Importance Of Post-Transaction Gifts In Building Ongoing Business Relationship With The Customers
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  • For every entrepreneur, it’s outright essential to connect with your customers.

    Building a long-term relationship is the key to understanding your customer’s needs, and you may also gain more returning customers, referrals, and more sales in the process.

    The best way to engage and retain your customers is to make them feel rewarded. It will create a good impression and a notion that your brand appreciates their investment.

    And rewarding them right after they make a purchase is even more productive.

    You can gift something related to what they’ve purchased from you. The bigger the transaction, the bigger can be the gift.

    Not sure where to start?

    In this article, we’ll find out why post-transaction gifts are so productive and how you can effectively use them to build ongoing business relationships with your customers.

    Post-Transaction Gifts: Pivotal for an Ongoing Business Relationship

    Post-transaction gifts seem counterintuitive; however, they can work magic for your business. Even though you end up spending money, the returns are always exponentially greater.

    Don’t forget that these small tokens of appreciation play a significant role in building long term relationships and customer loyalty.

    Here are some of the ways by which post-transaction gifts contribute to an ongoing partnership with your customers.

    Deepens the relationship

    Working with a client can mean sending emails back and forth, talking on the phone, resolving problems, and even celebrating success together.

    When you give a post-transaction gift, it shows your admiration for the client and your sincerity towards the partnership.

    Open new doors of communication

    When your customer hasn’t purchased for a long time, the best way to give them a follow-up is to send them a gift.

    It will make your customers realize that you remember them and care for them. And they might even make a purchase or refer your brand to someone as a gesture of goodwill.

    Forms a personal bond

    When you reach out to your customers on a more personal level, you get more opportunities to understand their needs.

    By addressing the needs of your customers, you can plan a post-transaction gift strategy to make your customers have a strong affection for your brand for a long time.

    A great way of self-promotion

    Sending post-transaction gifts to your customers is a convenient method to self-promote your brand.

    Your customers will be more likely to think of your brand the next time they make a purchase.

    By specifically distributing promotional gifts, you can make your clients remember your company’s name, logo, and contact details as well.

    Shows your creative side

    It never hurts to have some creativity in your post-transaction custom appreciation strategy.

    By sending creative Christmas or anniversary cards along with a post-transaction gift, your customers will be impressed by your extra effort and creativity.

    It will surely make a positive impact for the next time they make a purchase.

    Gratifying your most valuable customers

    Your most valuable customers deserve rewards for the business they bring to your company. 

    Make sure you put a lot of thought and effort into sending them memorable and meaningful post-transaction gifts.

    It will also drive them to continue their partnership with your brand.

    Post-Transaction Gifts: Do’s and Don’ts

    There are some vital factors you must consider before planning a post-transaction gifting strategy. These factors can make or break your process, so be sure of them.

    Personalize your gifts

    If you want to form a connection with your customers, sending generic gifts is not always a productive choice.

    While sending everyone a birthday or anniversary card is fine, it’s not advisable if the gifts are vanity or grooming products.

    That’s why analyze your customers by looking into their likes and dislikes, interests, and hobbies first, and then send meaningful and person-specific gifts.

    Stop overdoing it

    If your customer pays $100 for a product, and you send them a gift worth $150 – that’s not a good idea. It will create an unnecessary dent on your budget, and might also make your customer feel uncomfortable.

    By keeping your gifts in proportion to the purchase made by your customers, you can ensure a win-win situation.

    Don’t relegate to the holiday season

    For ensuring a successful post-transaction gifting strategy, think outside of the holiday season by sending appreciation throughout the year.

    Gifts show your appreciation towards your customers that you care for them all seasons of the year, not just around the new year.

    By sending your customers gifts in off-seasons, you have a higher chance of winning a referral or two.

    Wrap up

    Post-transaction gifts don’t have to be big; they only need to be thoughtful.

    If you want to stay in good books of your customers for repeat purchases and referrals, get to know them personally and focus on creating a memorable experience.

    Just remember, a little customer appreciation goes a long way!

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