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  • Over the last few years, businesses have entirely changed their outlook to perceive technology and its usage. Technology has become a great savior for companies dealing with customers of all ranges. Be it low, average, and those who spend lavishly. Nowadays, companies look for platforms that give maximum output, the luxury of accessing numerous features, and restores customers’ data. In fact, a platform that has a loyalty engine.

    Hence, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered software platforms are in great demand. Here, half of the human work gets more manageable and automated, which seems to have been done with intelligence.

    One International Study found that 80% of enterprises already deploy AI in their business model in some form. The study also revealed that customer experience is one of the utmost planned areas for AI investment for companies.

    You have to jump into the consumer game to understand it thoroughly. For this, you have to go into NextBee’s AI-powered loyalty program that offers massive features with complete platform accountability.

    This way, brands are likely to increase their number of customers within no time. Quite evident, it has proved to be a valuable tool to take care of their customer relationships with ease.

    The features of AI-driven platforms are in great numbers. Let us figure out 5 ways to boost the conversion rate of customers.

    Keep customers up-to-date with the Latest Products News   

    The successful marketing strategy is to go through the needs and demands of the customers. Along with Nextbee’s AI-powered loyalty engine, you can have a deep understanding of what they are looking for from a brand in a broader way.

    Send emails to your buyers about the latest news about products that are running out of stock or in demand. Not only this, but brands can also customize the news and could include complementary products and a list of services. Keeping the customers is an amazing way to keep them loyal to the brand and happy as well. 

    Chatbots Assistance 

    Chatbots is a form of AI that has made companies work a bit easier by giving a slight human touch whenever a new customer lands on the company’s website or mobile app.

    It gives an initial greeting to assist the customer and chat with them so that buyers do not have the feeling of being lost on the site. It sorts out well and handles buyer’s queries and resolves them at the point of time.

    By having an initial conversation with a chatbot, a new customer feels a sense of belongingness and does not hesitate to contact the product expert in real-time.

    They also inform buyers about the details and status of their orders. They are helpful in keeping customers up to date about products, events, discounts, and a lot more.

    Optimize Customer’s Interest 

    Optimizing your customer’s interest is one of the efficient ways to convert them into a lifetime buyer.

    With the loyalty program, companies can always come up with personalized incentives or offers for targeted buyers. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all model, you can tailor it to meet up the specific customer needs accordingly.

    So if you have noted down five different kinds and tastes of buyers, you can come up with those different ideas to introduce in your loyalty engine.

    Product Innovation With AI 

    Innovation and creativity are top-most items when any company wants to kick-start a new product or any novel service. Fortunately, one of the most essential parts of NextBee’s AI-Powered Loyalty Program is product innovation.

    AI will bring a clear picture of your customer’s choice that can lead to the right production of the product or starting a service. It is the best way to boost the conversion rate with the help of this solution.

    Customer Building Frequency 

    Whenever a brand looks for ways to acquire new customers, the foremost thing that strikes their minds is to build more and more customers by enrolling them into a loyalty program.

    Such a loyalty program is easier, has futuristic goals, and you can implement it with a few clicks with the help of a loyalty software.

    Buyers always get attracted to fancy-free things around, which could benefit them in every possible way. Of course, with the help of loyalty software, brands can build the frequency of new incoming customers, and gradually, the rate of customer conversion would also increase.


    NextBee‘s AI-Powered loyalty program can bring out a better understanding of loyal purchasers and make the business model run smoothly. By this, you will get a clear picture of customer’s likes and dislikes, demands, needs, and so on accordingly.

    Hence, with the help of NextBee’s loyalty solution backed by Artificial Intelligence, businesses can leverage their products and services massively and can amplify the conversion rate in a more sorted way.

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