75 Useful Features Of Customer Loyalty Program : A 360-Degree Customer Engagement Tool For Incremental Business Growth
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  • The ongoing trends reflect that the loyalty program has become one of the most popular marketing tools.

    And why not? After all, it rewards purchasing behavior. And consequently, customers show their willingness to stay loyal to the brand. That is why companies of all sizes are looking forward to launching loyalty rewards on priority.

    Now, the question will naturally arise about this exponential uprise.

    Well, it is because loyalty programs have always been a useful tool to generate leads, build brand affinity, boost brand advocacy, retain customers, and maximize revenue.

    Many of you are well aware of the effectiveness of successful loyalty software. But, understanding the features and functionality will help you to gauge the solution further.

    Prior to starting with the gamut of quality features, the aspect that would hold the first position would be Artificial Intelligence – The Data Science process that drives customer engagement.

    It utilizes Machine Learning Attribution Modeling, a system that gathers historical data from your engagement efforts to create rules. These rules assign an accurate weight, or conversion credit, to each of your program’s touch points allowing you to analyze your data quickly, accurately, and efficiently.


    Here, we present the top features of a Smart Loyalty Program Software powered by machine learning – a perfect solution to all your customer engagement needs for B2B and B2C companies.

    Ability  to Capture Leads 

    The system has the functionality to capture leads that are coming from various sources. It is a customized program so that leads can be fed into the system online or manually. The lead database will help you find out the demographics and lead-source, which will help you plan out strategies for your target audience.

    Mobile App

    Mobiles have changed the way we use technology. As it is the most convenient tool to access various Apps, developing a dedicated, white-labeled mobile app for the customers will let them stay connected with your brand. Programming it with the latest updates and real-time offers will generate customer retention. With the push notification program, targeted offers can be directly sent to mobile devices.


    360-Degree Engagement  

    Loyalty Program engages at every level of the customer journey – from discovery, all the way through to purchase, with a data-led action plan. The idea is to reach customers at every point of contact. It enables you to maximize the chances of acquiring potential customers and engaging them in a wide variety of ways. This feature doesn’t let the enterprises miss out on any opportunity of rewarding the customers.

    Scalable Solution

    The loyalty program software must be scalable to a great extent. If the organization wants to implement additional features and functionality, they can easily do so. The solutions designed for the software need to be flexible when it comes to integrating with other solutions like eCommerce, POS, ERPs, and CRM systems, etc.

    Single Sign-On 

    The software application enables full integration with your existing website for a unified experience for all loyalty program users. The process would decrease the complexity of using the solution, making it easy to operate and function.

    Admin Panel 

    The loyalty program needs to have an Admin Panel that provides complete control over the loyalty campaign. The loyalty software should aim to create ad-hoc rules, define targeted user segments, and monitor performance. With the Admin Panel feature, you can easily monitor, optimize, and operate the program as per your plan. Since you have all the controls, you can do every operational activity on your own.

    admin panel

    Personalized Rewards  

    The more you will personalize the rewards, the more it will be appreciated by the clients. The rewards and incentives must vary from person to person based on their demographics. Offer something to them, which attracts their attention, and they feel glad about it like coupons, gift cards, memberships, or free health checkups, to get them engaged with your loyalty program. Also, give bonuses to employees and customers for specific periods. Personalize activities and incentives to users based on segmentation tied to profile attributes, engagement level, earned incentives, etc.

    personalized rewards

    Creativity and Innovations

    Customer loyalty substantially increases once the program has innovative features. It has been found that customers are loyal to brands that present them with new experiences, latest products, or services. Create memorable experiences for your customers like the latest clothing, use the avant-garde technology, even VIP membership for returning customers.


    Include various aspects of a game in the system and make your loyalty program exciting. It will grow customer curiosity and encourage them to participate in game elements like tiers, badges, and perks, levels, etc. With gamification, you can add a sense of friendly competition to boost participation.


    Advanced Promotional Engine 

    An inbuilt promotional engine and marketing tool will boost your loyalty program. It enhances engagement and repeat-purchase rates with targeted promotional campaigns. Provide bonus points for customers to thrive, using actions like boosting advocacy among your frequent purchaser group. With a proper marketing plan, you can achieve great heights in profit intensification.

    Integrated Social Action

    Social channels are known as the most excellent marketing tool to promote customer loyalty. Thus, incorporating social media functionality and integrating its features into the loyalty program can be beneficial. With the social actions, you can easily reward customers for connecting their social profiles to the loyalty account. Reward them for sharing and referring to friends via social media networks. Including social networks to the loyalty program allows you to yield loyalty reporting and strengthen engagement across various social channels.


    Get in-depth insights into your loyalty program, understand how your customers are engaging. Add calls to action and incentives when your customers respond to gain comprehensive reporting and analytics. It is a must-have feature to generate a quality loyalty reward solution. With this, you get the advantage of big data analytics to model your program based on user segments and optimization KPIs to get the best returns from your plan.


    Employee Access Control 

    Your employees and staff members should have access to the loyalty program. It will enable them to work on it and help to get new customers enrolled. Furthermore, they can operate the solution and make it more engaging. Your real-time reporting feature enables you to gauge employee performance. It is a great way to identify employees who are processing the transactions.

    Online enrollment

    It will be easy for your customers to sign up for your loyalty program with online enrollment features. You will get more traffic to your website. Customers can check their balance directly on your website or through the loyalty App.

    Member Tiers 

    A well-designed loyalty program helps in segmenting the consumers based on their loyalty towards a particular brand. Once you segment the customers, set rewards for them, categorize and segregate your loyal customer, based on given parameters. It allows your customers to earn something extra once they qualify to certain levels automatically. Provide them with a goal to achieve and keep your loyalty program interesting.

    tiered rewards

    Robust Solution

    The loyalty program software should be robust in its features and functionality. With a 100% customizable solution, the businesses can include various elements about their requirements. Thus, the solution will be absolutely aligned with business goals. You may not need all the aspects of a loyalty reward solution. But a solution that is most suited for your organization performs the best in achieving your goals.

    Program Dashboard

    The program dashboard provides the customers with a 360-degree experience that narrates all the essential activities in a nutshell. The solution projects smart data analysis that is custom-tailored to each segment of users. The reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor and optimize the program always give an edge over other available solutions.

    Integration with Other Software

    If you have any existing software in place, NextBee’s Loyalty solution can be integrated with any of those. Seamless integration with your business processes is possible with the plug and play modules. The solution can be integrated with your data systems as well. Configure these integration tasks and have a robust workflow in the business ecosystem.

    integrate loyalty program

    API Gateway

    With the open APIs, you can embed NextBee’s solution in your web portals or mobile app. It further integrates with your back-end systems. APIs give you ultimate control over exactly which modules you want to adopt and custom build your solution.

    Template Engine 

    NextBee has a fully-integrated solution that provides various templates for quick and easy control of the program. It comes with a unique user interface and user experience. It is an interaction model that spontaneously connects with the users. Each of these custom branded interfaces for the programs is based on code templates.

    Omni-Channel Accessibility

    Online interactions impel novel innovations for the loyalty programs that ensure businesses omnichannel proficiencies. The feature helps your customers to access rewards through mobile, desktop, and in-store. Customers are looking for satisfactory online and offline experience, which omnichannel features aim to provide.


    Customer behavior can help in crafting new strategies. With analytics, it enables enterprises to gather perception and insight to understand customer’s conduct. The right metrics will help you to generate demography that will plan to create a customer profile and target loyal customers.

    Social Loyalty

    Adding social loyalty will help the customers to stay connected. A dedicated loyalty feature for social recognition, social referrals bonus, and reward-based social media activities, relevant notifications will provide your brand recognition, while retaining the customers. Giving social loyalty cards will enrich the customer experience, aiming to build long-term relationships.

    social buzz

    Smart Auto Responders

    Creating customized messages will make your customers feel connected. With Nextbee’s loyalty program, you can create tailored responses for your consumers if they have missed out on any purchases or for new offers. This is an offer towards special promotions, triggering your customers to stay connected with you.


    The loyalty program widgets help you easily integrate the smart functions that your customers can select from their desktop or mobile application. When the customers feel they get the control, they feel special. Widgets trigger the rules in the customers’ hands directly from the home screen, without having to log in to the app first.


    Getting the notification of tracking orders, loyalty points, previous purchase rewards, store credits, gift cards, and other loyalty rewards within the current shopping account amplifies customer experience. This feature within the loyalty program allows you to define and optimize offers, incentives, bonuses, promotions, and other benefits that match customer interest.

    Customer Engagement

    Engaging with rewards and offers helps to define the customer experience. Customer loyalty increases when they are valued. With extensive features and rewards, you can track the experience of your customer, and based on that you can strategize your efforts.

    Email Marketing

    Popular marketing feature every company is adopting. Emails have been formal ways to connect with your customers. Thus, creating customized and scheduled emails to tell them about your latest offers and awards will increase your authenticity, making them retain for a longer time.

    Data Collection

    The havoc of always adding up the name and address at the time of shipping is overwhelming. With this feature, the program directly saves the details in the database, which lets them away from the chaos of adding details every time they purchase.


    Creating a customized feature for customer experience portions. Adding the branding tools in the loyalty program that will easily match your company aesthetics will help build strong relations with your customers.

    Cardless Proposition

    With mobile apps, the user does not have to memorize or look for their credit or debit cards. The loyalty program helps store the information (of course, with your permission) on your phone, delivering the utmost convenience.

    Flexible and Scalable

    You can customize the program with various offers and rewards to fulfill the specific needs of your business while making your customers happy. You get the flexibility to create multiple rewards, claims for a spin wheel, situations to earn rewards, and construct different reward structures.


    This feature is used to automate the process once the anticipated conditions are met, like creating gift cards for birthdays, VIP invites, anniversary rewards, etc. The automation engine pulls data from the existing tools and will help streamline your effort. Also, improves the organization’s ability to collaborate.


    Online Purchase

    Omni-channels is one way that stimulates customers. To retain them, you can add scorecards and gift cards even on their online and offline purchase; this will help sustain long-term relations.


    Fast-Tracking helps the enterprises to notify their customers and target demographics about their new deals. This can help to integrate the vast channel medium, which seamlessly fits with the customer experience.

    Custom Integration

    NextBee’s loyalty program’s custom integration feature aims to reinforce the brand, which helps you increase sales and incorporate customer engagement. You can add e-signature tracking, set triggers for sales and subscription, embedded modules to streamline the customers and create a feature that helps customers upload purchasing receipts for offline purchases. All of these will help to retain the customer’s trust within your brand, which will increase sales and the company’s growth.

    Tracking Pickle 

    You can easily track the website traffic, user behavior, user clicks, website conversion, and many more. This will help you to understand how well your brand is going; if needed you can implement changes that will benefit you as well as your customers.

    Points as Currency on-site

    You can move your points between your programs. It will help in escalating your loyalty potential by converting your points from different loyalty programs. Earn more with the loyalty program and thrive perpetually.

    Incentivize Advocacy

    Provide access to your loyal customers (brand advocates) with exclusive content and amazing incentives. You can do it through videos, email marketing, blog generation, displaying new product samples, etc.

    Site Action

    Add site action features so that your customers can earn additional points and you can sustain the relationship. Create site action loyalty reward points like additional purchase, completing a targeted purchase, previous purchase reward, etc.

    Hassle-Free Registration

    By using an enhanced information module, let the customers go through an easy registration policy. Eradicate the gap between your customers and brand by using the right loyalty reward points in the action.


    Aids in customer engagement, at the same time, helping you to understand the customer needs. You can add to a social media survey, email survey, mobile app survey, with loyalty point rewards. This will let customers participate in the survey and help you to improve your business.

    feedback and testimonials

    Celebrating Milestone

    Birthdays, first customer-retailer anniversary, targeted purchase, and others can be added as point boosters, which will show your appreciation and make them feel valued.

    Ascendable Loyalty Platform 

    NextBee’s loyalty program is completely tailored to meet the organizational requirements that will satisfy your customers. IThe loyalty software helps you to systematize and rationalize your desired business process.

    CRM Module

    Drive sales with the personalized CRM module, which will eventually sustain healthy relationships with your customers while allowing them to track the leads, projects, and orders, as well as initiating feedback.


    Subscription Rewards

    This feature will help you to meet your target demographics. You can also give additional points to your present customers for bringing new subscribers. NextBee’s subscription loyalty rewards software offers rewards for maximum subscribers, additional loyalty bonuses, integration, and many more.

    Multi-Touch Point Access

    When customers are presented with multiple engagements through various channels like website desktop access, mobile app, email, and social media, they will understand your authenticity and be up for long-term relations.

    Proportionate Incentives

    Providing incentives and loyalty points at the same level will significantly eliminate the turnover. You can customize the software by offering perceptible incentives that are equivalent to customer engagement.

    Unified Onboarding

    Crafting a strategic plan helps in customer retention, which shows their loyalty towards your brand. You can include bonus points, targeted rewards to new users for exceeding your and encourage existing users’ involvement by offering them other benefits.

    Tiered Rewards

    One of the most common features that several e-commerce sectors are using. Adding this functionality to your loyalty program like unlocking hierarchies, meeting the tiered levels, and attaining exclusive levels will help you build valuable relations with your customers.

    Ad Hoc Recognition

    Add on the customer quality service and experience by implementing an ad hoc loyalty reward program. This feature will help you in engaging with your customers, leading to craft new product strategies.

    Outbound Campaigns

    The solution uses unique promotional loyalty reward points and credits, which fascinates the customers to connect with you. It will help to generate massive ROI by offering loyalty reward cards that serve as the point of access to your brand.

    Buzz Building Tools

    Word of mouth is the most acceptable way to expand your demographics. Buzz building tool from NextBee helps in constructively creating long-lasting connection building strategies with your loyal customers. This tool aids in building buzz and increasing reach to your targeted search users with one-on-one interactions and effective group dynamics.

    Robust Tracking Mechanism

    The customer loyalty program from NextBee is a robust solution where you can smoothly run the detailed tracking program on any device. This feature helps you thoroughly track every customer’s activity, from order tracking to subscription payment, bonus channels, conversions, and many more. This will help you to stay aware of your customer’s perseverance.



    Creative Customer Engagement

    Combining the tools for customer engagement, buzz building, and detailed tracking, you can build up new and creative strategies to ensure customer loyalty. With the innovative customer engagement platform, you can thoroughly drive sales, increase brand awareness, and sustain consumer loyalty.

    Involve and Interact

    With the communication medium like email marketing, social media interaction, website survey, you can involve your customers. Once you gather customer insights, you can reinvent your marketing tactics. This will help in building customer trust, making them feel they are being listened to.

    Enduring Relations

    The customer loyalty program helps you to track the KPIs. Through this, you can build new programs that will appeal to your consumers. With confinement, your consumers will engage in intimate relations with your brand, which will help you to reinforce trustworthiness, and advocacy towards your brand building.

    Enrich Customer Experience

    Customer experience is somewhat interlinked with customer engagement. Your customers feel satisfied with a personal touch, so with the loyalty program, you can craft private messages while mentioning them about your newly launched products or for new campaigns. NextBee’s loyalty program is customized to offer the organization with the best possible outcomes. So, draft a plan to satisfy and sustain your customers.

    Limitless Rewards

    Procure flexibility and certainty with NextBee’s limitless rewards fulfillment feature. You can add features like store credits, coupon codes, e-gift cards, VIP membership cards, PayPal cash rewards, and many more to make your customers content.



    Bonus Fulfilment

    NextBee manages the entire fulfillment process through its customized loyalty software program; this entails making customers feel focused on their business growth rather than fretting over new prizes and offers for their customers. We will help you with gamification, redeemable reward tiers, customer tagging, virtual cash reward points, social media credits, remarketing tags, and many more.

    Recording Transaction

    Customer loyalty programs target the essential components that help in succeeding in the businesses. With the recording transaction features, you can scan loyalty card points using tools like POS system, smartphone API, and separate metrics. Furthermore, this feature can help you incorporate a payment program directly without the use of virtual cards.

    Contact List

    You do not have to update your contacts manually. With NextBee’s contact list function, your customer’s contacts are directly updated from the campaigns, so you do not have to worry about data export and integration.

    Advanced Marketing

    For any business to propel, you require advanced features, and advanced marketing is the ideal choice here. You get embedded options like targeting and segmentation, personalization, device preview, social media integration, A/B testing, spam management, campaign reporting, and essential system operations.

    Financial Management

    With the loyalty program feature, you do not have to set a separate program for financial management. We have an inbuilt feature that will help manage pool points, track all the vouchers, charge and redeem reward points, fulfill the transaction process, etc.

    Data Insights

    With proper data insights, you can identify your top customers and segments. With this, you can also check the conversion rates and highest sold products to your top customers so that you can target customer segments for generating rewards and boosting sales.

    Program Management

    With NextBee’s loyalty program, you can completely manage all the essential features of your program to retain the customers. This program helps track the performance to enhance the bottom line by increasing sales and generating more revenue.

    Contests & Sweepstakes

    Contest and sweepstakes serve as a smart solution that helps in customer engagement with the extended gamification features. This helps in building community and increasing participation. The Sweepstakes, also known as a giveaway, is a type of contest that aids in giving the prizes to loyal customers (winners) as a token of appreciation.

    contests and sweepstakes

    In-Store Visits

    Mobile apps, desktop purchases, etc. With one-click, life has undoubtedly become easy, but several customers are still missing the in-store experience. Thus, to give them the utmost satisfaction and boost sales, building a brand affinity. This engages and encourages consumers and helps to increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

    store visits

    Cashback Rewards

    Customer retention determines customer appreciation, which is why you need to create robust loyalty cashback program features for your customers. Create diverse commission structures and programmed payouts programs to retain customers and drive sales. The flexible NextBee’s dashboard offers you insights for cashback rewards calculated in a real-time environment.

    Branded Merchandise

    A strong and positive brand identity online and offline helps you to go a long way. With the brand merchandise feature, you can create a reputable identity. NextBee’s loyalty reward features allow you to develop smart solutions, which will increase customer trust towards your brand when you create programs to recognize their efforts and award them with additional benefits.


    Top customers help more in building your business. So, with the leaderboard feature, you can identify who your top customers are and create customized and dynamic rewards for them. Creating a strong and engaging consumer community it aids in customer retention and provides you with social recognition. Moreover, with this, you can also make some reward-based competitive activities that will encourage your customers to stay on board.


    Ambassador Rewards

    Referrals are the best way to increase reach. So, reward your customers for positive word-of-mouth marketing. Nextbee’s AI encourages you to reward your customers for becoming the brand ambassadors and marketing your company over their network. Several firms have started with this tool, as it aids in customer retention and new acquisition. You can reward them with gift packs, incentives, trail packs, product kits, etc.

    Custom Architecture

    With the customized AI features, you can easily create an avant-garde gamification programmed structure that automates redemption points, expiry, tier upgrade, and other essential activity for customer engagement and retention. With NextBee’s loyalty program, you can quickly boost your campaign success at a total price.

    Keeping the businesses’ needs in mind, NextBee has developed a methodology that aims to improve customer loyalty. The software retains top-notch features and functionality, and it is embedded with all the indispensable elements of a loyalty program.

    To know more, feel free to get in touch with us. It is a grand opportunity to take your business to great heights.

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