customers are motivated to follow suit and engage in more frequent businesses with you.

    The VIP membership plans work because they are exclusive, and only a selected few can avail of its benefits. The more selective you are and the more rewarding you give to VIP membership card owners, the more alluring it becomes for non-membership owners. Thus, it increases the demand and value of your card.

    How can you make the most out of a VIP membership card program?

    Let us review a few ideas given below which are sure to increase customer loyalty.

    5 Ways To Use VIP Membership Card

    Who doesn’t like perks and benefits? Customers always look forward to receiving special treatments. When your customers use VIP membership cards, they get direct access to exclusive rewards and benefits.

    Here are 5 ways you can use VIP membership cards to make clients stick with your brand:

    Early Access

    One of the best ways to make customers get VIP membership cards is to offer them early access to events and discounts. These VIP memberships could also come with skip-the-queue or faster service benefits.

    All of the top brands make use of VIP membership cards to keep their customers engaged and happy.

    Early access to events and discounts makes customers feel special and gives them a sense of superiority.

    Personalized Service or Rewards

    Personalization is the new trend to retain customers. With easy to use analytics tools, personalization of services and offers have become convenient, not only for business owners but for customers too.

    If you are a cafe-owner or run a bookstore, analyzing the data generated by the system can help you understand which customer would benefit from what kind of VIP membership services.

    While a bunch of customers likes to sit in your cafe for long hours, a VIP membership that comes with free refills could hit just right. Whereas, for readers, extra discounts on new releases could make them happy.

    Access to Exclusive Events or Places

    Customers love to be invited to exclusive events, such as first-look, product launches, and workshops and training. Use your CRM’s analytics tools to find out where your customers love to hang out the most and offer entry to premium lounges or parks to encourage them.

    The events could be beneficial in two ways:

    • To provide insights about your services, offer skill training from well-known and experienced staff, and encourage affinity establishment.
    • And, secondly, to encourage increased use of the cards. Customers can use their reward points to get access to these events, which will motivate them to use their cards more often.

    A night with VIPs and stars can be more than just profitable in terms of sales. You can earn the loyalty of your customers by catering to what they desire.

    Special Occasions or Surprises

    Being remembered on your birthday is always a special feeling. The same feeling is elicited when you organize special events or lotteries or give-aways to VIP members.

    These kinds of offers are a great way to boost sales during the low sales days. If you offer “Tuesday Rewards” or double rewards for shopping on a weekday, not only will the sales rise but also encourage customers to swipe their cards more frequently.

    You can also surprise customers by giving out “out of the blue” rewards for reaching a certain number of swipes or purchases. Surprises are great motivators that keep customers happy and engaged.

    Special Rewards for Special Mentions

    Word-of-mouth, or word-of-social media posts, can work magically to elevate sales and increase brand followers. People can encourage their followers or friends to avail of the benefits of the VIP Cards, too.

    A special event curated for groups or duos, such as “best friends”, “sisters” or “brothers” offers can promote your brand amongst all the members. No strategy needs to be implemented for the social media posts to work- if your customers have followers on their profiles, your popularity will increase.

    To do this, you can encourage your customers to make posts about their VIP services or your brand and tag you in return for high rewards. The more posts they make, the more rewards they get.

    These mentions can also work wonderfully right ahead of a big product launch, or enticing prospects to check out your products.

    VIP membership cards are now accessible to all businesses, thanks to reliable and affordable loyalty programs service providers. NextBee offers tools that come with numerous benefits and features. And the solution keeps a track of customer engagement and buying trends a breeze. To know more feel free to contact us.

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